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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes DailyRazor different?

DailyRazor offers a wide range of hosting quality that allows you to spend a lot of time honing and creating your website’s business. With more than 15 years in the web hosting industry, DailyRazor is trusted with Web hosting and SEO services. They offer you a multitude of features, plans, and the best SSL certificate to get at an average price you can afford. Moreover, DailyRazor is known for its good quality of support that answers your requests and hosting related issues in a few hours of work. Daily Razor is more of a general hosting choice than a limited option with several different technology choices, best SSL certificate providers, channels, and features available, rather than serving a niche market.

Will I be receiving an SSL certificate on DailyRazor’s subdomain?

You need to purchase first the best SSL certificate from DailyRazor’s offered SSL certificate. You may contact the DailyRazor’s support team for assistance regarding your best SSL certificate verification and security on a sub-domain.

Can I add SSL security with my web hosting plan?

Yes. But before you can install DailyRazor’s best SSL certificate on your web hosting, you need to get first a dedicated IP address to ensure a 100% browser recognition of the SSL certificate. For installing your certificate, you need to contact the DailyRazor’s support team, for they will be the ones to install it on your behalf.

Can I use a third-party SSL certificate on my DailyRazor account?

Absolutely. You need to message the DailyRazor support team and email the SSL certificate bundle, including the certificate, CSR, and private key. The DailyRazor team will be the one to set-up your wildcard certificate bundle on your account.

Can I create a certificate signing request in my plesk?

Definitely, yes. You need to login in to your Plesk panel, then click the “Domains” on your dashboard. After navigating, click the “Certificates” and comply with all the information about your company information to complete your certificate signing request.

I happen to spell my SSL certificate’s domain name wrongly. What should I do?

A note that you must take that the SSL certificate is not refundable. So if you have experienced misspelling your SSL certificate’s domain name, you must contact DailyRazor’s support within 24 hours of the issuance. If you have notified them immediately, they will revoke and reissue the certificate.

What should I do if my SSL certificate was not renewed?

DailyRazor’s best SSL certificate service goes through a process of certification and is not systemized for auto-renewal. If your SSL certificate expires in the next two or one month, you should immediately contact the DailyRazor support team to renew your SSL certificate.

Does DailyRazor support third-party domain transfer?

Yes. DailyRazor supports most registrations and transfers of third-level domains. A note for you that you do not need to fully register the domain name to host your website domain with DailyRazor. You also need to contact the sales support of DailyRazor so that they can confirm your third-level domain transfer.

What are the payment options used by DailyRazor?

If you purchase DailyRazor’s domain, hosting plans, or its offered best SSL certificate authority. You can pay your billings through the following payment options: PayPal, credit/debit card, american express or discover network.

Can I terminate my purchased DailyRazor plan?

Yes. You can remove your plan or DailyRazor account anytime. For the termination, you need to contact the support team, for the support team will do it for you. Once the plan has terminated, you only need to pay your recent billings, and your following month’s billing will no longer be taken into account.

Can I download a free FTP account with DailyRazor?

Yes. You can almost do everything you want with DailyRazor. You can search google fantastic FTP clients, and you will see a variety of FTP clients to use. You can download it manually with DailyRazor or contact the support team to be guided on the process.

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