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Do you want to protect your computer from viruses? A bootable virus scanner is a great way to scan your hard drive for viruses without needing to start Windows. It’s quick and easy, and it can be done on any machine with a CD or DVD drive. You don’t need an internet connection either! Get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Bootable Antivirus

 Is bootable antivirus necessary?

Bootable antivirus is necessary in every case where you cannot rely on your operating system to provide antivirus protection. It has 15 free bootable antivirus tools which are also necessary for keeping your data protected against malware.

How much storage a bootable drive can consume?

The amount of storage a bootable drive can consume depends on the size of the drive. Larger drives will have more space and the ability to store more data, while smaller drives will have less space.

Can I use a pen drive to have a bootable antivirus?

Yes, you can use a pen drive to have bootable antivirus, but you need an operating system on it for it to work, and you will be able to isolate your computer from any threats on the same network or in the same directory as it's located. 

Is bootable anti-virus possible to delete viruses without entering Windows OS?

Most viruses cannot be deleted by a Linux-based antivirus program because they will reside on Windows if booted into that operating system's environment instead of simply using ISO files during the rescue process. 

Is it likely that a bootable antivirus file will rain down, open, and delete files on your hard disk?

It's unlikely. A bootable antivirus does need to run natively within a system; it can clean up computer systems without destroying data or opening other programs at all.

What is the difference between a bootable anti-virus and the traditional anti-virus?

The bootable antivirus scans only the infected files, so it will not slow down your whole computer as the traditional virus scans do. Also, the traditional antivirus can scan and clean files on your hard drive, but they cannot see what files are currently in use by the computer on what links you are clicking that may be hosts of malware or adware-ridden websites that can have disastrous consequences even for programs with realtime protection. 

 What is the significance of bootable antivirus to marketers?

Bootable antivirus software lets marketers bundle all kinds of adware and malware with what's supposed to be the protection software. But since it starts at boot-time, they can get away with installing whatever they want without the user having a chance to decline. 

What are the advantages of using bootable antivirus?

The main advantage of a bootable antivirus is that it requires no installation, which means you can take an infected and damaged computer with the bootable antivirus stored on a CD or USB drive by just inserting it into your computer's disk bay.

What are the disadvantages of using bootable antivirus?

The disadvantages of using bootable antivirus include that an infected system will stop needing to do its regular self-monitoring when it's booted into another operating system. This is because after restarting in the other OS and running a scan, any malware would be rooted out and removed.

What if my computer does not have a CD tray? Can I still have bootable antivirus?

Yes, the CD/DVD is not required to have a bootable antivirus. You can install the program from the CD onto a bootable antivirus USB drive and then use it on any computer that has an operating system installed on its hard drive.

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