Best Bullion Dealers in June 2022

Bullion is a precious metal that can be used as money. It has been around for centuries and it’s still going strong today. It's one of the most valuable metals on earth, so you know it's worth your time to learn more about what bullion is all about. Get started by reading a guide to buying gold or silver online now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is bullion?

During times of crisis, how sure are you that your savings are enough to get you through? Luckily, there are other forms of investments to help you weather hard times. Bullion is one of those investments. It is a precious metal product recognized as at least 99.5% pure, which can be bought and sold through dealers within reputable platforms and banks.

Why do you need bullion?

Bullion, being made of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, has a high standard to uphold when it comes to value. However, aside from its high cost, Bullions are regarded as great investments to spice up portfolios. Here are a few ways of how this tangible investment can benefit you.

Minimizes Investment Risk During Inflation

Inflation is the enemy of currencies. As the rate of inflation becomes high, the value of currencies tends to go down. Bullion helps minimize risks during inflation. Since there is always a high demand for gold bullion and silver bullion, their value would not be affected by market volatility and inflation. Thus, you'll have minimal risks to bear at the end of the day.

Lets You Enjoy High Profits

Like stocks, bullion is a significant investment. Most people have both in their portfolios because of high profits. Since the price movements are substantial, extreme highs and lows are depending on the market's trend. You can take advantage of the extreme highs to sell existing bullion and get high returns for your investment.

Diversifies Your Portfolio

Bullion also diversifies your portfolio. Since it does not correlate with stocks or other digital assets, it helps you minimize all possible risks associated with your other investments. Most fund managers suggest that you invest in a combination of digital and tangible assets to help reduce overall risks. When it comes to tangible assets, bullion is on top of its game.

Gives You Tangible Assets Benefits

Unlike other digital assets, bullion is tangible. You can invest in them digitally through online platforms and have them stored safely by the service provider. However, some prefer to have it delivered to them. Since bullion is not digital, it can't be hacked or erased, making it a safe investment if you have a reliable service provider.

Eliminates Counterparty Risks

Another great benefit of having bullion as an investment is that it eliminates counterparty risks. During bullion exchanges, you don't need any middleman or third parties to fulfill the obligation. Though there are platforms where you can safely do the bullion exchange, they do not interfere with how you price, buy or sell your assets.

Protects Your Investment Portfolio During Crises

Bullion protects your investment portfolio during crises. During an economic and monetary crisis, bullion can be a profit machine. Since worry drives people in crisis, the higher the fear is, the higher the demand for bullion. Precious metals are deemed as stable investments, so having bullion in your portfolio will give you massive profit during trying times.

Helps You Preserve Family Wealth

If you want something to leave behind for your children or the generations to come, bullion is a great option. Since its value only increases over time, you can have it safely stored so that it can be your family's heirloom. Also, given that the demand for precious metals is always high, what you'll leave behind will be of great value no matter how many years have passed.

Provides Security During Reserve Currency Value Drop

The U.S. Dollar is considered a reserve currency on which the other assets' values are based. When the reserve currency's value drops, you can rely on bullion to be your investment's safeguard. Since currency's price swings don’t determine bullion’s worth, you are guaranteed that the price will remain high no matter how low the reserve currency value drops.

Protects Your Investment Portfolio Against Deflation

Deflation is the market prices decrease when an economy has excessive debts and slow business activities. When the market prices drop, all investments in your portfolio will be affected, except for your bullion. Since common market factors do not determine its value, bullion can protect your portfolio and even out losses during deflation.

Protects Your Investment During Geopolitical Uncertainties

Bullion's value is not only protected during crisis or market volatility. Even during geopolitical uncertainties, bullion holds its value high, earning the title "crisis commodity." When the people's confidence in the government is low, the demand for precious metals products like bullion increases, people believe in their stable value amidst geopolitical tensions.

Lets You Enjoy Increasing Value Due to Supply Constraints

If the value of bullion is not affected by crisis, market volatility, or politics, what affects the cost of bullion? Supply and demand affect its value. The demand for bullion has been continuously high over the years, given that fewer companies are producing them. The limited supply and high demand cause its value to soar up, making it an extremely profitable investment.

What are the core features of bullion?

Whether you're looking for a new investment or a way to spice up your current portfolio, bullion is always a good choice. By combining unique digital and tangible features, bullion spices up whatever investment mix, you want to create. Here are a few features of bullion that will make you want some for your portfolio.

Investment Education

Platforms offering bullion have an investment education feature wherein seminars ensure that customers have enough investment knowledge. If you're keen on investing in bullion, this feature equips you with everything you need to know about it so that you’ll be entirely confident before paying for anything.

Professional Sales Approach

Service providers offering bullion investments also have a professional sales approach feature. Unlike other industries that push customers to buy products due to high commissions, bullion service providers acknowledge that customers should be primary decision-makers in this type of investment. Thus, no pushy sales strategies should be used on them.

Multiple Storage Options

Bullion companies also have multiple storage options. They have bullion vaults all over the world where the assets are safely stored. They choose their locations carefully to ensure that they'll only place their vaults on the world's most stable and secure financial jurisdictions. This feature helps assure customers that their investments are always at peak and safe conditions.

Transparent Fees

Another fantastic feature of bullion is the platforms' transparent fees. Before you sign anything, you'll be given a detailed breakdown of all the expenses for your purchase. You'll see all fees, from processing costs to commission schedules. You won't be asked to pay for anything unless they have disclosed it in the breakdown of your expenses.

Easy Purchase Process

With the easy purchase feature, you can buy gold bullion with no hassle. You can buy gold and silver bullion coins through online platforms like how you do with retail goods. Service providers have an e-commerce set-up wherein you can easily add items to your shopping cart and pay via credit card. With this feature, leveling up your investment is easy as pie.

Wide Range of Products

Platforms offering bullion also have a wide range of products you can choose from. You won't only see gold bullion for sale, but also other products like platinum coins, palladium bullion, silver bars, gold bars, etc. If you're trying to create a diverse portfolio for your tangible assets, then bullion platforms have what you're looking for.

Attractive Prices

Another fantastic feature of bullion platforms is attractive prices. Service providers have websites where you can find bullion prices with low premiums and spreads. Don't be surprised if you'll see gold bullion prices and silver bullion prices at lower rates because there are service providers who cut off additional charges to give you good deals.

Tax-free Offers

If you're worried about your bullion's taxes, don't worry because some service providers have a tax-free offer feature that lets you buy your bullion without sales, capital gains, or import taxes. Since these service providers look for jurisdictions without reporting and tax requirements, you’ll have the chance to enjoy the benefits of tax-free transactions.

Cash and Bullion Account

The cash and bullion account feature lets you keep both cash and bullions using the account you'll open with one bullion service provider. You can easily store your savings with these accounts so that you'll have something for the rainy days. No need to open individual accounts for different assets because one account got you covered.

Global Reach

Most platforms offering bullion have a global reach feature. Since service providers have storages in different jurisdictions, they can process orders almost anywhere in the world. For instance, you’re from Dallas, and you’re looking for bullion bars, service providers with vault storage of bullion in Dallas can arrange fast delivery and pick-up options for your order.

Physical Backing

The physical backing feature assures you that your investment is safe and sound. Once you decide to buy bullion, your asset will be stored in a segregated and fully reserved vault. These vaults are also insured, so you can bet that your investment is in a secure place.

Low Fees

Service providers take pride in their low fees, offering inexpensive ways to buy, sell, and deliver bullion. Suppose you're trying to decide whether to stick to a digital asset portfolio or try out bullion. In that case, you should know that the fees for bullion are usually cheaper than for ETFs (exchange-traded funds) and other digital assets. Now that’s a deal worth trying.

Redemption Capabilities

If you want to have your bullion for personal storage, then the redemption capabilities feature got you. Service providers let you redeem bullion personally at vaults or have them delivered to you via exceptional service. This feature is especially useful for those who want to buy and sell the assets firsthand.

Top-notch Customer Service

You can also expect top-notch customer service in bullion platforms. Most service providers offer personalized customer service wherein upon opening an account; a personal relationship manager will assist you every step of the way. Because service providers know how valuable your investment is, they'll give you customer service to match.

What are the types of bullion?

Bullions have different types depending on the final product. Though it is made of precious metals, various factors affect bullion’s value as an investment, depending on what type it will fall on. Here are the different types of bullion you should know about to help choose the best one for you.

Bullion Coins

If you're wondering what bullion coins are, then you're in for a treat. Bullion coins are products that are made by a government entity. They are made from precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Though some people purchase bullion coins as gifts or collectibles, others see the benefit of buying them as a hedge during inflation periods.

Bullion Bars

Bullion bars are bullion with values based on their precious metal content. Unlike coins that can be used as legal tender or payment for goods or services, this type of bullion is mostly used for investment purposes. Considering that you're investing in the metal itself, you don't have to worry much about intricate designs and collector value.

Fractional Bullion

Fractional bullion definition states that there is a bullion type that you can purchase in smaller pieces. Fractional bullion can be taken from larger bullion bars and coins. Since the bigger and heavier the bullion is, the more expensive they may be, fractional bullion aims to make the prices more affordable so that more people can have the chance to invest.

Who needs bullion?

Bullion companies target retirees as customers since they know the history of precious metals' value. Unlike currencies, which have prices that depreciate over time, precious metals will always be valuable. If you want to invest your retirement fund on something that will not decline, but only help you grow for the years to come, bullion is an excellent way to go.

Business Owners

Just because your business is doing great now doesn't mean you don't need a little extra during rainy days. During crises, some companies fail to thrive. Thus, you need a significant amount to help you get through. If you invest in bullion today, you'll secure your business so that you can rise even after major economic crises.


If you are a numismatist or someone collecting currencies such as coins, buying bullion will help grow your collection. Because there are websites where you can quickly see different collector items such as rare gold bullion for sale, growing your collection is not as hard as before. You can easily create an account in bullion platforms and start buying new items.


If you're a hobbyist collecting different coins, checking out bullion websites is always a good call. Most bullion companies sell precious metal items and not just coins. You can buy fractional bullion rare designs cheaper than what you'll spend in full-size bullion coins and bars. Who knows, these platforms may be your way to becoming a full-pledged numismatist.

Aspiring Investors

If you're hoping to start an investment portfolio, the best way is to create a diverse mix of investments. And there's no better way to do it than to buy a combination of digital assets and bullion. For instance, you can purchase silver bullion on top of a mutual fund for starters. By doing so, you'll create a diverse portfolio that can withstand market and economic risks.

Experienced Investors

If you're an experienced investor, you know the importance of a diverse portfolio, especially during periods of market volatility. Buy Bullion if you want an investment that guarantees significant returns and safeguards during crises. Since precious metals have a long history of value appreciation, the rewards will undoubtedly be high once you decide to sell them.


Bullion is not only a good investment but also an excellent heirloom for your family. You can buy gold bullion coins or bars and store them in a vault even for decades. During times of need, your children or even the next generations will have something to use. You will secure your family on trying times and leave something behind for the next generations.

What are the steps guide in choosing a bullion service provider?
Step 1: Look for reputable service providers

The first step in choosing a bullion service provider is to look for reputable ones. You need to shortlist bullion companies with proven track records as a buying and selling platforms. Considering the amount of money you're shedding out for the investment, you can't settle for shady service providers.

Step 2: Ask for peer recommendations

You can also ask for peer recommendations. If you know people who have already tried buying or selling bullion, you can ask for their firsthand experience so that they can recommend their service provider to you. By asking people you trust, you're reducing the chances of getting into illegitimate deals when buying your first bullion.

Step 3: Check products, services, and pricing

Most bullion companies have websites where you can check out the products, services, and pricing. Compare the pricing of similar products from different service providers to get the best deals. Aside from the price, check out services such as deliveries and storage, since they are also essential aspects of your bullion purchase.

Step 4: Take advantage of investment education features

If it's your first time checking out silver or gold bullion for sale, try taking investment education. It will help you learn about gold and silver bullion prices and how to take care of your investment so that you can grow them over time. With this feature, you'll be equipped with the necessary knowledge for your bullion investment journey.

Step 5: Check certifications

Remember also to check certifications. Legitimate bullion has certifications to prove that it is made with at least 99.5% precious metal. Do not skip checking these certifications because you'll also need them when you decide to sell your bullion in the future.

Step 6: Choose the safest yet most convenient payment and delivery method

You should not only check service providers' websites for gold and silver bullion for sale. But also check them for available payment and delivery methods. Try to look for a service provider that can process your preferred payment option together with vault storage and multi-jurisdiction delivery.

Why are similar coin products in bullion websites priced differently?

You may wonder why some similar-looking bullion coins are priced differently. Though some coins are made with the same precious metal and are of the same weight, other factors such as mint origin, design complexity, and product uniqueness may affect the prices. Other service providers also add fees based on acquisition difficulties.

How are bullion prices determined?

The prices of bullion are mainly determined by the spot value of the precious metal that makes it. Premiums are also added to the costs. Those two factors are the leading price indicators of bullion. Additionally, companies usually add charges depending on Bullion's rarity and design.

Why is there a price difference after I check out my bullion on the website?

Since precious metals are prone to price swings, service providers can't guarantee that the prices will stay as they are. Unless you have already checked out, there is a tendency that there will be changes in the final price once you click refresh. Thus, you should immediately check out the products once you're fully decided.

Do I need any form of identification to buy bullion?

The identification requirement usually varies depending on the service providers' protocol. However, for most websites, once your purchase reaches $5,000, you will be required to submit a personal identification. This requirement is part of the anti-money laundering protocol that most bullion service providers follow.

Is there copper bullion?

Yes, there is a copper bullion. Though it is not part of the usual bullion portfolio, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, copper bullion also has a unique value. Its value is based on industrial and monetary costs and not on the purity of the metal. Modern numismatists also find delight in collecting limited edition copper bullion coins.

Do bullion websites sell jewelry made of precious metals?

Yes, there are bullion websites that sell jewelry made of precious metals. However, not all service providers have jewelry on their product list. There are still some who stick to bullion coins and bars. With this, if you're hoping to buy jewelry on top of bullion, you should look for a service provider that offers both products.

Can I pay for my bullion order using cryptocurrencies?

Yes, there are service providers that accept cryptocurrency payments for bullions. Aside from bank transfer and credit cards, they accept common cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Ripple. If you're hoping to pay via crypto, make sure you're using common currencies, such as those stated above.

Can I buy commemorative bullion coins on bullion websites?

Yes, you can buy commemorative bullion coins on bullion websites. Most service providers have a particular page where you can check out collector bullion coins. They even offer a wide range of affordable uncirculated commemorative coins for numismatists and hobbyists.

What happens if I take out my bullion from its sealed packaging?

Bullion is delivered to you in serialized security packaging. Though you are free to take out the product from the sealed packaging, it would render the certification void. Since you cannot reseal the bar once it has been opened, it is advised that you keep the bullion in the packaging if you want to sell them in the future.

What is a troy ounce?

Troy ounce is the system used to weigh precious metals and gems. It is used to weigh your bullion coins and bars. It is based on a pound or 12 ounces as opposed to the traditional 16. If you want a bullion investment, you should be familiar with how the troy ounce system works to ensure you'll get the correct bullion weight for your payment.

How do I know if my bullion is ready for collection or delivery?

Once the payment has been processed, you will receive a remittance confirmation email. It contains the expected date for collection or delivery. Since bullions are stored in vaults, the service provider still needs to make arrangements with the vault company regarding the item release, which may prolong the process.

Can I send someone to collect a bullion order on my behalf?

Yes, you can authorize someone to collect your bullion on your behalf. However, that person must be added on your account as a collecting authority and should bring a valid identification card upon pick up. This strict guideline ensures that all pick-up transactions are legitimate and authorized by the buyers.

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