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ECOS is a cryptocurrency platform that offers a new way to invest in cryptocurrencies. With its own token, ECOS, you can invest in the growth and future of this new cryptocurrency. You can also purchase other tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum and more with your ECOS tokens. The platform is available for free to the public on mobile and web so you can easily track your investment and diversify your portfolio accordingly.

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Felicity Nene

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Jul 28, 2021

Tony Vega

¡WARNING! Be careful with ECOS. They don't explain you they have hidden fees, and, when you contract, you see there are. When you try to complain they tell you "that's it", and you cannot revoke your contract. I don't recommend you at all this company.

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Mar 11, 2022

Crypto volatility is the main risk for cloud mining, so I wasn’t surprised by the drop in income in the last month. What did surprise me is the fact that ECOS hasn’t stopped payments - I still get my money, albeit in smaller amounts than I would like to.

ECOS was for a long time my favorite cloud mining platform. It’s nice that now they also have a mobile app that is quite functional. Although, I hope that they will add some more features besides wallet, exchange and contracts.

ECOS Mining is a bunch of rubbish. Their web page stinks & doesnt work half the time, the calculator that you use to find profitable contracts to buy is wrong most of the time, support doesnt help you at all & are a bunch of liars, ECOS is about the hard sell, they always want you to buy more contracts or equipment. They do pay out in the end but to get paid is a real hassle, money disappears from your wallet, nothing is clear on how much you mine or make per day. Most of the positive comments on Trust Pilot & other sites are false. Save yourself the hassle & find a decent professional company to invest in, ECOS is not professional or decent at all. I have 3 different contracts with ECOS & Im sorry I invested my money with ECOS. If I could get a refund I would, but I cant.

I bought a couple of cloud mining contracts from ecos, the profit is moderate, but the risks are minimal. It is good that the ecos cloud mining made sure that every investor would find a suitable solution.

I have had excellent experience with Ecos for over 2 years. I am constantly investing and buying cloud mining contracts. In order to make a profit, you do not need to have huge knowledge in crypto market, thanks to the investment opportunities of ecos, i can easily get passive income.

In my opinion, this is one of the best cloud mining. The company is alive, they are constantly holding promotions, auctions and so on, of course I haven’t yet managed to grab something at a discount, but I don’t really need it, the main thing is that the platform has been working normally for many years.

ecos offers a great source of passive income. I started with cloud mining contracts which turned out to be quite profitable, at the moment I have several investment portfolios that bring in daily passive income, great job ecos!

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