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Luxor Mining is the premier multi-cryptocurrency mining pool for Bitcoin and several altcoins. The simple and easy-to-use interface makes Luxor Mining the perfect choice for both experienced and novice miners. So dive in and start earning those cryptocurrencies!

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How long does it take to mine one Siacoin on Luxor Mining?

Founded in 2017 by a group of software engineers, Luxor Technologies was created with the sole aim of filling the infrastructure gap in the blockchain industry. The company also develops software to support the growing needs of the crypto industry.

In 2018, Luxor launched mining pools for Decred and SC. Currently, it supports multiple altcoin networks and added the Bitcoin mining pool in 2019. Monero, Zcash, Decred, Horizen, LBRY and Sia are some of the currencies supported by Luxor Mining.

The Sia network was the first mining pool launched in 2018. Backed by blockchain technology, Sia is a decentralized data storage platform.

SC (Siacoin) is the native currency that powers the Sia network. Sia connects customers who want data storage with hosts who have underutilized hard disk space. Customers pay hosts in Siacoin and hosts are paid only after they’ve completed a 90-day file contract.

Obelisk SC1 is a Siacoin miner created by Obelisk Tech. It is the first ASIC miner for Siacoin and is one of the most powerful miners available. The Obelisk SC1 miner can directly mine Siacoin without any third-party software.

Siacoin can be mined at a hash rate of 300 GH/s with Obelisk SC1 which operates on a Blake2b algorithm and consumes maximum electricity of 500W.

You can also use your PC’s GPU and begin mining in approximately 20 minutes and make up to 500 Siacoins per day using a GPU.

Luxor Mining is a PPS (Pay-Per-Share) pool that charges a 2% fee and a tiny share of this goes to the Sia community initiatives.

What happens when you get a mining block on Luxor Mining?

Mining revenue has two parts— the block reward paid to the miner by the network and the transaction fee that’s paid by the customers to the miners. When a miner finds a block, they receive all the transaction fees in that block and the network reward.

Built specifically for the high-quality crypto community, Luxor Mining is a multi-currency mining pool that mines currencies that are trustworthy and profitable. The mining company only invests in cryptocurrencies that their engineers write code for.

Luxor Mining operates on a PPS payment method. Miners get consistent payouts based on the probability that the pool finds a block, even if it eventually doesn't .

What if I have the wrong wallet address in Luxor Mining?

Luxor Mining provides advanced encryption to your accounts to protect your mining operation and give you greater control. 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) adds an additional layer of security to protect you from hackers.

The mining pool network lets users dictate when they want to get paid, thanks to manual payouts and custom payment thresholds. You can set your payment threshold according to your needs and power up your mining game.

You can easily add a wallet address and set up a payment threshold. Click “Settings” from your account dashboard, input your preferences and you’re all set!

Be sure to double-check your wallet/payout address. Unfortunately, nothing can be done if you provide the wrong wallet address because a blockchain can’t be modified by anyone.

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