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Crello’s online photo collage maker is the easiest way to create stunning collages for your business, blog, social media or anything else. Our easy-to-use designer makes it simple for anyone to design an impressive portfolio, social media posts, business cards and more - without any design experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Crello different?

Crello is a free collage maker online graphic design program. It enables you to create graphics that incorporate animations, video, and music in addition to photographs and images. The tool's greatest feature is that it's very simple to use. You don't need to take a graphic design school to start producing professional and attractive graphics.

What is Crello?

Crello's photo collage maker is an online graphic design platform where anybody, regardless of design abilities, can quickly create graphics for business and personal purposes. Crello affects good change outside of the design profession as a group of caring individuals. Every year, Crello supports initiatives that address pressing societal problems.

How can I make my graphic designs more transparent?

Begin by choosing an item. Then, on your artboard, click the Transparency icon in the pop-up editing menu. Then, either manually put in the appropriate transparency ratio or use the scroll bar to select a transparency level. On the website, you may see full video instructions.

When I'm working on a design, do the modifications I make immediately save?

Crello’s free photo collage maker includes an auto-save function, which means that all design changes are automatically stored every 5 seconds. The saving process is indicated by a ticking circular symbol in the upper-right corner of the artboard, and when you press the button, you'll get a notice that your progress has been saved.

Is it possible to make a social media post in Crello using just the content I've uploaded?

Yes! Create a unique design from scratch using just the pictures, fonts, and videos you've submitted to Crello’s collage maker. Combine your material, add words, and come up with something amazing. Crello does not restrict you when it comes to posting your works on your socials.

Can you share your finished collage?

You may simply download your collage to your computer or mobile device after it's finished. If you want to show the world this masterpiece right now, share it from the Crello interface! Crello integrates its service with the option to instantly share works to other people via a URL link, Facebook post, and Facebook ads manager.

How vast is the media library of Crello for collage making?

The collage maker media collection on Crello includes everything you need to create professional-looking visual material. There are millions of pictures, drawings, masks, stickers, lines, shapes, symbols, and other things to choose from. Drag and drop these items onto a canvas to arrange them as you like.

If I don’t want to create a collage from scratch, does Crello have collage templates?

Choose a template from Crello’s collage maker's extensive collection. They're all organized so you can discover precisely what you're looking for. Nobody can stop you from making a collage from scratch! You may go back and look at the templates anytime you need some ideas.

Do I need to have a Crello account to make a photo collage?

No, you don't need a Crello account to start creating a picture collage; but, you will need to establish one in order for your work to be preserved. Crello automatically saves everything you do, so you don't have to worry about losing your work. This also applies when you want to download or share your collage.

What is Crello Plus?

With Crello plus, the download restriction of 5 per month is removed and now you can unlock the feature of inviting and collaborating with team members on collage making. Upon purchasing Crello plus you are also entitled to removing the background images on all of the finished collage you made.

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