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WebStarts is online software that offers one of the best website creators in today’s market. It provides web hosting solutions, domain names, and web design tools一all in one platform to make its customers’ online experience easy. Get started now with one of the best free website creators, WebStarts!

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Custom Domain

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Site Duplication

Landing Page Creator

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Mobile Site Creation

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes WebStarts different?

If you’re wondering which website creator is best for you, you must choose the platform with everything you need, a website creator like WebStarts. With WebStarts, you can easily create a customized website, you can give your content marketing a jump start by writing a blog, and you can even start an online store instantly. WebStarts has three simple steps you can follow to start creating your unique website一select design, get a domain, then drive massive traffic! Follow these three easy steps and have more features and apps only at WebStarts. Never worry about hiring an expensive web designer; instead, have full support from one of the best website creator software, WebStarts.

Can I pay per month, or do I have to pay for the whole year upfront?

Webstarts must bill for the whole year in advance to deliver such low rates. Otherwise, they would have to increase rates to compensate for the fees that many credit card processing firms charge.

Can I register a professional-looking custom domain name with my Webstarts website?

Yes, you can use your Webstarts website to register a custom domain name. Simply select a domain, upgrade to a Pro Plus or Business Plan, and your domain will be ready to use for your website in minutes.

Can I register a domain name with Webstarts and later decide to have it registered elsewhere?

Absolutely, yes. You can register a domain with Webstarts and then transfer it to another company if you want to host your website or manage your domain to that particular company. There are no risks involved when you register a domain name with Webstarts.

Can I add eCommerce and accept credit card payments on my Webstarts website?

Yes, WebStarts is one of the best small business website creators where you can add ecommerce to your Webstarts website. You will then be able to take payments from all major credit cards and even PayPal when you add your eCommerce to your website.

Can I close my account at any time?

Yes, you can close your account at any time without any additional charge. You can also enjoy WebStarts’ best website creator free services by going through the features and tools they offer in the website creator software.

Can I have a professional-looking email address that matches my website domain name?

Yes, you can have an elegant email address that matches your website domain name! You will be able to buy email addresses that fit your domain name when selecting a domain name for your website.

If I close my account, will I lose my domain name?

No, even if you decide to close your account, you will still be able to use your domain name elsewhere whenever and wherever you want. You can also use the other offered services by WebStarts; just go over their website to see the full details.

Will my Webstarts website show up on Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Network, and other search engines?

Yes, your Webstarts website will show up on Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Network (MSN), and other top search engines in today’s market. However, you'll need to upgrade to a Webstarts Pro Plus account if you want to boost your ranking.

How can I renew my WebStarts account?

By default, all WebStarts' products and services are set up to auto-renew, and WebStarts will use your credit card for this renewal. Monthly plans are automatically updated every month, while annual plans renew 30 days before the product or service expires.

What are the payment options that WebStarts accepts?

You can process safe credit card purchases online via the WebStarts Store. You can still use PayPal to process your purchases if you don't want to use a payment gateway to accept credit cards. Enjoy WebStarts’ excellent services with these payment options now!

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