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Are you looking for an automatic and reliable cryptocurrency mining software? offers a program that is readily accessible to anyone with an interest in mining. With its easy to understand application, you can quickly learn how to start earning and retaining cryptocurrency at home.

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How do I make money through Computta?

Computta functions by converting your unused computer processing power into usable cryptocurrency. According to their website, Computta claims users can earn “anywhere from $30-$100 a month per device” while using their software. To obtain a more concrete estimate, they recommend downloading their Smart Miner program. Based on the system you’re using to run Computta, Smart Miner analyzes your device’s computing power to produce a sample of potential earnings.

Additionally, Computta runs a solid referral program that can earn you some substantial pocket change. They employ a 5-tier system in which you earn from passive commissions, easily exceeding $1000 a month. In short, when you introduce your friends and family to Computta and they start mining, you are given a commission.

How do I get referrals for Computta?

To start collecting commission from referrals, you simply have your friends and family sign up for the website using your referral code. The more users you bring over to Computta, the more earning power you will have. You will automatically receive 10% of your immediate referrals’ earnings, followed by 5% from the second and third tiers, 3% from the fourth tier, and 2% from the fifth.

How do I move my earnings out of Computta?

Withdrawing income from Computta is user-friendly and straightforward. Your balance (USD) will be determined based on the current milli bitcoin exchange rates. From your account’s Payment menu, you can initiate a withdrawal once you’ve met the minimum balance of 3mBTC ($35).

Computta automatically sends your earnings to the bitcoin address you’ve provided. Computta sends a verification to your email before commencing the transfer, which will be completed within 48 hours of your approval. 

Computta also offers the feature of applying earnings to your mobile phone balance. Utilizing this method of withdrawal is a great alternative if you don’t have a bitcoin wallet or are looking for an easy, convenient payout.

How do I install Computta?

Computta makes the whole download, install and setup process simple and user friendly. To begin, you first have to register an account with Computta online. From your “Accounts” menu, you will find the “Download Smart Miner” option where you will initiate the download.

Once the program has been installed, you will log into your account in the application and start Benchmark— this will determine your earning power. When Benchmark has completed its diagnosis, simply select “start earning” to begin!

Computta will always be running in the background when your computer is in use, but you can easily turn off the program from the main screen if desired. You can also install the program on as many devices as you’d like! You can access information on each device’s earnings in the “my devices'' menu on the Computta application.

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