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Do you need a certificate? Certificates are an excellent way to commemorate and celebrate achievements. They're also a great way to show appreciation for someone's hard work. Click below now and start creating your own custom certificate today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Certificate Makers

Is my information safe?

This totally depends on which online certificate maker you have used. That is why before you pursue using one and inputting your private information, you will need to do a background check on its legitimacy. Although the process will be hassling, it can get you out of impending trouble. 

 Is it possible to produce multiple certificates?

Yes. If you are using a premium certificate maker, you may save and download as many certificates as you need. However, there might be a limit to how many downloads or storage capacity your subscription has. Before you assume, always check your limits before randomly creating certificate templates.

Why do printed certificates look different than the print preview?

Your printer and the position of your paper will highly affect the printed output. If your blank paper is positioned to the farthest right, changes are, the left side of your certificate will not be printed. And that will be a waste of special paper, usually used in certificates.

Why is it that different themes or templates have differing tools?

Pre-made templates are already automatically set by developers to help users produce certificates quicker. So, if you are thinking about using a particular design, it’s best to click on which theme or template is best suited for your event. If none of them are suitable, you can always start from scratch and create your own copy. 

Why are there only limited designs available?

There are two explanations for this. It can either be you are still using the free certificate maker, or the premium certificate maker software is still new. Don’t fret if you have subscribed to the latter, as there will be updates added regularly to match up with user expectations.

Are there discounts for nonprofit companies and academic institutions?

Yes, there will be discounts for non-profit companies and academic institutions. However, it all depends on these entities if they will recognize this as part of their terms and conditions. Best check with the company before you make purchases. 

How does the money-back guarantee work on services offering a paid certificate maker?

A money-back guarantee is a form of refund for those purchasing the premium certificate maker software. If the refund policy states a 30-day money-back guarantee, then you are given 30 days to change your mind during your first purchase. So, if you decide to change your mind about the purchase beyond 30 days, a refund is forfeited.

What are the essential data you need on an award certificate?

The essential data that you need when making an award certificate are as follows:ThemeTitle of the awardThe Presentation LineRecipient's nameRepresentative or organization giving the awardThe reason how the award was earnedDate awardedSignature

What is the common size for a certificate award?

The size actually varies depending on the material used for printing the output. Commonly sizes would be around an 8.5x 11 in. This is the landscape orientation of the paper as that is popular among award certificates.

What paper do certificates usually get printed on?

Believe it or not, parchment paper is commonly used for certificates. They are not only used for placing your cookie batters on and going into the oven, they also get used for this purpose. Although it’s almost transparent in color, parchment paper is often stronger than printing paper. 

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