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CoinFly is the perfect system for those looking to get into crypto mining. It's easy to use and packed with features that make mining more efficient and profitable. With CoinFly, you can start mining your favorite cryptos in no time!




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Sell Cryptocurrency

24/7 Support

Multiple Supported Cryptocurrencies

Automated Smart Mining

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Miner Benchmarking

99% Pool Uptime

Real-Time Analytics

Custom Pool Allocation

Instant Payout

Automatic Payout

Multiple Language Support

Cryptocurrency Exchange

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is CoinFly?

Built by experienced miners, CoinFly is the first robust ecosystem for miners. The proprietary COS (Crypto Operating System) is a powerful application for rig management with a telemetry module designed to optimize crypto mining. It is Linux-based, which means it is lightweight and secure.

COS can function in auto or manual mode. The autopilot mode is unique because it supports real-time mining and allows you to mine the most profitable currency. You can also automatically convert your coins to any currency of your choice.

The built-in hardware monitoring has automatic alerts, reboot and emergency shutdown system.

How does CoinFly work?

The CoinFly setup and onboarding process is simple and seamless. Each setting is optimized according to your equipment configuration. You get access to an instant asset exchange making COS one of the most dynamic and adaptable software in the crypto mining universe.

CoinFly has created an exclusive solution to cut down ping in 153 countries. By allowing you to quickly deploy nodes from any location, COS significantly reduces ping from the mining pool to your hardware.

CoinFly also manages your financial paperwork and ensures your stats. Accounting and financial reports are made in compliance with IFRS.

What miners do you support on CoinFly?

The CoinFly COS supports the most popular miners and also adds new miners by request. It currently supports Ethminer, Phoenix Miner, T-Rex and Team Red Mine (TRM). 

CoinFly provides one-click access to an array of transparent and highly efficient mining pools and miners. You can also add your own mining pool/miners without wasting time on finding them.

How to set up CoinFly?

The installation process is quick and easy. You first have to create an account, then go to the “Settings” tab and secure your account using Google Authenticator or Authy.

Next, you have to connect a farm by clicking on “Engage” and picking an option. The recommended choice is “Option A” to make the COS work from a USB flash drive without installing it on your PC’s hard drive. You can also install the full version by picking “Option B.”

Activate your mining rig on the CoinFly website by entering the activation code found in your personal account. It takes 5-10 minutes to download the app and establish a connection with the website. Soon after, you'll be able to manage your farm and start mining.

Coinfly uses PPS (Pay-Per-Share) payout method to reward its miners. You get paid for any valid share at zero percent commission.

Is CoinFly free?

CoinFly is free-to-use. The mining software platform offers a price structure that deducts a percentage from each miner's revenue. You can download the COS for free and get unrestricted access to one rig. 

CoinFly also offers three different subscription packages.

CoinFly Silver: $2.00/monthly per rig (2-99 rigs)

CoinFly Gold: $1.5/monthly per rig (100-999 rigs)

CoinFly Platinum: You’ll have to write to CoinFly using the contact form on the website to get the exact pricing.

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