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SITE123 is a website builder that makes website creation accessible and easy for everyone. They offer website tools, ecommerce integration, blogging platforms, and domain management services. Creatives and entrepreneurs with no programming experience can have the chance to share their craft with the world through Site123’s intuitive features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Site123 different?

Site123’s intuitive and easy website builder provides you with an avenue to start your site in a snap and lets you build pages that best suit your website’s style. Hailed as one of the best free website creators in the market, Site123 offers its features to everybody who dreams of creating their website at affordable rates. Plus, from web design to SEO integration, Site123 pools the necessary tools and applications that every website owner should have. Plus, they make it easy to apply and modify for non-IT website managers. Indeed, Site123’s innovation enables individuals to be known worldwide.

What are the benefits of using a website creator?

Website creators help businesses and individuals without programming experience create a website. The best website creator sites simplify website creations tools by providing an easy-to-manipulate user interface.

Is SITE123 legit?

Yes, SITE123 is one of the best website creators for free. Many businesses have subscribed to their premium account for ecommerce integration and additional features. Many bloggers say that SITE123 is one of the best blog website creators, unlike its competitors.

What are the types of websites available at SITE123?

SITE123 can provide you with a website that matches your needs. Whether you’re looking at the best wedding website creator or the best photography website creator, SITE123 has categories for almost everything. Businesses, online stores, blogs, handyman service providers, and many more can use SITE123.

Can I upgrade to higher premium packages?

Yes, after the purchase of an existing package, you can obtain higher premium packages through the dashboard. By clicking “Change Plan,” you can now choose higher plans with additional and exciting features.

How do you check the billing for my products?

Go to your “Dashboard” and click on “Account” on the top corner. From the dropdown list, you’ll see three billing items. If you click “My Products,” you’ll see all the products you purchased. You can also enable the auto-renew feature here. If you click “My Invoices,” you’ll see all your invoices for purchases. If you want to see the details, click “Invoice Details”.

Can I reset the website from the last published version?

Yes, go to the “Dashboard” and click “Settings.” Click the “Reset” button, and a prompt will appear. Click “OK,” and your site will return to its last published version. You could use this feature if you made multiple errors on the site. It can save time and make reorganization faster.

Does SITE123 have an SEO audit tool?

Yes, the SEO Adviser tool is available on the “Settings” page. The tool will check homepage meta tags, sitemap, unique domain, and Favicon. If you go to the site audit page, SITE123 will conduct a site audit for all pages if you’re a Gold plan holder. If not, only three pages will be audited.

What is the multilingual feature of SITE123?

To make your site responsive to your international customers, you can add a language in the “Settings” tab, and SITE123 will auto-translate your website content based on the language added. You can add several languages and translate them manually as well.

What is CSS?

CSS is an independent programming language that controls the web presentation of websites. This involves colors, layout, and fonts. An HTML-based website can use CSS to put a design on a static page. Some of the best HTML website creators include a CSS code editor. But, you have to know the programming language first.

What’s the difference between HTML and Java in website creation?

HTML only provides static pages. Java, however, can develop dynamic web applications. Most of the best website creators for photographers use Java because it gives more functionality on websites, rather than presenting static information.

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