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A2 Hosting is one of the best SSL Certificate providers whether tech-savvy or not, provides you with excellent support when it comes to setting up your web hosting needs or configuring an SSL certificate for your site.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes A2 hosting different?

With A2 Hosting, you can choose which is the best ssl certificate for you as it offers a variety of SSL Certificate choices, ranging from free SSL Certificates to Premium and Advanced SSL options. The low-cost SSL Certificates are simple to install and use, making HTTPS easy. SSL certificates increase visitor confidence, search engine traffic, website security, and more for your web hosting account and website.

What is A2 hosting?

A2 Hosting is one of the best SSL certificate providers. Secure Socket Layer ensures secure communication over the internet. When sensitive information is transmitted between a web server and a web browser, SSL Certificates use encryption techniques to safeguard it. SSL Certificates are used by millions of websites to protect the information of their customers and visitors.

Why do I need an A2 hosting SSL certificate?

If you run a website that accepts or transmits sensitive information such as credit card details, license numbers, or social security numbers, SSL certificates are highly recommended. They're also a good idea for any pages where a password is required. Purchasing an SSL certificate for your website may also improve your site’s SEO results.

What do A2 hosting SSL certificates do?

Your site can switch from HTTP to the safer HTTPS with the help of an SSL Certificate. The usage of HTTPS protects your users' connections to your site and helps you avoid "man-in-the-middle" attacks. An SSL Certificate can defend against this sort of attack, in which sensitive communication/information is intercepted and decrypted.

What is the best SSL certificate to buy?

A2 Hosting provides assistance with finding the best type of certificate for your needs. The SSL certificate issuer offers many different types of SSL certificates with varying purposes. They offer Free SSL, Basic, Premium SSL, Advanced SSL, and Wildcard SSL certificates. Each type of certificate has its own specific use.

How many SSL certificates do I need?

Each of your websites should be protected by a single SSL certificate. If your site includes many subdomains, you should consider a wildcard SSL. Due to the fact that a single Wildcard SSL Certificate may protect an unlimited number of subdomains. A2 hosting also provides SSL certificates for many domains. With a single certificate, our SSL solution protects many domains.

What is included in A2 hosting free SSL?

It enables you to set up trustworthy HTTPS for encrypted connections on websites. Although the protection provided is equivalent to that provided by paid certificate choices, there are a number of features not available such as Warranties, Extended Validations (EV), and Organization Validations (OV).

What is the difference between A2 hosting’s organization verified and domain validated certificates?

The difference between OV and DV certificates is that OV certificates require a bit more screening to ensure that you own your domain and that your company is registered and legitimate. The validation procedure is easy as long as your business is registered, and it usually only takes a few days to complete.

What is different from A2 hosting’s wildcard SSL certificate?

Wildcard SSL Certificates enable you to buy a single certificate that covers numerous subdomains. A2 Hosting offers the best SSL certificate for Wildcard use as it comes with a number of extra features, like Domain Authentication and Organizational Validation, in addition to the ability to combine all of your subdomains under a single SSL Certificate.

Can I use A2 hosting to get an enterprise validation certificate?

Yes. They come with a number of premium features that enhance trust and offer your presence credibility, in addition to encrypting your website and properly securing user information. EV certificates do this by showing your verified company data in all major browsers, providing visitors and clients with instant trust in your website.

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