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Do you need to get your goods delivered? Courier services can help you deliver your goods on time, every time. You can send anything, from a small package to a large crate, from one city to another. Check out courier services now!

Frequently Asked Questions on Courier Services

Are courier rates different across the world?

The rates will depend on how the companies will price them based on their countries' rates for gasoline, wage, services, etc. For instance, courier services in the USA prices are different from courier services in the UK considering they have different rates for commodity prices.

Moreover, prices will vary more once you cross continents whereas courier services in India will have a farther price range due to differences in conversion rate, gasoline price, etc.

Do courier rates differ across states?

Courier services companies compute the rates based on item weight and destination. Since a company can have different branches, but still use the same rates matrix, they compute the same way.

For instance, it doesn't matter whether you search rates from courier services in NYC, courier services in Denver, or courier services in Los Angeles because you'll get the same matrix. It’s because most courier companies use a universal rate for their deliveries.

Are courier services companies open every day?

It depends on the courier services' operation hours. Though there are stores, which are open on Sundays, there are still branches who keep a 5-day schedule. If you have urgent deliveries on weekends or holidays, you can check out their website for online bookings.

Most courier companies can schedule immediate pick-ups and deliveries even for transactions booked online, so you won’t have a problem in case there are no open branches near your area. 

What is the heaviest item for express deliveries? 

Some courier services can accommodate up to 10,000 lbs for same-day deliveries. In case you want anything heavier than that delivered, you need to book for a special delivery request. Most of the time, the standard delivery period applies to items that will exceed the weight limit. 

Are there restrictions on the items courier services can deliver? 

Yes, there are items that courier services cannot deliver. It includes high-value items such as antiques, jewelry, animal furs, etc. Prohibited items such as airbags, ammunition, and explosives are also unacceptable.

Service providers will ask you to disclose the content of the parcel before processing. In the case of a false declaration of content, you won't be qualified for damage or loss insurance. 

Can courier services pick up parcels at an international location?

Yes. For instance, you're from the USA, and you need to pick up a parcel in Bangalore, India. Just search for courier services that accommodate international pick-ups. Once you find a service provider, submit a ticket request. They'll give you a quotation after a few days and connect you to courier services in Bangalore that will do the pick-up for you

Will a package be delivered if there is no one home to accept it?

Though a signature is required for a delivery to be considered successful, you can ask the delivery personnel to leave the parcel at a neighbor's address or another safe location. Just add notes in the delivery request should you wish to have this service.

In case there are no special instructions, the driver will contact you and request your permission to leave the parcel at the safest location in case no one’s home to accept the delivery.

How do I make a claim for lost or damaged items?

In case of lost or damaged items, you need to file a request ticket on the courier's website 24 hours from the declared delivery date. You need to attach a cost invoice along with a proof of loss or damage.

You may also contact the service provider via email or phone call to understand the process better. They will give you a step-by-step process and processing timeline so you can make your claim easily.

Do courier services offer free pick-ups?

Yes, most courier services offer free pick-ups. You'll just have to pay for the delivery fees for the whole transaction. In case the delivery is urgent, you can drop off your parcel at the nearest branch, so you don’t have to wait for the pick-up schedule anymore.

Note that you must always contact the courier even if it’s urgent. This way, that person will have an idea about which branch you’re dropping the package at. 

How do I pay for courier services?

If you're booking a delivery online, credit card or debit cards are the most convenient payment methods. but you can pay in cash or check upon parcel pick-up. For instance, you're from Hyderabad, India and you need to send an international package without a credit or debit card, just look for courier services in Hyderabad who accept payment upon pick up.  

What will I do if my parcel was not collected or delivered?

Most courier services have a pick-up and delivery success rate of 95%. However, there may be unforeseen instances that will hinder the pick-up or delivery. The hindrances may include bad weather, road closures, or accidents. In case you observe any suspicious delays, don’t hesitate to contact your service provider, so they can make necessary actions.

Can I change the destination of the parcel after it was picked up?

Yes, you can still change the destination of your package even after it was picked up. Just contact your service provider as soon as possible to change the delivery address. However, this will entail additional surcharges to compensate for any cost that has already been incurred. Your service provider will give you the guidelines and payment instructions for this type of service.

If I intend to buy items from an international vendor, do I have to pay for the import duty of the items that I purchased?

Payment for the import fees actually depends on your agreement with the vendor on who will shoulder it. Plus, it would also depend on how the vendor would label the items, how much it’s worth, and which country you are from.

However, for most cases, the courier service provider will shoulder the fees upon release from the customs and charge you upon delivery. Whether you accept the item or not, the service provider will demand for the payment. 

Can I get a refund if the delivery was late?

Most courier service companies have a money back guarantee SOP, wherein they strictly comply with the specified delivery period. If they are late even just for a minute, they’ll be returning your delivery fee. 

What will I do if the tracking is not updated in the website?

Once you paid for the delivery fees, a tracking should be automatically generated. However, there are some cases when the delivery is not registered in the system. If this happens, just contact your service provider and give them the tracking number, so they can check if there is a problem with the system.

Since most courier service companies have 24/7 customer support, you can bet that you can call them anytime you need their assistance.

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