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Hostero is a respected CPU (Central Processing Unit) mining service that lets you mine over 10 cryptocurrencies on any number of devices. Plus, you don't need any specialized skills or knowledge. Just sign up, download the software and start mining. It's that easy!




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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Hostero?

Hostero is a CPU mining platform that lets you deploy miners for various cryptocurrencies and helps you optimize your mining operations. Hostero is backed by blockchain technology and a reliable ecosystem to securely mine cryptocurrencies.

Hostero has a range of products that not only help in deploying nodes and miners, but also help you manage and monitor your activity. You don't need any previous knowledge or experience to deploy nodes. You can also easily check their status, delete them or re-deploy them.

The company also offers various support services to help miners get the most out of their CPU mining. POS (Proof of Stake) lets you view miner logs and get comprehensive metrics on a centralized platform. You can also manage and check the performance of your devices and miners with both real-time and historical data.

How can I use Hostero?

The CPU mining software from Hostero is lightweight and can be installed using a simple command. Using the miner does not require any advanced skills or special hardware. You can sign up using your social media account and deploy miners from Hostero’s website dashboard.

Hostero allows you to start mining in just a few minutes. You first have to create an account and get dashboard access to manage your devices and miners. Then, install the universal CPU miner on your PC and run the command in the terminal. You next have to configure your wallet by picking the coin you want to mine.

Once you have your wallet ready, you set up your mining pool and then deploy the miner. Based on the hashrate, you can estimate your mining earnings by using the Benchmarks page.

You can mine close to 10 cryptocurrencies with any number of devices using the CPU miner. Some of the cryptocurrencies you can mine on Hostero are WebDollar, ByteCoin, Nerva, Monero, WebChain, Golem and more.

You can also try a demo of the tool by using the email and password details on the website.

How much is Hostero?

Hostero has a free trial, freemium and subscription package. There are three subscription plans — the Hobby plan costs $2.24 per month, the Miner plan is $11.23 per month and the Farm plan costs $56.20 per month. Hostero also has a free plan with limited features.

How does payment work on Hostero?

Hostero accepts one-time PayPal or WebDollar payments. You can use your debit/credit card or bank account with PayPal. WebDollar only accepts payments from your bank account. Your hosting service will be activated right after your payment is processed.

Can I cancel my subscription on Hostero at any time?

Hostero allows you to cancel your subscription whenever you want, no questions asked! You can buy a subscription plan using PayPal. You can also email Hostero to set up a custom plan with your account.

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