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KnownHost makes and keeps realistic promises for businesses of all sizes. With their next-level power and performance, and their excellent reputation, to call them the best SSL certificate provider would be an understatement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes KnownHost different?

KnownHost has been in the hosting industry for over 6 years and it's one of KnownHost’s core values to provide all of the customers with superior customer service. The mission is to make the online experience easy, safe, and hassle-free. KnownHost does this by providing top-quality products at competitive prices, along with excellent customer support.

What is KnownHost?

KnownHost is the best SSL certificate, provider. KnownHost has a wide range of SSL certificates that you can choose from. In fact, KnownHost has thousands of different types and all of them are quality-checked to ensure security. KnownHost provides SSL certificates that are easy to install on the site or blog, which makes users 100% safe from hackers.

What makes KnownHost one of the best SSL certificate providers?

KnownHost is a highly rated and reliable SSL certificate provider. The company has been providing its services since 2011 and has gained a reputation for its top-notch customer support team. The company's SSL certificates are known to be among the most secure ones in the industry. It ensures that it keeps up with all the latest security standards and keeps itself updated on new vulnerabilities as well. As such, customers can rest assured that the customer’s data will be safe even if the customers make use of KnownHost for the website's SSL certificates.

What makes KnownHost a trustworthy SSL certificate provider?

It is the way KnownHost takes care of the customers. KnownHost treat each and every customer with respect and never take advantage of them. KnownHost SSL certificates are renewed on a regular basis and KnownHost doesn’t allow any downtime. That’s also what makes KnownHost the best SSL certificate provider.

Does KnownHost offer SSL certificates for e-commerce businesses?

Yes, KnownHost offers an SSL certificate on e-commerce business. Actually, KnownHost is known as the best SSL certificate for e-commerce. Users can add the domain to KnownHost and purchase a valid SSL certificate from KnownHost which will be included in the checkout process. In addition to this, if users want an extra layer of security for the website, then there is also a premium plan that provides two-factor authentication and other advanced features. This plan can be purchased at an additional cost.

Is KnownHost SSL certificate secured?

Yes, KnownHost has been using the most secure SSL Certificates. The company uses top-notch security tools to ensure that the customer website will be safe from any kind of threats or attacks. The company also has an outstanding support team that will help the customers with any queries related to your site's security.

What are KnownHost SSL certificate features?

KnownHost SSL Certificates is a full-featured website hosting platform that allows customers to secure the site, manage SSL certificates and implement other security features. It also provides customers with the tools to build the customer’s own custom modules for any special functionality that you may need. Features of KnownHost: Instant setup, Advanced email marketing system with autoresponder & Aweber integration (up to 100 subscribers), Easy install scripts, Backup/restore system, Page builder with unlimited pages, Unlimited databases, User profiles, Import/export of CSV files, Fully customizable email template and many more.

What are KnownHost wildcard and Multi-Domain certificates?

KnownHost wildcard and multi-domain certificates are types of SSL certificates that customers can use to secure websites. That is two types of SSL certificates that are issued by KnownHost for security reasons. A Wildcard certificate is used to protect multiple domains, while a Multi-Domain certificate covers multiple websites within one domain name.

What is the KnownHost SSL certificate used for?

KnownHost certificate is for everyone. If customers are looking to protect sensitive data and provide a high level of security, KnownHost got customers covered. The key benefit of the certificate is that it will work with any website, regardless of the type or the domain name.

Most people use the certificates for: - Blogs and websites using WordPress - Shopify stores where customers can make purchases online - Email addresses like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook - Domains such as GoDaddy or NameCheap (which offer "self-hosted" web hosting services similar to KnownHost's platform).

How to order a KnownHost SSL certificate?

To order an SSL certificate from KnownHost:

Step 1:

First, visit KnownHost official website.

Step 2:

From the "Order" tab, click on "SSL/TLS certificates".

Step 3:

Next, choose the domain name and enter the details about it.

Step 4:

Once the customer has entered all the required information, click on "Continue".

Step 5;

Customers will be redirected to the payment page where customers need to fill in some more details like billing address and credit card number.

Step 6:

Once everything is done, click on "Proceed to checkout".

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