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Global and current, Huobi is among the best trading platforms for cryptocurrency. Besides empowering you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, Huobi also gives you space to spot trade, access derivatives, and manage wealth. With a Huobi account, you can join in 11 of its social networking communities and interact with more Huobi users. Start with Huobi today.

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What makes Huobi different?

Huobi prides itself in its over 13 billion-dollar trading volume per 24 hours. It has more than 300 crypto assets available for trade on site. For security purposes, it holds 20000 Bitcoin in its security reserve fund. It also assures users of 24/7 monitoring. Multi-signature cold wallets take charge of client funds. Huobi gives you the best service by its 5x leverage trade feature. In Huobi, you are welcomed with a $170 bonus once you have completed the registration tasks. The cryptocurrency trading platform helps you with its asset management, credit card payments, storage security, and accessibility. Its wide array of features makes it the best place to buy and sell digital assets with much ease and convenience.

How can cryptocurrencies be deposited using Huobi?

Open the Huobi app or browser. Click on the top leftmost corner and select “deposit.” A list of cryptocurrencies will then be presented to you. Choose appropriately. Then, a page with your address and QR code will appear. Copy and paste this on your withdrawal site to transfer it to Huobi.

What is the process of withdrawing fiats from Huobi?

Fiat currency is the bank-released money you regularly transact with daily: dollars, yen, etc. Withdrawing them is a new feature brought to you by Huobi. If you want to trade your digital assets for fiats, transfer first from PRO to OTC. Next, click on the “buy/sell” and select an advertisement. Once the buyer has paid you, you can release your assets.

How secure is Huobi?

The Huobi group has optimized their security expertise to the blockchain. Aware that user experience is vital for a top cryptocurrency trading platform, Huobi provides digital asset management (DAM) services globally.DAM stores and centralizes information. This is the primary solution companies have for sharing content and managing storage.

What are the cryptocurrency trading tools of Huobi?

For spot trading, Huobi offers exchange, margin, and brokerage. For derivatives, the cryptocurrency trading platform has futures, coin-margined swaps, and new USDT-margined swaps. As for wealth management, the site provides locking and mining, C2C lending, asset custody and servicing, savings, and pool savings.

What are the general rules in trading with Huobi?

Both Huobi and you ensure your security. Huobi updates its security features and encryptions, but you also have to do your part:

1. Store your account information in a safe and accessible place.

2. Update your two-factor authentications.

3. Complete all the required verification steps.

4. Know all the market limits and details you plan to engage in.

What is a “Huobi Token”?

Huobi token is the currency launched by the Huobi group. It works as a discount for transaction fees, protector of liquidities, deposit of the certified merchant, ticket to exclusive events, and cryptocurrency exchange. With Huobi tokens, you can make the most out of the entire Huobi ecosystem.

What is “Huobi Savings”?

Huobi savings is also known as “flexible savings”. Flexible savings is your account from which you can buy and set aside your acquired digital assets. Its features include daily-earning calculation and funds arrival in real-time.

Is depositing with USD acceptable with Huobi, and how does it work?

Yes, the minimum amount for depositing is 100 USD. Credit cards and other third-party deposits will not be recognized. The bank account owner from which to draw funds must be you. This typically takes 1-3 business days, except for weekends and sanctioned holidays.

Is withdrawing with USD acceptable with Huobi, and how does it work?

Yes, the minimum amount for withdrawing is 100 USD. You will be charged $5 for the withdrawal. If it is an outgoing wire transfer, there is an automatic deduction of $15. Upon withdrawal, Prime Trust will send you an email. Kindly click the link on the email so your transaction can proceed.

What happens if the funds are wrongly sent?

The funds are essentially irreversible. Always take note that crypto transactions are done in the world’s most immutable record: the blockchain. The only recommendation is to contact the other party to send the funds back. Always double-check for accuracy and security.

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