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Having trouble keeping up with the growing cryptocurrency market? IQ Option is one of the leading service providers in cryptocurrency trading. With its wide range of trading options, more and more people get into trading through IQ Option’s cryptocurrency trading platform. Cryptocurrency trading is made fast, reliable, and easy with IQ Option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes IQ Option different?

IQ Option is regarded as one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms with its diverse cryptocurrency trading tools. Users enjoy fundamental and technical analyses through the app’s feeds and alerts. IQ Option also protects its customers by having risk management procedures such as Stop Loss/Take Profit, Negative balance protection, and Trailing Stop. Customers get to enjoy wide community support that shares knowledge and ideas related to cryptocurrency trading. IQ Option itself promotes user interactions through features such as Trader’s Sentiment and Community Live Deals. With IQ Option, your cryptocurrency trading experience will be like a walk in a park.

Is IQ Option safe to use in trading cryptocurrency?

IQ Option is one of the best and safest cryptocurrency day trading platforms on the internet. The company is a regulated broker with a license to provide investment products in the European Union and has passed the license from Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Can I make money from IQ Option’s practice account?

No, you won’t be able to earn any money from IQ Option’s practice account. The practice account is solely for new users to get a grasp of trading using the platform. You can only make a profit when you’ve started trading with a real account.

Is there a minimum and maximum investment per trade within IQ Option’s platform?

The maximum investment amount is 20,000 USD, although some assets have varying maximum amounts. On the other hand, the minimum investment amount varies from day-to-day. To check the current minimum investment amount, go to the company’s trading platform or website.

How do I switch from IQ Option’s practice account to a real account?

You may change the account type anytime you like through the platform. While in the trade room, clicking the panel on the upper right will show all your available accounts. From there, you may choose an active account for trading. Any trades made will register under this account.

Do I need to provide any documents to make a withdrawal from IQ Option?

Before being able to withdraw any amount, the platform will require you to verify your identity. To complete the verification process, you will be asked to provide a photo of your ID and a photo of the front and back of your bank card used for depositing money.

Can I trade with IQ Option without being verified?

The platform will allow you to trade even if your account is verified. However, you will not be able to make any withdrawals as long as your account remains unverified. You should be able to see a prompt with a red line indicating “your account is not verified” if verification is still not processed.

What assets can I trade during IQ Option trading tournaments?

IQ Option will be specifying the asset included in the tournament. Participants are limited to trading only assets included in the tournament during the whole tournament period. For transparency, IQ Option shows the participant list before the start of the tournament.

What is the average response time from IQ Option’s customer service?

According to cryptocurrency platform trading reviews, IQ Option has an average response time of about 2 hours through email. Having your documents verified would take you an average of 2 days.

How much capital is given in IQ Option’s demo account?

When starting with a demo account, you will be given $10,000 demo funds to play around and practice trading. Users may practice with the demo account as much as they want without any time restrictions. If you deplete the practice funds, IQ Option will allow you to replenish them for free.

At what rate is IQ Option’s cashback feature?

As a form of loss protection, IQ Option customers enjoy a cashback cap of up to 45% of net deposits. Net deposit is the total amount of deposits minus the total amount of withdrawals. It is always best to withdraw only when you reach your cashback cap, and no further cashback can be paid.

Is IQ Option the best cryptocurrency trading platform in the US?

While IQ Option is yet to be available in the United States, it is regarded as one of the best trading platforms for cryptocurrency anywhere else outside the US. Future updates may include account registrations for people in the United States.

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