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LiveJournal's free service allows you to have your journal online and to have a presence for your thoughts. It is a place where you can share your opinions, thoughts, and art with just a few clicks of the mouse. It is also an anonymous platform so you can share things with people around the world. Whether you're a student, blogger, a music lover or a fan of a certain TV show, LiveJournal provides you with a space to share your thoughts and feelings, and connect with people who have the same interests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Livejournal different? is centered on becoming one of the best blogging platforms for personal journaling. LiveJournal has evolved from humble beginnings to become a Webby Award-winning open-source website with millions of users across the world. While it is free, users may also opt to buy a professional package of LJ to unlock more features and functionalities.

What is Livejournal?

LiveJournal is a web-based journaling service unique from different blogging platforms as it emphasizes user interaction. Create entries in your own diary and choose multiple security levels to control who can see them, ranging from public posts that anyone can see to private entries that only you can see.

How do I change the Livejournal pages’ appearance?

Like with other hosted blogging platforms, the look of the home page and other pages showing the LiveJournal logo is controlled by schemes. When you initially start using LiveJournal, the default site scheme (called Horizon) is shown, but you may alter and customize it under the display tab of the settings page.

Can I use a different language in Livejournal?

Set your language selection for LiveJournal on the Display tab of the My Account Settings page. It's possible that you'll have to log out and back in again for it to take effect. If you don't provide a preferred language, LiveJournal will use your browser settings to determine which language to use.

How can I simplify Livejournal’s look while reducing bandwidth and data usage?

LiveJournal is one of the easy blogging platforms to simplify the design of your sites allowing you to restrict the number of images that display, or decrease the amount of bandwidth or data you consume. You may use features such as image placeholders, using the mobile site, use a data-friendly style, enable friends page filters, and make use of off-site options.

What is Livejournal’s “The Eye”?

When lj-cut is launched, the Eye is a counter that displays the number of times your article has been viewed, including the entry page, recent journal entries, and friends feed. Every visitor's view will be tallied; for example, if a person opens lj-cut, goes to the comment thread, adds a remark, and then refreshes the page, that user will have generated four views.

What is Livejournal talk (LJ Talk)?

LJ Talk allows you to connect with other LiveJournal users using XMPP, commonly known as Jabber, Instant Messaging (IM) and is powered by Ejabberd. LJ Talk is tightly linked with LiveJournal, and you may use it to publish to your journal as well as get alerts, something you won’t find with other online blogging platforms.

Does Livejournal have a mobile app?

Yes. The official LiveJournal mobile app has most of the same functions as the online version, such as writing posts and comments, browsing journals and communities, and sending personal messages. Google Play, App Store, AppGallery, and GetApps for Xiaomi all include information and download links for the current version.

What is Livejournal memories?

With LiveJournal's Memories function, you can arrange your favorite LiveJournal entries using an easy-to-use keyword archive system. You may add, modify, and remove memories without affecting the original entry in your diary, a community's journal, or another person's journal. You might want to add tags, or descriptive keywords, to your own entries as well.

What are Livejournal communities?

A LiveJournal community is a journal where a large number of users contribute posts on the same topic. Users that are interested in a specific topic can search for or start a community for that topic. You can add comments or posts to a community after you've found and joined one that interests you.

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