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Hashmart is an affordable and easy-to-use cloud mining service. If you’re looking to mine Bitcoin or Ethereum, Hashmart is a great choice, allowing you to mine cryptocurrencies without owning any equipment. Got your own hardware? You can join the mining pool and get paid.

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Pretty good site to start cloud mining. Very simple and clear interface. I would definitely recommend it.

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Nov 14, 2019


As for me, I'm not really a pro in crypto. But the thing I like is this site provides me with a good hospital services. All operations are so simple that I can't even describe. This service even has a forecast inside. 5/5!

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Nov 15, 2019

Darren Smith

I bought 500Gh/s of mining hash rate $46.55 The web interface is good and the information is clear. In just under 1 year i have earned $4.72 Each day I mine on average 0.00000917 BTC They then deduct on average 0.00000855 in maintenance fees. That's about 9 years to get my investment back. Doesn't inspire one to invest any more.

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Nov 25, 2019


This is a hoax guys, run away from here, they don’t pay.

Walid Riachy

thank you for replying, but still that didnt change anything. i invested 100 $ and bought 1000 hashrate last year when the price of bitcoin was 8000 USD & i was making a little profit the profit i am supposed to make, please do not come & convince me about the situation of the market or whatever the market is bullish now & the price is increasing i am supposed to be making more profit then before. i understand the fact of the halving very well & i know how it affects the mining but it will cause 100% loss in the investment ? well let me tell you that NO it will not. but simply the Mining companies are robbing everyone for their own benefit. yes you make people invest in YOUR Machines (if there is any) you wait few months & then you cut their profit totally. i got 2 $ from what i invested and everyday the electricity is the same cost as what i am earning & which makes my earning 0. please dont tell me i have to add hashrate to be able to make profit because that doesnt make any sense adding more hashrate will make me loose money more ;) in anyway my whole idea is to make people aware of what you guys are doing ;) and let them think before spending any penny for any mining thing specially in your website. now have a lovely day & enjoy this 100$ for the rest of your lives.

Amer Tiur

Was very cautious first about this website as there are contradictory reviews for it posted here, but after decided to buy a minimum contract and have no regrets about it. I withdrew my funds in a year, pity that 12-month contracts went off sale I should have bought more power. Now I bought 1.5 th/s on an open-ended contract. Cannot buy mining hardware myself as it is an insufficient expenditure for my budget and this is a great alternative for any ASIC miner. Cool service, helpful online support. I am giving 5 of 5.

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Jan 28, 2021


Hashmart is no problem the return on your investment depends on when you jumped on the bandwagon and more the interface includes forecasts so stop complaining ...

Phil Pritchard

I've seen to many negative reviews. It's a good site and always helpful support if you have questions and they always pays out.

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Jul 26, 2021


I was introduced to Hashmart about a year ago, when cloud mining was very popular. I tried different services, which ended up getting scammed... And Hashmart is still on the market. There were hard times when bitcoin was going down and mining was not profitable, but now things are up and I'm glad I didn't quit. Now I bought some power to mine Ethereum. I hope to make a good profit with it as well. Try it for yourself, it is a good service. Special mention should be made of the support service and user-friendly interface.

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Oct 14, 2021


I would give Hashmart a mixed review. I am happy with their customer service and the design of their website. Unfortunately, the performance is not up to par. I have started 6 months, same day, same amount with 4 different miners, and they are far behind. Hoping they will catch up soon....

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Dec 12, 2021