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CEX.IO is a regulated multi-functional cryptocurrency trading platform you can use for fiat-to-crypto currency trading. Since 2013, over 3 million registered users worldwide trust CEX.IO in their day-to-day cryptocurrency trading. CEX.IO offers various cryptocurrency trading tools for bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, and other cryptocurrency assets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes CEX.IO different?

CEX.IO is a top cryptocurrency trading platform choice for anyone with an internet connection. Being one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms, the company is available to about 99% of the countries around the globe. CEX.IO prides itself on a 0% customer funds loss, making it one of the most reliable cryptocurrency trading platforms available on the market.

Does CEX.IO offer cryptocurrency trading platform demo accounts?

CEX.IO does not provide a demo for its cryptocurrency trading platform. However, the company focuses on its customer’s experience in using their services. CEX.IO is driven to provide the best cryptocurrency trading platform experience online.

What cryptocurrency trading platform can I use in India?

People new to cryptocurrency trading platforms typically ask for trading platforms available in their area. Fortunately, CEX.IO’s trading platform for cryptocurrency is available anywhere around the world. CEX.IO is also listed as one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms, even in the US.

Is CEX.IO’s cryptocurrency trading platform coinbase always updated?

CEX.IO allows you to purchase bitcoin at a real-time market price. The system updates and automatically adjusts the prices every 120 seconds. CEX.IO offers the best day trading for cryptocurrency as it simplifies your effort by no longer requiring you to collect information outside of the platform.

What makes CEX.IO the best trading platform for cryptocurrency?

Aside from its customer-centered services, CEX.IO values teamwork by treating others with respect, listening, supporting each other, and sticking to basic human relationship principles. The company also takes full accountability for the actions and decisions they make.

When are cryptocurrencies available to trade?

CEX.IO allows its customers to trade cryptocurrencies 24 hours a day, five days a week, from 5 pm ET Sunday to 5 pm ET Friday. Despite not being able to trade when the market is closed, you can still check and review your portfolio anytime through CEX.IO’s trading platform.

What are the risks of trading cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies tend to be volatile and changes price quicker than fiat currencies. As there is a limited amount of reputable digital asset exchanges and no single reliable price source, prices of cryptocurrencies can spike sharply, either positively or negatively. Cyberattacks on digital asset exchanges could also potentially stir the market prices of cryptocurrencies. As a digital platform, cryptocurrency trading platforms are susceptible to hackers. Get an online cryptocurrency trading platform you can trust and feel secured with.

How do cryptocurrencies differ from fiat currencies?

Unlike fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies are not regulated by any government or central bank. Cryptocurrencies are forms of digital and decentralized money that use encryption techniques to generate, regulate, and transfer their units. Virtual wallets hold cryptocurrencies, allowing you to trade and transact online.

Is there a limit to the amount I can trade in CEX.IO?

New users will be given a limit to the amount they can trade in CEX.IO’s platform. CEX.IO’s multiple tier level of identity verification allows the user to increase the transaction limit. You may need to provide your personal information and documents to complete identity verification.

What is the best cryptocurrency trading platform?

Cryptocurrency trading platform reviews list CEX.IO as one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms in 2019. With its open-source cryptocurrency trading platform, CEX.IO has remained one of the key players in the cryptocurrency industry for the past seven years.

Can I pull out and withdraw anytime from CEX.IO?

In theory, you can pull out and withdraw your earnings anytime from CEX.IO’s platform. What restricts you from doing so will be the platform’s minimum and maximum amounts of transactions allowed daily. Check the platform’s guidelines on its limitations to know the minimum and maximum transactions allowed.

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