Best Children's Educational Websites in June 2022

Children have always been drawn to colorful and interactive websites, but with children’s educational websites, parents are now more than willing to let their kids explore the web. Children's educational websites are a great way for children to learn and explore, find new interesting activities and identify their strengths and weaknesses. These websites are also a great resource for parents who want to monitor their children's progress.

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Starfall Education  logo

Starfall Education

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4,389 reviews


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Funbrain logo


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66 reviews

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Khan Academy Kids logo

Khan Academy Kids

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4,447 reviews

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ABCYa  logo


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2,532 reviews


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PBS Kids  logo

PBS Kids

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4,435 reviews


6 logo

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4,556 reviews


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CodeWizardsHQ  logo


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645 reviews


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E-Learning for kids logo

E-Learning for kids

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2 reviews

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eTeacher Group logo

eTeacher Group

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222 reviews

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Learning Resources  logo

Learning Resources

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are children’s educational websites?

Schools are becoming increasingly digital; children are getting more involved and interested, causing the shift in focus from teaching to learning. This is why educational websites have become increasingly popular among kids.

Children’s educational websites provide an interactive, fun and exciting way for kids to learn school subjects such as science and math on their own. Children can easily access these websites through mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, making learning more fun and more accessible.

How do children benefit from these educational websites?
Self-paced Learning

Children’s educational websites offer self-paced learning with video, audio and text formats. These interactive websites help in developing children’s critical thinking skills. Because online learning is more flexible and convenient, kids can study anywhere and whenever it’s convenient for them so they don’t have to balance school with family and other responsibilities.

Self-directed Learning

Children's educational websites allow kids to choose what they want to learn. Unlike in the traditional classroom, there are no predefined required topics on these websites. Kids can explore their own interests in the topics that they like and can be guided by suggestions offered on the site. Children learn best when they are engaged, and these educational websites do a good job of developing children’s curiosity and interest in learning new things.

Enhanced Computer Literacy and Internet Proficiency

Children’s educational websites are designed not just to help children learn their ABCs and numbers, but also to teach children how to use computers. These educational websites give children opportunities to learn how to navigate the web, create content, and search for information.

What are the core features of children's educational websites?

Children's educational websites provide a platform for parents and teachers to promote education through the internet. These educational websites are very accessible and do not have geographical barriers, so they can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Wide Range of Teaching and Learning Styles

Children learn best in different ways. Some learn through reading, others through writing. Still others learn by watching, or through a combination of these methods. Educational websites can help children achieve their potential by supporting a host of learning styles.

These websites are also a great way to support a variety of teaching styles. They provide information and support for homeschoolers, teachers, and parents who want to supplement their children's education. Because they include games, videos, and other interactive activities, children’s educational websites serve as strategic learning tools in the classroom or in the home.

Real-time Assessment

Educational websites for kids provide real-time assessment, which can put both parents and teachers at ease. Teachers and parents can check on the progress of the children online, on their mobile phones or from anywhere at any time of the day.

Children’s educational websites can be used by teachers to assign tasks to students and assess their performance in real-time. They can also be used as educational tools for parents to monitor their children’s progress.

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