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Are you planning to venture into cryptocurrency trading? ChangeNOW is a non-custodial cryptocurrency trading platform that offers fast and straightforward cryptocurrency exchanges. It offers handy and user-friendly cryptocurrency trading tools that work instantly and without limits. With ChangeNOW, you can make a quick cryptocurrency exchange in just five simple steps.


Multi-Crypto Wallet

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Free Trading

PCI Compliance

Portfolio Tracking

24/7 Support

Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet

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Margin Trading

Big Withdrawals

No Trading Limits


Prepaid Card

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes ChangeNOW different?

Created by a team of experienced developers, ChangeNOW is one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms with fully secured registration-free services. These features help you avoid identification or financial theft, ensuring that your trading activities are safe and secure. ChangeNOW also integrates with the most reliable and the best trading platforms for cryptocurrency in the market. This integration enables them to produce the best cryptocurrency rates at all times. With ChangeNOW, you can quickly convert more than 170 coins一all of this, without any hidden fees!

How fast will my transaction be processed?

Being one of the best US cryptocurrency trading platforms, ChangeNOW processes transactions for only 2 to 20 minutes. However, note that this depends on how long it takes for a block to happen in the network. Also, if you have a large transaction, the processing speed may take a little longer than usual.

How can I cancel a transaction?

A blockchain operation is irreversible. Therefore, the transaction can’t be canceled by anyone if you already sent the funds. You must thoroughly read all your payment details before sending a fund to anyone.

What fees are there during an exchange?

Various fees are charged during the exchange process in crypto. The fees vary, depending on the currency and the exchange amount. Still, ChangeNOW continuously finds the fastest and most profitable ways for customers to execute an exchange.

Why is the final fund amount different from the initial amount?

ChangeNOW’s online cryptocurrency trading platform usually takes time to process transactions. The cryptocurrency volatility and crucial speed cause this, resulting in an exchange rate that can differ positively or negatively. However, ChangeNOW guarantees the best rate at the very moment of your exchange.

What is the minimal exchange amount on ChangeNOW?

The minimum exchange amount on ChangeNOW ranges from approximately $1.7 to $20, depending on the chosen coin. As one of the top cryptocurrency trading platforms, ChangeNOW continuously reduces the minimal exchange amount for all the coins available.

What happens if I deposit an unsupported coin or token?

ChangeNOW offers a full list of all their supported assets, but they can’t guarantee a refund if you send in an asset that is not supported on ChangeNOW. You must keep this in mind to make sure that your funds are safe all the time.

What's the difference between the fixed rate flow and сlassic flow?

Each transaction on a classic flow has its unique exchange rate due to rate fluctuations; therefore, the rate might change at any moment. On the other hand, the fixed-rate offers a fixed exchange, which secures you from rate fluctuations. Each flow has its benefits and drawbacks, which you must consider first before exchanging.

Do I need to register to use ChangeNOW?

You don’t need to create an account to use ChangeNOW. You can freely use this platform without registration, making it one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms. However, ChangeNOW requires a scan of your ID document and additional information on your fund’s origin.

What card can I use to buy crypto on ChangeNOW?

Your card must be issued by VISA or MasterCard. It may be prepaid, but you need to make sure that your prepaid card is eligible for crypto-related purchases. Also, wire transfers, American Express, and Discover cards are not accepted by ChangeNOW.

Are there any upper limits when purchasing crypto with a bank card?

Yes. The purchase must be up to $20,000. In summary, the daily purchase limit is $20,000, while the monthly purchase limit is $50,000 per person. You must consider these limitations to keep your funds safe all the time.

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