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Efficient and straightforward, you can now let your crypto work for you. CoinSwitch is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows you to invest and trade cryptocurrencies. It pools all the top exchanges in real-time, so you know the best one to trade. It empowers you to compare, convert, and track your crypto from anywhere in the world. Trade with CoinSwitch today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes CoinSwitch different?

CoinSwitch is the world’s "first cryptocurrency and altcoin exchange aggregator.” It means the company collects data from more than 300+ crypto trading pairs to offer one of the largest cryptocurrency converters. These cryptocurrencies are to trade, buy, and sell with. With this, the exchange platform updates its crypto rankings every 24 hours. CoinSwitch has products for all. It offers trade, referral, and airdrop options for everyone. Business owners can purchase from the site APIs for online production, APIs for online business integration, altcoin payments in gaming or eCommerce, and embed crypto trade in your site with zero code.

How can I withdraw from CoinSwitch?

Typically, you can’t since CoinSwitch only allows credit card deposits but not withdrawal. It is done for the continuous flow of cryptocurrencies and digital assets online. However, if you intend to do so, you can submit a “Withdrawal Request” by linking your bank details to your CoinSwitch wallet. This process takes seven days or longer.

How secure is CoinSwitch?

CoinSwitch values reliable and secure exchanges. Users can utilize the site without creating an account on the platform, and they only exchange wallet addresses as CoinSwitch lets users decide on their crypto wallets. It does not recommend wallet addresses and does not include in its database users’ deposit information.

How is personal information processed in CoinSwitch?

Personal information in CoinSwitch is used for identity confirmation, network and systems monitoring, fraud detection, product development, needs assessment, site updates, and relevant advertisements. All of these are done in compliance with GDPR 2016. These are done to be on par with the best U.S. cryptocurrency trading platforms.

What are the cryptocurrency trading tools of CoinSwitch?

Using CoinSwitch, users can push through with their own best cryptocurrency day trading platform. This does not require any code and takes less than a couple of minutes. You take 50% of the earnings of each successful crypto-exchange. You can take your earnings in Bitcoin.

Can transactions be canceled?

No. Transactions made in the blockchain cannot be returned once the process has been completed. Make sure that details are accurate and final before passing it on the site’s database and the greater blockchain.

What currencies are acceptable when purchasing crypto on CoinSwitch?

CoinSwitch accepts U.S Dollar (USD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Russian Ruble (RUB), and Euro. You can use your credit card directly at the CoinSwitch website. Using acceptable fiat currencies, you can trade and convert altcoins and crypto coins at the best rates.

Can the rates vary as the transaction goes on?

Yes, cryptocurrency rates can go higher or lower along the way. It’s because cryptocurrencies have volatile values. In this case, the amount that reaches you may vary from what was initially described to be.

Can your wallet address be tagged as "invalid"?

Yes, a single typo can send you red alarms. You may have mistaken DASH as Dishcoin or DSH or may have confused Factom (FCT) with Fantomcoin (FCN). Make sure to review your details before inputting them.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount when trading?

No, there is no minimum or maximum trading amount. However, you have to watch out for a few things. When you send an amount too low, make sure that it is enough to cover network fees consumed by the blockchain. If it is insufficient, you will be sent a message. Some trades may have maximum limits as well.

When do you receive your exchange money?

It usually takes from 15 to 30 minutes or beyond. It depends on your transaction size and blockchain capacity. In terms of the CoinSwitch system, there are two principal causes of the lag: blockchain overload and DDoS attacks. When these take place, all you can do is wait for the system to be back up.

How does CoinSwitch referral program work?

In CoinSwitch's referral program, you and your friend can earn $5 when your referred friend completes a $100 minimum transaction. See their referral program on site:

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