Best Bookmark Managers in June 2022

A bookmark manager helps you collect, save and most importantly retrieve web content. You can find bookmark managers as extensions on all major browsers, or as desktop or mobile apps for every operating system. With the best bookmark manager, you can share your bookmarks with your work team or post bookmarks to your social media accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Bookmark Manager?

A bookmark manager is a tool that helps you save and organize website URLs. Some bookmark managers identify duplicates and update or delete broken links; others sync up with social media platforms. Most allow you to add notes or tags to your bookmarks to make retrieval easier and more efficient.

Chrome bookmark managers offer several extensions that provide enhanced features like syncing with third-party apps, tagging, cloud storage and collaboration.

Firefox bookmark managers offer free extensions with features such as duplicate removal, keyboard shortcuts and syncing across devices.

A bookmark manager app maintains an archived list of content that you want to save permanently. It works across browsers, so you can access the same content if you use different browsers— say if you use Chrome at work but use Firefox at home.

Why do I need a Bookmark Manager?

Every major browser has a way to bookmark and save a webpage, usually allowing you to organize them into folders. But what if you could save just an image or an embedded video from a webpage and add a sticky note to give it some context? A bookmark manager can do just that and more.

Maybe you want to send a work colleague a link, but only need them to view a specific portion of the page. With a bookmark manager, you can specify and share exactly the intended content on a webpage. If you regularly post to social media, a bookmark manager that seamlessly connects with your preferred platforms would make sharing content a lot easier.

What features are important in a Bookmark Manager?

Saving And Organizing

Bookmark managers are a great tool for saving articles, videos and other web content. Their organization tools allow you to categorize your content in ways that make retrieval easy and efficient.

Searching And Filtering

Tags are key to making your bookmarks searchable and filters allow you to drill down to the specific information you need. The best bookmark manager will have intuitive and comfortable searching and filtering options.


Most bookmark managers offer some type of backup; typically through an imported/exported HTML file or saved on the cloud.

Collaboration and Customization

If your aim is collaboration, then you need a bookmark manager that offers seamless sharing to your commonly used platforms. Alongside sharing is customization— allowing you to provide some additional context with notes or tags.

Free Version

If cost is an issue, there are several free bookmark managers. Consider a free version of a more robust bookmark manager— they often provide a few advanced features which may be enough to meet your needs.

The best bookmark manager depends on how you plan to use the links and content you collect.

Who needs a Bookmark Manager?

Anyone who absorbs information from online sources or who works or collaborates online can benefit from a bookmark manager.

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