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Experience the world’s largest crypto exchange. Binance is an online cryptocurrency trading platform that allows you to buy, sell, and trade your crypto. It also lets you access other cryptocurrency trading platforms through its API integrations and web- and app-based tools and features. Join millions of users trusting Binance’s top cryptocurrency trading platform now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Binance different?

Binance is known as one of the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms in the market today. With its native coin, Binance Coins (BNB), you can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies at a much discounted price. Binance also employs several cryptocurrency trading tools that give you a better and engaging trading experience compared with its competitors. Being one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms, Binance provides vast features and offerings. This includes trading, finance, education, data, research, investment, decentralization, and more. If you’re a beginner in the world of crypto trading, don’t worry. Binance offers tons of articles, blogs, and forum discussions you can read to familiarize yourself with crypto.

How can I buy cryptocurrency with a credit/debit card on Binance?

On their website, click “Buy Crypto” and choose “Credit/Debit Card” as your payment method, which is also the cheapest method. You then have to input the amount and confirm payment details. After this, you need to complete your identity verification before you can complete the payment process.

How can I deposit cryptocurrency on Binance?

First, you need to log in to your Binance account and locate the “Deposit Crypto'' option. Then, you need to select the crypto that you want to deposit, and you will see the supported networks on Binance. After choosing the appropriate deposit network, click the button to copy the deposit address to the clipboard. Lastly, open the corresponding platform to withdraw the crypto and copy the address to the “Withdraw Address” column. After withdrawal confirmation, the cryptocurrency will be added to your Binance account. You can find the transaction details under your transaction history.

How can I withdraw cryptocurrency on Binance?

Under the deposit option, choose the cryptocurrency and the appropriate network, which will remind you to enter both MEMO and address. You need to fill in the MEMO because some specific tokens in the network use the same address. This process will identify the user’s transfer transaction. After copying both MEMO and address, locate the withdrawal option, and select the cryptocurrency and the network. Enter the desired amount, and you will see the appropriate transaction fee. After clicking submit, a verification page will appear where you need to enter the phone or email verification code within the time limit.

What happens if I inserted the wrong information when making a transfer?

If you input the wrong information or select the wrong network when making a transfer, you will permanently lose your digital assets. It is essential to be careful when making a transfer. You need to double-check everything before clicking the submit button.

What are the general tips for trading safely on Binance?

There are several tips to achieve greater security when trading on one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms, Binance. First, do not give your password to anyone. Second, do not contact and do not send money to anyone claiming to be a Binance employee. Both of these mean that you need to be vigilant and careful at all times. For added protection, you can also enable two-factor authentication for your account. You can do this with either Google Authenticator or SMS Authentication. Doing this adds an extra layer of security for your Binance transactions.

How can I change my Binance account email?

To change your account email, you need to enable two-factor authentication first. Then, if you still have access to your original email address, Binance will send a verification code. Copy this code and then click on submit. You then have to fill in your new email address and password and click “Confirm” and “Get Code”. Binance will then send a verification code to your new email address. Copy this code and paste it into the security verification section. After submitting, Binance will review it as soon as possible, and they will send you a notification email once it’s completed.

How can I disable my Binance account?

There are several ways to disable your Binance account. For the mobile application, go to “Account,” then “Security,” and then “Disable Account.” As for the website, navigate to “Security” and then “Disable Account”. If your account is inaccessible, you can use the emails from Binance and click “Disable your account” to disable it temporarily. These emails include the following:

Step 1:

[Binance] Password Reset

Step 2:

[Binance] Successful Login

Step 3:

[Binance] IP Verification

Step 4:

[Binance] Authorize New Device

Step 5:

[Binance] Reset SMS Authenticator

Step 6:

[Binance] Reset Google Authenticator

Step 7:

[Binance] Confirm Your Withdraw Request

Does Binance offer a demo account?

Yes, they do. As a cryptocurrency trading platform, demo accounts are essential for the users to familiarize themselves with the platform. You can create a Binance Futures Demo Account. This demo account will receive 100,000 USDT test funds, which you can use to test the platform’s features and services.

How do I handle stolen funds transferred to Binance?

As one of the best trading platforms for cryptocurrency, Binance takes security seriously. If your stolen funds have been traced to Binance, you must immediately open a support ticket and provide them with the necessary details. You should also submit a police report within 24 hours of submitting the ticket. If Binance finds out that the transferred funds are indeed stolen, they will freeze the assets while resolving your case.

How can I redeem a VIP upgrade voucher on Binance?

You can do this by visiting or accessing the Reward Center through the “Account” or “More” section on the Binance app. When you receive your VIP Upgrade Voucher, you’ll be able to see its upgrade level, the expiry date, and as well as the reward time.

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