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DIYthemes is the largest independent theme shop online, making the best free WordPress themes products for web designers and developers since 2008. This company is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design and innovation. DIYThemes works hard to create highly functional themes that anyone can use for any type of website.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes DIYThemes different?

What differentiates DIYThemes from others and their quality customer service is the availability of a wide range of themes. The best WordPress themes for business, pleasure, or whatever use are all available on DIYThemes. DIYThemes also has plans for themes and SEO optimization, responsive designs, content curation, and more!

What are DIYThemes?

DIYThemes is a website that produces quality WordPress themes, if not the best WordPress themes. DIYThemes has an excellent support team that is attentive to its clients. Users who choose to avail themselves of DIYThemes' services can choose from a selection of WordPress themes that suit their website's overall feel. These themes are beautiful and easy to use.

Is there a DIYThemes discussion forum for visitors?

Yes, there is. DIYThemes encourage all their theme users to participate in the discussion forum. The DIYThemes forum allows users to share their experiences using DIYThemes, give them suggestions or ask questions. Users can also get in touch with their professional staff on the forum.

How does one access the DIYThemes forum?

The DIYThemes forum is where users can talk about DIYThemes products and get support from other team members. To access this forum, visit the DIYThemes site. The best way to access the forum is to click on the "Support" tab above, then click 'Discussion Forum.' There, users will find their discussion areas where they can air concerns and tips.

What plugins do they make if users don't want to change their themes?

DIYThemes also creates high-performance WordPress plugins that can help users organize and speed up their site. Plugin developers should focus on writing plugins for themes. If users want to change their themes, at least it will be easier for them to keep their plugin if they don't have to go through the trouble of changing it.

What product boxes do they create at the top of the page?

DIYThemes' focus cards box adds this critical feature to the site while making it incredibly simple to create, manage, and display your Cards. Focus Cards are all about card-style presentations, which have proven to be so powerful that they have become a common element in attention design.

When my focus license expires, what happens to my site(s)?

When a user's license expires, their site will no longer have access to any of the focus features most users have access to. The site will continue to function even if the license expires, but it no longer receives automatic updates. Additionally, customers will not download Focus, access the forums, or use private email assistance until the license is renewed.

How does assistance work in DIYThemes?

DIYthemes is the best eCommerce WordPress theme, which means that they provide the building blocks (functions and features) and users put them together. Users can utilize their assistance functionality to ask questions, and they can help users get started. DIYThemes allows users with the basic eCommerce setup and makes sure their store is up and running.

Is it possible to get a refund in DIYThemes?

DIYThemes is one of the best blog WordPress theme providers, and it has many happy customers. But, due to the manner of digital products, the seller can refuse the refund. If the user thinks that the product provided by DIYThemes has failed the standards, highly functional, they can contact their support center and ask for a refund.

What is the bottom line when it comes to DIYThemes?

The technical aspects provided by DIYThemes help the sites load faster and perform better in search engines. The Focus feature nails these down. The Focus purchase contains all the tools users need to create beautiful, high-performing WordPress websites. Users can choose from various themes that are effective in promoting their brand for an affordable price.

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