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Kryptex is a Windows application that pays you bitcoins or real money in exchange for the computing power of your PC. The application combines and utilizes the power of thousands of machines to run complex distributed cryptocurrency computations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Kryptex?

Kryptex is a cryptocurrency mining software for Windows. It taps into the computing power of your machine (CPU and GPU) to mine cryptocurrency. Kryptex uses thousands of devices from different users collectively for the operation of complex crypto calculations and in return users get paid for the work their computer does.

How does Kryptex work?

Kryptex utilizes your computer’s processing power to run complex crypto calculations. Kryptex app works on any machine having 64-bit Windows 7,8,10 or 11. At the very first launch, the app will benchmark your system’s hardware to determine whether it's suitable for mining or not. If it's suitable then you just need to keep the app running in the background and it will keep mining.

What does Kryptex mine?

Kryptex has its own mining pool, which consists of Ethereum, Expanse, Monero, Ravencoin and Ubiq cryptocurrencies. Kryptex doesn’t always mine Bitcoin. The software automatically switches between the most profitable coin to mine without the user’s discretion.

How to mine Ethereum on Kryptex?

To mine Ethereum on Kryptex you will need to configure and then run the miner. You will need to register on the website, install the Kryptex app and then just let it operate. The Kryptex website states that if you run it for about a day, you’ll earn enough money for your first withdrawal.

How to use Kryptex?

Kryptex is super easy to use and it should be pretty straightforward, even for beginners. You can set up your account almost instantaneously— all you will need to do is create a username and a password for signing up. Then download and install the Kryptex app and login to your account. The app also has a user-friendly dashboard with lots of useful links regarding mining and managing your miners.

How to withdraw from Kryptex?

Kryptex has several options for withdrawing money.

Kryptex payout options:

Bitcoin wallet

from 0.0002 BTC including 0.0001 BTC fixed network fee

World-wide bank cards

from $7- 3% + $6 fee


from $1-1.95%

Amazon USA

from $10-2%

Cashing out bitcoins using exchange services:

You can also withdraw bitcoins and exchange it into your currency from,, and

You can withdraw bitcoins for long-term storage. Although you will need to be careful about where you will be storing your bitcoins.

If none of these options work for you then you can contact Kryptex directly and they will assist you with any issues.

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