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Commodity trading is a lucrative business plan. With the right knowledge, you can make money by buying and selling products in bulk. You'll be able to buy items at low prices and sell them for higher prices. Get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Commodity Trading

What is a commodity trading company?

A commodity trading company transforms commodities to enhance its value. It also makes sure that significant risks are transferred to the financial market. Through diversification of commodity assets, the company ensures that the risks will be eliminated. Adding to that, commodity trading companies help you trade easily by providing the best prices for stocks on commodities such as precious metals, oils, and natural gas. 

How do commodity trading companies work?

Commodity trading companies centrally manage all commodity trading activities. It includes selling and buying assets when they deem that the transaction will gain a profitable margin. These companies focus on investing in commodities such as oil, gold, and agricultural products. They rely on the fundamentals of supply and demand and other investment principles to grow your money. The main source of their profit here is the margin deposit.

How is physical commodity trading different from commodity trading online?

Physical commodity trading deals with the purchase of actual raw materials of a commodity. Here, you will look for a reputable supplier, buy, store, and deliver the items to different markets to earn a profit. On the other hand, online commodity trading deals with the purchase of future contracts and digital assets of commodities so you can sell them at a higher price later on. It works in the same way as mutual funds and other digital assets. 

How do I earn money from commodity futures trading?

You earn money from commodity futures trading through the increase in commodity prices of previously purchased assets. Since futures lock the prices at a predetermined period, if you expect that the prices will go up, you can use a futures contract to lock the price. One great thing about commodity futures trading is that it gives you the right but not the obligation to purchase assets within the period. 

What are commodity trading charts?

Commodity trading charts show the current futures and commodity prices in the market. It also offers the latest news and information about the commodity market, making them extremely useful in deciding whether you should buy or sell digital assets. You can also see financial indicators here to help you make accurate forecasts. There are free commodity trading charts you can check out on the internet to help you with your commodity trading journey. 

How do I learn commodity trading?

Commodity trading uses the same fundamentals as mutual funds and other investments. You buy at low and sell at high. However, since this still involves shedding money, you may be hesitant to go all-out right away. Here are some ways you can learn commodity trading: Commodity Trading AdvisorsDon’t worry because most commodity trading firms have commodity trading advisors that can assist you in making the right decisions. You can also let them manage your funds and do the investing for you. You can ask them for a diverse portfolio composed of commodity assets, stock, securities, and other investments you deem profitable. ResearchIf you l want to do your research, don't worry because there are commodity trading books you can read to help you with the basics. The research will also help you determine which markets to enter. The information you’ll get here will surely be useful in your commodity trading journey because it will help you make accurate forecasts and correct investment decisions.ObservationAnother way of learning is observation, you can create an account in a trading platform and work your way from there. Observe movements in the market and list down the trends. This will help you make your next forecast and move accurately. 

Is commodity trading a stable industry?

Some people may still be hesitant about commodity trading. However, the growing market proves to be stable. Even big banks have digital assets in their portfolio. Because commodity assets remain safe during inflation and natural disasters, they are proven to be stable investments. Due to this growth, commodity trading jobs were opened to traders. With its current position in the market, commodity trading definitely sees better days ahead. 

Is commodity trading secure?

Same with other digital assets trade, transactions have risks, but there are platforms where you can transact safely. The platforms act as governing bodies to ensure that the transactions are legitimate. Government bodies such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission also foresee transactions. It creates laws and regulations for commodity trading to ensure that companies abide by the commission's policies to protect customer interests. 

Is it advisable to invest in multiple commodities?

Though it is okay for you to invest in just a few commodities, it's more advisable that you avoid putting your eggs in one basket. Commodity trading platforms have recommended commodity assets you can invest in. It is suggested that you spread your investment because it is an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and minimize the risks. Nevertheless, these are only platform suggestions, and the decision on how you invest your money is still up to you. 

Do commodity trading platforms offer free trials?

Yes, there are commodity trading platforms that give you free trials before fully committing to them. The purpose of these trials is to familiarize you with the process, terminologies, and norms of the trade. It will help you make your next move and forecast accurately, given that you'll be familiar with the fundamentals after the trial ends. 

What are the most traded commodities? 

Commodities have different classifications. There are metals, energy, and soft commodities. Though these are highly traded commodities, not all metals, energy, and soft commodities are tradable in the market. Here are some examples of most traded commodities worldwide: Platinum Natural GasLeadIron NickelCoffeeSugarCorn Wheat

What is the difference between future contracts and forward contracts?

Both future and forward contracts are exchanged freely in the commodity market. However, future contracts are traded in the exchange markets versus forward contracts, which are freely bought and sold in over-the-counter markets. Also, the agreement in future contracts is more rigid because forward contracts do not have predetermined standards. This lack of standards does not provide guarantees that both parties will fulfill the contract later on.

How can one sell a commodity s/he doesn’t own?

The online commodity market allows you to freely buy and sell commodity assets even if you don’t possess it physically. In some cases, the delivery of the physical commodities can be done later on, depending on what is specified in the contract. It is also possible to repurchase a future or forward contract even before the maturity. Thus, it will dispense the delivery of goods.

What is a settlement price?

A settlement is the basis for the settlement of all outstanding trades. This is set in the Bylaws of the exchanges, which are usually computed based on the weighted average price of transactions in all spot and futures markets within a specified time frame.

Who are speculators and why do we need them? 

Speculators are participants in the physical markets. They help in risk management and price discovery by observing trends. In the absence of future contracts in the market to determine the prices, it will be the speculators who will determine the prices by entering into hedge contracts. By accepting the risks of hedge contracts, speculators provide market liquidity. Considering their vital role, the futures market will not function well without speculators.

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