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Genesis Mining developed mining as a service in 2013 in Eastern Europe and is one of the most experienced and tested cloud mining providers. Offering a variety of cryptocurrency services to over 2 million customers worldwide, Genesis Mining makes cloud mining possible for all kinds of miners — be they beginners, home miners or large-scale investors.

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What is genesis mining?

Genesis Mining is one of the oldest, largest and most popular providers of cloud mining services. They offer cloud mining services for more than 10 minable digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero and Zcash. They also offer trading of other digital assets, a secure online wallet for storing cryptocurrency and a multi-algorithm mining experience without any pool fees.

How does genesis mining work?

Genesis Mining provides safe and easy hash power and mining equipment to cryptocurrency miners at an affordable leasing price, so you won’t need to deal with buying your own hardware or setting up complex software. This is important because cryptocurrency mining is expensive, noisy and consumes a lot of energy in the form of hash power. In addition, cooling and maintaining a mining rig is difficult and needs advanced technical knowledge.

On Genesis Mining’s platform, you can simply lease your preferred mining rig for the cryptocurrency you want to mine and choose the hash power you want it to have. From here, Genesis Mining will take care of assembly and mining rig maintenance. Depending on your contract, you can pay an additional maintenance fee or split your mining profits with them. This way you can fully focus on mining and tracking the market, maximizing your profits and getting them directly into your wallet. With multiple cryptocurrencies in their catalog, you can also switch your mining allocation to another coin any time through their dashboard.

How do you use genesis mining?

To start mining, create an account by clicking ‘Sign Up’ on the Genesis Mining website. After this, click the link from the verification email sent to you and log in.

To link a crypto wallet for payments and payouts, click ‘My Account’ on the dashboard, then ‘Settings’ > ‘Wallet’. Paste your wallet address under the currencies that you own, then click ‘Save’.

Choose a mining rig by clicking ‘Upgrade Hashpower’ on the dashboard. Select a contract based on your preferred coin and contract length, then drag the hashpower bar to your preferred giga hash per second. Under the order summary, click ‘Credit Card’ to pay with a credit card, or click ‘Continue’ to pay with crypto. Note that you can’t pay with crypto withoutlinking a wallet beforehand.

After successful payment, check out your order status by clicking ‘My Orders’ on the dashboard. You can also start creating your mining plan by clicking ‘Mining Allocation’ on the dashboard. Select the currency that you want to mine, then the allocation percentages for each. You can allocate 100% of your resources to one currency or split allocations among several coins.

How do you withdraw earnings from genesis mining?

Mining outputs are daily and automatically collected to be sent to your wallet, so ensure that you link your crypto wallet first. Genesis Mining automatically transfers the output to your wallet when it reaches the minimum transfer amount required. You can find this in the product details of your rig under ‘My Orders’.

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