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Are you looking to connect to an online community of bitcoin miners? With f2pool.com, you can join a leading crypto mining pool to start earning with thousands of other users from your home computer! You can either join an established pool or venture out to make your own!

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Asic Miners,GUI Miners



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Multiple Supported Cryptocurrencies

Automated Smart Mining

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99% Pool Uptime

Real-Time Analytics

Custom Pool Allocation

Automatic Payout

Multiple Language Support

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What is F2Pool mining?

F2Pool is a collective community of online miners. Together, you and fellow users pool your crypto earnings that are then distributed evenly. When you mine bitcoin, you can choose to do so on your own. However, if you decide to join an online pool, you improve the likelihood of increased output and processing speed. 

How do I sign up for F2Pool?

To start mining with F2Pool, all you need to do is create an account! Once you receive your confirmation via email and configure your device to F2Pool’s servers, you’re ready to start mining.

How does F2Pool payout?

F2Pool calculates your earnings according to their PPS+ or PPS methods –pay per share– minus their 2.5% commission fee. Essentially, you get paid for your valid shares contributed to the pool, which is worth a certain amount in cryptocurrency. Once you are over the payout threshold, your earnings will be automatically sent to your bitcoin wallet associated with your account.

Is F2Pool legit?

According to their website, with F2Pool, you are given access to one of the best available pools on the market. Online reviews back up this information and users are overall content with the way the pool is managed and run. Their pool consecutively ranks within the top 10 mining pools in online forums and articles. They support many digital currencies, regardless of which coin you’re interested in mining they likely offer a way to do it.

How do I mine with F2Pool?

To start mining with F2Pool, you’ll first have to be sure you own the right equipment for running the software necessary to mine. According to their website, their mining pool functions with SHA-256 ASIC machines, but not with CPU or GPU cards. Once you know you’re fully equipped for mining, you’ll need to establish a bitcoin wallet address through which you’ll receive payouts. To join F2Pool’s community, finish setting up an account to configure their servers with. They provide detailed instructions on how to do so on their website, including further reading on checking rewards, increasing earnings and more. 

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