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Last updated on November, 10

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ESET SysRescue Live

#3Bootable Antivirus

ESET SysRescue Live is a bootable antivirus rescue disk. It lets you perform on-the-fly scanning on your computer without installing anything on the hard drive. If you install antivirus software, the scan will complement the protection provided by that program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ESET SysRescue Live disc?

ESET SysRescue Live disc is a virus removal program that operates off a CD, DVD, or USB drive without the need for an operating system. It has direct access to the file and disc system; thus, it eliminates even the most persistent threats.

What makes the ESET SysRescue Live disc different?

ESET SysRescue Live's primary benefit is that it operates independently of the host operating system. It also has direct access to the disk and file system, thus eliminating risks that might be difficult to remove under regular working settings (for example, when the operating system is running, etc.).

How does ESET SysRescue Live protect data?

ESET SysRescue Live lets you save a record of your system on a USB flash drive or CD/DVD. It is beneficial if your system becomes infected with persistent malware. The system can boot using ESET SysRescue Live and begin the cleaning operations to remove threats.

How does ESET SysRescue Live protect drives? 

SysRescue does not automatically scan the whole disk. You may specify particular disks and folders to examine, the types of objects you want to check (e.g., files, archives, email files, boot sectors, symbolic links, and more), and several scan exclusions like files with specific extensions.

 How does ESET SysRescue Live choose what files to delete?

Scanning without cleaning and quarantine management are helpful tools in choosing what files to delete. Moreover, SysRescue includes the Chromium browser, the superb partition manager GParted, and TeamViewer for remote access to the machine if you want more functionality.

Does ESET SysRescue Live have a built-in hard drive partitioner?

ESET SysRescue Live comes with GParted. It is a program to create, delete, resize, move, inspect, and copy disk partitions and file systems. It helps rearrange disk use, transferring data from hard drives, mirroring one section with another, and providing room for new operating systems.

Can ESET SysRescue Live detect a malicious application?

ESET SysRescue Live has heuristics based on an algorithm that analyzes a program's malicious behavior. Its main advantage is detecting new hazardous software that previously existed or was not part of the list of known viruses.

How does ESET SysRescue Live detect when or where the threat in the system originated?

Log Files are part of ESET SysRescue Live, and it includes a summary of threats and information on all significant program events that happened. Additionally, system analysis, threat detection, and troubleshooting all require logging. The latter is done in the background and without user input.

How does ESET SysRescue Live handle false positives?

The user may send a file or a web page to ESET for analysis using the file submission dialog found under Tools > Submit sample for analysis. If you find a strange file or webpage on your computer, report it to the ESET Virus Lab for investigation. A future update will detect the file or website if it turns out to be hazardous.

How does ESET SysRescue Live keep files from being deleted permanently?

If a file behaves suspiciously, but the antivirus scanner cannot detect it, the users can quarantine it instead of permanently deleting it. One can restore the files to their original place by right-clicking them and selecting Restore from the context menu.

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