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OXBTC is a trusted top cloud mining platform and a leading provider of blockchain services that allows crypto enthusiasts to learn, earn, mine, invest and play with cryptocurrency. Founded in 2014, this safe and stable mining provider operates globally through innovative methods, supporting English and Chinese languages and connecting cryptocurrency users from over 50 countries. If you’re just beginning to explore the crypto world, OXBTC is an excellent choice for entry— you’ll pick things up easily just by checking out their user-friendly guides.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is OXBTC crypto?

OXBTC is an internationally-recognized and trusted cryptocurrency mining service platform. It provides affordable mining rigs, cloud hashing power and more crypto items and services. After ordering, you get professional services like mining pool connection and machine operation assistance maintenance. OXBTC also has deposit investment products and trading pairs for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Filecoin and Litecoin.

For newbies, OXBTC has OXBTC Earn. This feature lets you mine cryptocurrency even without hardware, software or sufficient technical knowledge. Just create an account and complete simple tasks to earn OXPoints. You can then exchange OXPoints into cryptocurrency.

Where to buy OXBTC?

Since it is not a currency, you cannot buy OXBTC. However, you can use the OXBTC platform to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Filecoin and Litecoin, or buy hashrate and lease crypto mining rigs. To start, visit OXBTC or download the OXBTC app and choose ‘Sign Up’ to register.

After registration, choose a mining rig, hashrate, graphics card or electricity fee pack from the platform’s options.

After selecting a product, click ‘Buy Now’. You will then be led to the product details page. If you chose a mining rig, you will be asked to select between the whole machine set or just hashrate. For hashrate, input the amount you want to purchase. Finally, complete your order by paying with Paypal or cryptocurrency.

How long are OXBTC contracts?

OXBTC contracts range from 240 days to one year. This gives miners a chance to test out different mining rigs until they can decide on what works best for their mining capacity.

How do I start mining in OXBTC?

To start mining in OXBTC, you will need two key tools in cryptocurrency: a mining rig, which you can obtain by following the steps to buy OXBTC items above; and a cryptocurrency wallet. While OXBTC provides you with a wallet to deposit coins in, you can also use MetaMask and other third-party wallets to receive your profits in.

After receiving your rig from OXBTC, join a mining pool from OXBTC’s options. Pools are groups of miners who combine resources to increase their mining power. The profits generated from mining, which are paid out as cryptocurrency, are then distributed evenly to all the members of the pool. OXBTC will guide you on logging the pool’s address into your mining software, and configuring your machines to the chosen pool.

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