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Coolors’ collage maker is your new favorite tool for creating color palettes and collages. It's incredibly easy to use, yet powerful enough to create high quality designs. Whether you are a designer, artist, student or just someone who loves design - Coolors is the perfect tool for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Coolers different?

Coolers photo collage maker is different from the rest of other collage makers in a way that you can’t actually make a collage of a number of pictures instead the user will be presented with the option to upload a single image and after a number of color palettes will surround the picture in the middle resulting into a photo collage.

What is Coolers?

Coolors’ collage maker online is a must-have tool for collage and color palette collection. It enables you to create precise color combinations in a matter of seconds. Even if you don't have a lot of design experience! All you have to do is upload photos and arrange them so that they are surrounded by a color palette collage.

Where is Coolers available?

Coolors is now accessible on the following platforms: website: the best location to experience the super-cool color palettes Generator with all of the features Coolers published thus far, iOS App: with the most recent version, we've brought the majority of the functions to your iPhone or iPad. It is also available on adobe and Chrome.

Do I need special permissions to use your colors?

No, you don’t need any special permissions. No copyright or intellectual property protection exists for our colors or their combinations. As a result, you may use them without permission or attribution to Coolors. Keep in mind, however, that certain colors may be protected by trademarks.

Can users export a palette made from Coolors’ online collage maker?

Coolers let you export finished palettes in several formats. Send the palette's URL so that others may use it in the Generator. Image: a simple method for downloading, storing, and sharing palettes, The most comprehensive approach to show your colors is in PDF format.

How can users generate a color palette to use for a collage?

The first thing you should do is hit the spacebar. Every time you do it, the generator selects a color palette for you. Once you've found a color you like, you may lock it in place by clicking the lock symbol in that column. So that if you hit the spacebar again, all of the other colors except the one you locked are replaced.

Can users extract colors from the collage they make?

To extract the colors from a picture and create a palette in this manner, launch the image picker by clicking on the camera symbol on the menu bar. If you wish, you may tweak the whole palette by changing its brightness, saturation, hue, and temperature once you're satisfied with the final outcome.

How to make a collage with Coolors’ collage maker?

The first step is to decide on a picture. There are many choices available to you: From your PC, upload, Use the webcam to take a picture, Copy and paste a picture URL, Look for free stock pictures on the internet. After picking an image the collage maker modal opens. Here you can drag, reposition and resize the image to make the collage.

If I don’t like the collage maker of Coolors how can I delete the account I made?

To permanently remove your account, go to the account page, select the Delete account section, and then the delete account option. To confirm the account deletion, enter the code you got through email, or click on the link. If you wish, you may request that your account be deleted by contacting us, and we'll take care of it for you.

Is Coolors’ free collage maker easy to use?

Upon visiting Coolor’s website you are presented with the option to import an image or download an existing collage project. The website features a simple UI for simple navigation around the website. All the functions needed to make a collage are present on the homepage of the website upon visiting.

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