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Best SSL Certificates

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Listen, if you ask for your customers' information on your website, then an SSL certificate is a must. This secures an internet connection so that any data passed from a browser to a web server is protected. Get certified today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Best SSL Certificates

What is the best SSL certificate for small online stores?

The best SSL certificate for small businesses, especially online stores, is still an EV SSL certificate. You may be hesitant because of the cost. However, once you start accepting payments via websites, you can’t settle for low to medium-level security to ensure sufficient protection of your customers’ credit information.

What is an SSL certificate signer?

For an SSL certificate to be valid, it needs to be signed by a CA (Certificate Authority). If you’re wondering what the best SSL certificate signer is, you don’t have to stress much because most service providers will help you during the signing request. You just need to submit your business documents and let them process the signing for you.

What are the best SSL certificate providers for news sites?

The best SSL certificate providers for news sites are the ones that offer EV SSL certificates. Since news sites have confidential information that you need to protect, you need the highest encryption level. Thus, reputable service providers offering EV SSL certificates are the best choices.

Are SSL certificates compatible across devices?

Yes, most SSL certificates are compatible across devices. Whether the customer is using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, the SSL certificate will work well. However, the secure connection usually only applies to browsers and not mobile applications.

Do SSL certificates work across operating systems?

Yes, most SSL certificates work across operating systems. However, most service providers suggest that the users update their operating system to the latest version to get the most secure connection. Nevertheless, most SSL certificates will still work well, even in older operating system versions. 

How can I tell if the SSL certificate is already working on my site?

If you did the installation yourself, you might wonder how you’ll know whether the certificate is already working on your site. The best way to know that is to type HTTPS before the URL. If the link worked, then the SSL certificate is already working. You’ll also see a small padlock at the address bar. 

How do I download my certificate files?

When installing your certificate, you need to download your certificate from your digital certificate account. Most service providers will require you to log in on the website to view the SSL certificate’s status. Once the order has been processed, the SSL certificate will be ready to download in your account. 

Do I need a unique IP address to get an SSL certificate?

Yes, you need a unique IP address to get an SSL certificate. Since the system uses an IP-based mapping, the service provider ensures that you have a unique IP address for better encryption. Thus, you cannot use host headers for your website. 

Are there free SSL certificates?

Yes, there are free SSL certificates. Some service providers offer it for a limited time. However, free SSL certificates usually have minimal website security and service provider assistance. You’ll also be the one to do the installation versus paid ones assisted by the service providers.

How long do SSL certificates last?

SSL certificates usually last for 1-2 years. Once the validity period is done, you can no longer use your SSL certificate, no matter from which Certificate Authority or reseller you purchased. To ensure that your site is always protected, always take note of your SSL certificate expiration.

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