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Bitfinex is the world’s leading platform for asset trading. It is known as the longest-running and most liquid major cryptocurrency trading platform. Since its launch, it has become the go-to platform for traders and institutional investors. With Bitfinex, you get several advanced features and enjoy trading on this popular world-class trading platform.

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Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Bitfinex different?

Bitfinex provides an advanced and secure trading platform for cryptocurrency. It allows different kinds of trades and orders, including margin and algorithmic trading. Bitfinex also offers many cryptocurrency trading tools and charts to assist you in making strategic trades. The platform also has a leaderboard for those who want a competitive environment. In terms of liquidity, Bitfinex is the largest cryptocurrency trading platform. This allows the platform to always be able to trade when you need to without any limits. Get started with trading crypto today with Bitfinex and watch yourself earn day by day.

Are there other ways to buy cryptocurrency on Bitfinex?

Besides wire transfer of fiat money or buying with existing crypto from other cryptocurrency trading platforms, cryptocurrency may also be bought using credit cards. The minimum purchase is $25, and you may use any credit card issued by major banks worldwide.

Why does LEO have fee discounts?

LEO is the cryptocurrency of the Bitfinex exchange and its parent company iFinex. To encourage users to use LEO on the platform, discounts are given on taker fees. You can take advantage of this.

What is the maximum leverage on margin trading?

Users can avail of up to 5x leverage using the trading platform. Bitfinex also features a margin wallet that will allow you to trade positions on margin. As you will be borrowing the funds, interest rates may be charged.

Is verification needed to start trading?

All users can buy, trade, and sell cryptocurrency as soon as an account is created. Basic features such as no withdrawal limit and margin trading are also available to all users. Verification opens up more features such as derivatives trading, Bitfinex borrow, wire transfers, and faster deposits.

How do I get verified?

For individuals, two valid IDs and proof of address is required for Intermediate verification. For Full verification, a bank statement under your name is required. Verification will take at most 3 business days.

Do I need an account to use the practice trader?

No. You may use the cryptocurrency demo trading platform straight from the homepage of the website. Bitfinex lets you preview the platform before signing up and allows practice trading with the Paper Trading feature.

What functionality is lost in the mobile app?

Bitfinex brings the best cryptocurrency trading platform to mobile while maintaining all the features. Trade cryptocurrency on the go with your smartphone while enjoying all the features Bitfinex provides.

Can I interact with users directly in Bitfinex?

Verified basic plus users and above will be able to access Bitfinex pulse. This adds socialization that is only possible with an online cryptocurrency trading platform. You get to meet other users and converse with them about trading.

Are U.S. citizens allowed to trade on Bitfinex?

Although U.S. dollars are accepted as fiat currency on the platform, U.S. citizens are not allowed to use the platform directly or indirectly according to the Terms of Service. This is due to tightened regulations with cryptocurrency in the U.S.

Is there a separate wallet for margin trading?

Bitfinex has three different wallets—the exchange wallet, funding wallet, and margin wallet. These are separated based on the purpose of the funds. You may transfer funds between wallets for free without restrictions.

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