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54 reviews is a project that allows anyone to earn cryptocurrency passively with just a computer or smartphone. You don’t need any experience in cryptocurrencies, or even knowledge of what they are. By participating in the network, you allow to use your computer’s processing power to mine various coins and tokens while you sleep, watch TV, work or play. In return for this contribution, you are rewarded with regular payouts in the form of the currency you are mining.

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Does cloud mining pay off?

Having to rent the remote mining equipment is an upfront cost, and mining pools may also take a cut of your profits. Some experts believe it can be worthwhile, but you might be better off buying bitcoin instead.

Profits will vary depending on the power of the miners used by the pool; newer models typically have better specifications and will generate higher return on your investment. There is also the state of the market to consider. For example, If you hold onto your bitcoin rather than selling it for regular currencies such as the U.S. dollar, you'll remain exposed to the volatility of the bitcoin market.

Due to the wildly fluctuating market for different cryptocurrencies, different coins are subject to different currency risks. When you rent miners with larger hash power, these small differences will compound over time.

What is a cloud mining contract?

A cloud mining contract is signed with a service provider in order to use their cloud mining servers. Using a cloud mining agreement, you can lease machines or computing power from a third-party provider, meaning you no longer have to own or maintain servers directly, and making it more viable to use many data centers. Monthly subscriptions are typically required for cloud mining contracts, but certain service providers require upfront payments instead.

Is there any legit cloud mining?

Cloud mining has become an attractive option for people who want to get into the cryptocurrency mining game but don't want to deal with the hassle of buying, setting up, and maintaining their own mining hardware. As a result, a number of cloud mining providers have popped up in recent years, promising to do all the work for you and let you start making money from home. Unfortunately, some cloud mining providers are scam operations, so it's well worth your time to fully research a company.

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