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Are you looking for a safe and effective crypto-mining software platform? RaveOS offers a variety of options that help make the mining process simple and optimal. With built-in GPU error detections, remote device access and more, RaveOS is a great option to consider when on the hunt for a great mining program.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is RaveOS?

RaveOS is an open-source cryptocurrency mining software that provides an intuitive dashboard to monitor and manage cryptocurrency mining operations, helping to reduce downtime and energy consumption while increasing profit. You will find that RaveOS comes with a number of features including advanced monitoring and a mobile app.

RaveOS is free when used with up to 3 devices. A charge of $2 a month is applied for additional devices, but 2Miners pool users can access the software entirely without charge.

How do I install RaveOS?

Before installing the program, you need to be sure your device meets the necessary software requirements. RaveOS provides details on recommended BIOS settings and supported hardware, so you can easily determine if it will be functional on your operating system.

The installation process is very user-friendly. However, depending on the OS you plan on using— GPU Rig or ASIC— the steps will vary. To begin, simply download the RaveOS file. From there, you can begin setting up the program.

How do I set up RaveOS?


Once you download the RaveOS program, you will need to unpack the software image. When completed, you should log into your RaveOS account. From the dashboard menu, select “add new worker” and copy the worker’s token from the system info tab. Next, download the HDD Raw Copy Tool flashing utility and use this to flash the OS image to the media. You can now paste your worker token into the OS_DISK:/config/token.txt file, save and then plug the OS drive into your worker.

Network settings can be managed using OS_DISK:/config/network.txt.


To finish setting up RaveOS on ASIC operating systems, you will first log into your online account and add a new ASIC on your dashboard/workers menu. Copy your worker’s token from the system info tab and connect to your device via SSH. Use the command -k https://image.raveos.com/installer/install.sh | sh -s “Worker’s token” “OS_ROOT_PASSWORD” and allow your device time to respond.

There are additional steps to the process if you need to unlock SSH or perform a manual ASIC setup, but the automatic installation is standard.

How do I use RaveOS?

RaveOs is used for managing and monitoring your mining hardware. With this software, you can view statistics and reports, control your cryptocurrency wallet and utilize the dashboard features to organize your workers. To use, all you need to do is add your crypto wallet address to the software, tune the program according to personal preference, login and start mining.

How do I mine with RaveOS?

RaveOS takes a lot of the headache out of crypto-mining. It automatically detects mining hardware and understands mining pool settings, making for an easy-to-use program that will save you both time and effort. Once your mining information is loaded into RaveOS, you can run the software and make any necessary changes along the way.

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