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Hashshiny is a cloud mining platform which allows users to make money from mining bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Founded by former staff from a number of top dotcom companies in 2017, Hashshiny aims to reach the global cryptocurrency market in the future and already offers numerous innovations to the crypto industry chain. Their current data mining centers are located in Kazakhstan and Myanmar.

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per 10 SOL/S, 2-year contract

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good price. Payout is daily.


I'm here on US, i have trust on you guys ;)


Satisfied with the professional customer service and honesty.


The most convenient way to mine for Cryptos! Highly recommend trying it out.


I'm very satisfied with this mining cloud. The information, provided on the website, is very transparent, everything seems to work alright, the maintainence fees are moderate and the resulting coins, given the current price will at least be stable over the next 2 years, may return twice to triple the investment. I hope, the coin market will survive that long.


Happy to have made this investment since I am sure it will be one of the most profitable that I have in my portfolio

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May 10, 2019


Good Investment. I will buy more hashpower.

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May 10, 2019


I think it's a good investment, I was studying the returns and I find them very attractive, I'd like to be informed about it.

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May 13, 2019


They are really great! Had an issue with Facebook authentication and applied a workaround in 1 day! I am here to stay with Hashshiny :)

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Jun 23, 2019


Well Ive just sent an Email to customer support because Im new to this platform and it seems that they do pay, but what Im confused in is that my balance,where is it?…I dont see where nothing was deposited in my bitpay account and it seems that they paid me out twice..once on 11/4 and today 11/5 but I dont see it in my accout nor does it give me the total balance of how much Ive earned, can someone tell me how does this work?