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Be one of the creators who experienced FastComet’s superb services! You can enjoy the provided high-quality website experience with a fast, secured, and best SSL certificate service. FastComet promised to offer you a 300% better performance for your SSL certification, having just a second load time for your website’s content.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I disable my domain’s auto-renewal?

If you don't need the domain name and wish to disable it, you can follow the process stated. Login into your FastComet account, then go to the domain, select the "My domains." Click manage domain, then go to tools and select auto-renew. In the auto-renew section, you can choose to disable or enable a domain.

What are the payment options available in FastComet?

FastComet provides you superb services and the best SSL certificate along with the plans offered. FastComet caters to the following options: Credit/Debit card(Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Diners Club), Account Funds, and Paypal for your payment transactions.

Can I change my billing cycle?

Yes. If you wish to change your billing date with the plans you have purchased - you need to contact FastComet's customer team so they can assist you with your request. Or you can manually do it on your own by logging in to your account. Go to your dashboard, then scroll down to see the active products section. If you have navigated to the products section already, click the "Manage button" on the active accounts' right side. Select "renew" located at the drop-down area. Then you will be directed to a new page, and you will then see a Renewal Page from your hosting plan and select your desired billing date from the drop-down menu.

If I transfer my old website to another new provider, will it affect my SEO?

Transferring your website to another provider will not reflect any changes to your SEO. However, you will experience any temporary rank drop during the downtime transfer. If you wish to transfer your existing website to FastComet, you can contact the support team, for they will be the ones to do it for you.

How can I restore my deleted files in my cPanel account?

If you have accidentally deleted a specific file on your cPanel account, do not worry, you can restore it manually. Login first on your cPanel account, go to the cPanel file manager, then you will see a “View trash” on the upper right section of the toolbar. Click it then you will see all the deleted files. Select your desired file, then click “Restore.”

Can I use an SSL certificate that I purchased from another company with FastComet?

Absolutely, yes. You can install your purchased SSL certificate from another company with your FastComet hosting account. However, if you buy a shared hosting plan with FastComet, you still need to buy an SSL installation service and Dedicated IP. Then the FastComet tech will be the one to set up the SSL on your account.

Can I get an SSL Certificate from FastComet?

Yes. FastComet’s goal is to provide a secure and best SSL certificate provider to the users. One of the advantages of FastComet is they provide a high-quality SSL certification to ensure that the customer’s website is secured and encrypted with Global SSL certification for your website and the best SSL certificate for online start-ups.

How can I avoid mixed content happening on my website?

First and foremost, you need to set up your SSL correctly on your website. This mixed content happens when the resources used for your website have no HTTPS protocol assistance - that makes your website not secure well. Fixing it is very tricky, and you need to contact FastComet’s support team to assist you on that matter.

What is the best SSL certificate to buy?

FastComet offers three of the best SSL certificate issuers that you can choose and purchase. The first option is the let’s encrypt SSL certificates that issue digital certificates to secure the traffic network. This is used by many companies and web users around the globe. The second one is the Cloudflare Universal SSL Certificate; this enables your website internet property to have a flexible HTTPS-enabled in just a click. The third is GlobalSign Private SSL - this certificate safely covers all your folders and configures them on your website.

Do I need to have a dedicated IP when I use SSL for my website?

FastComet provides you the best SSL certificate verification that you can run for your website or online shop. There is no need for you to have a dedicated IP address when using FastComet’s best SSL certificate authority. It means it has SNI technology support that installs multiple SSL on your shared IP address.

What is the importance of having an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate protects any information of the users. Aside from that reason, its goal is to improve your website performance, establish trust, build up search engine rank, etc. Having an SSL certificate also will provide compliance with regulatory requirements. With Fastcomet’s SSL certificate, you are ensured from unencrypted data which is an easy target for hackers. Their services will also help you avoid phishing attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, andGoogle penalties. You will earn your customers an online sales trust by providing them with easier safer transactions.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is a standard security technology for creating an encrypted connection called 'transit encryption' between your browser and a web server. It contains private information from the user and ensures that all data are encrypted and transferred securely.

What makes FastComet different?

FastComet is an independent SSL certificate provider that aims to achieve excellence in providing exceptional services to customers. For your website creation FastComet offers you utilized SEO Ranking and quick installation of SSL certificates. They also provide a fast content performance and rid tons of traffic from websites. Aside from all the mentioned features, the FastComet support team will answer all your related and non-related hosting queries 24/7. Enjoy your website creation and experience FastComet fast, reliable, and best SSL certificate for a static website and your other funnel reasons.

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