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Best Screen Recorders

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Capture your mobile screens in a video in just a few clicks. A screen recorder allows you to record anything on your screen in any devices - phones, tablets, PCs. Download one today and start recording your screens now!

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Screen Recorders

Are there any charges for using screen recorder apps?

Depending on the screen recorder app, some may have subscriptions while others are for free. For free screen recorder apps, there are no charges for downloading the application. However, if you want to share your recorded videos, you may suffer data charges. So you may want to check your carrier for data usage. 

How can we save recorded videos from screen recorders?

Most of the screen recorders would automatically save your video. You do not need to do anything to save your video. Once you start to record, the screen recorder captures your video. After completing the recording, it will be saved on the app. 

How do you use countdown timers?

Some screen recorders offer the function of countdown timers. Before you start recording, you can use this function; it enables you to start recording several seconds later after you clicked the recording button.  

How can we trim our recorded videos?

The best screen recorder software has tools to enhance your videos. You can trim your video to make it compact and remove unnecessary portions. After you record your videos, there is an icon for this feature. Click the icon; you can then trim your videos then save it after. 

Can we share recorded videos?

Most of the screen recorder apps enable you to share your videos. After you capture your videos, you can view your recorded ones. Find the share button on the app; you may then click it to share your videos with friends and family. 

How can I enable or disable audio recording?

Screen recorders enable you to record audio while you capture your video. For you to enable or disable audio recording, go to the settings of the app. There you can find the audio settings. Then, you can enable or disable record audio features as per your requirement. 

How do I upload saved images on my cloud?

The best screen recorder apps have the option to upload your images on different storage. There are options on the apps that you can click. You may click on the device or the cloud, depending on where you want to upload your images. 

Why do I need to add an account in settings?

You are not required to add an account on the app to use its features. But if you want to share your recorded videos to YouTube or images on the cloud, you may be asked to add your account. 

How do I use the floating button?

Some of the screen recorder apps offer the floating button feature. The floating button is given to users for easy access to the recording option from your home screen. When you click this button, you can click any of the icons to record videos, capture screenshots, etc.

How to remove surrounding sound while recording video in a screen recorder?

Screen recorder software only records the sound through a mic, which you can enable or disable through the settings option. Every sound that will be captured by the mic will be recorded on the video. It is recommended to have quiet surroundings for you to have high-quality audio. 

How can we do video calls while using a screen recorder?

The mobile resources that you are using during video calls are the mic and camera. Some do not allow the same resources to multiple apps like Android security. So video calling while using a screen recorder is not currently possible. 

Can we stop recording when you lock the mobile screen?

Some screen recorder apps in your mobile have the function to stop recording when you lock your screen. To enable this, go to the settings of the app. Then, click on the options and allow the lock to stop recording to have this feature activated. 

How can we change the screen orientation?

The screen orientation means an image or video set horizontally or vertically or auto per your wish. To change this, go to the settings of the app. You can set your image in landscape or portrait. You can also set this to auto, then click ok to apply changes. 

What is a bit rate, and how can you change it?

Video bitrate is the speed at which the video is transmitted. It is measured in bits per second (bps). You can change your bit rate depending on what you want. Go to the app’s settings, then click on bit rate; you can set it as high or as low as possible. 

How can we set the frame rate?

The frame rate is the number of frames or images that are projected or displayed per second. You can set your frame rate depending on what you like. Just go to settings, then set the frame rate. It can go as high as 60 FPS.

Can we change video resolution while using a screen recorder?

Most of the screen recorder apps enable you to share your videos. After you capture your videos, you can view your recorded ones. Find the share button on the app; you may then click it to share your videos with friends and family.

How to go live stream with screen recorder apps?

Screen recorders allow users to go live on social media platforms. After you open the app, click on the option of a live stream. Then you can now choose the social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 

What should I do if the screen recorder software fails to be installed?

The first thing you need to do is to check your computer’s specifications if it is compatible with the software. Then, you can check your internet connection. If neither works, contact the support team of the app to help solve the problem. 

Can I use the registration code from one computer to another?

Yes, you can use the registration code on another computer. But the license key should be reset by the company. You can contact their support team and send your order information. Then, they will help you reset the key. 

Where are the screenshots saved on my computer?

The destination of the screenshots will be customized by your own settings. If you did not set it before, visit the default location to store the screenshot. You can change the screenshots’ storage by clicking the settings button and changing the location of the output files. 

My recording crashed after a few minutes. How can I prevent this?

This may be due to your temporary recording directory not having enough disk space. It is the location where your temporary recorded video and sound data will be stored. These files can become very large and can crash your system. Change the temporary directory and choose the one with the largest free space.

I lost my license key. How can I get it back?

You do not need to worry because it is easy to get your license key back. Try to find your license key button on the website. You can enter your original email address to find your license key. If you don’t remember your email address or it is already invalid, contact the company’s support team.

What is the maximum duration of a recording?

Depending on the format of your recording, some may have restrictions. But in most of the formats, there are no duration restrictions. The best screen recorder app offers recording for as long as you want without a break if there is sufficient free hard disk space. 

How many people can I share my screen with at one time?

Sharing your screen will depend on what account you have. For some free screen recorders, you can have up to 8 viewers on each share. If you wanted to have more people, you could avail premium accounts to have hundred to thousands of viewers in a single screen share. 

Are my screen shares secure? How to prevent unauthorized users from viewing my screen?

Some screen recorders provide an access code for others to view your screen. The best screen recorder software uses an extended share code to make it difficult for unauthorized users to stumble upon your screen share. If you need additional security, some may require an access code to view a broadcast for users. 

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