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Best Book Cover Templates

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Want to publish a book and have a good cover? A book cover template is the perfect way to save time and money. You can use any design made by artists, writers, or coders that will help you create the perfect book cover for your novel. Sign up for free trial today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Book Cover Templates

Can a photo be inserted into a book cover template?

Yes, As long as the template is the right size for your photo, then you can insert and adjust it just like any other image. Click on that design area to upload an image from your computer, and click-drag to position it where you'd like it in the template.

How to know if a template is for a book cover?

Book covers can be customized to fit any specification, and also they vary in style. There are simple templates and specific ones, such as for children's books or fantasy novels. You might also have a particular theme in mind when deciding what template to use for your book cover design- this will affect which template you need to choose from. 

How to know if the book cover you used is not already used by someone else?

Run an image search for the book cover and see if anyone is using it. If so, then it's a problem, not necessarily yours. You won't be able to tell from looking at their site because they could have stolen the image themselves or purchased it legitimately from someone else rather than having created it. 

How to use the book cover template?

Book cover templates are a set of design templates for creating your own book covers. They exist so that you don't have to design everything yourselves, and it's also easier as you can just edit whatever needs changing. Some people find them unnecessary because they feel the time could be better spent doing other things, but many others see it as an excellent way to get their story out there with professional quality.

How to size a book cover template?

Measure the dimensions of your cover, then find a template that has a layout you like. The dimensions for any book cover template are the width and height of the entire front cover. The size is measured in pixels, so it's as easy as typing in how many pixels high by how many pixels wide you want your picture to be. 

Why do some people have a hard time with book cover templates?

Because they want the design to stand out from what's already been done, if someone has a hard time with book cover templates, they might be colorblind. They can't visualize the colors properly because their eyes don't process colors correctly. Next time you're in a situation where you need to have quick access to what or how certain printing plates will look like, post real-life samples of the flyers to your office walls or windows.

What is the difference between a book cover template and a book jacket template?

A book cover template is for somebody who wants to make their own unique design with custom images, text, etc. A typical book jacket template will just have stock images and text placed in specific positions on the front of the design.

Which template is best? 

The answer to this question depends on what you are looking for. If you want a situation where the images cover the entire background, then choose the Photobook option. But if you want to hold text inside the images or just need to make some type of graphic, there are plenty of options as well.

What's the difference between a free cover and a paid cover?

A free cover is generally only offered with an offer to purchase the full design, while a paid cover is available for purchase by anyone.

What’s the most important thing to consider when choosing a book cover template?

The most important thing you should consider when choosing a book cover template is the quality of the resolution and graphics. Some free templates on offer have low-quality images that look blurry, pixelated, or otherwise highly amateurish. Save yourself the time figuring out how to set up your own images and pick a template with decent resolution in order to get started designing right away.

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