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Best QR Code Generators

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Frequently Asked Questions on Best QR Code Generators

How does a QR code work?

A QR code works similarly to a barcode. It is a machine-scannable image that can be read by smartphones. Quick and easy QR code creation is what the best websites for QR code generators do. You can create QR codes that contain small data packets in the form of dots to store information.

What is the size of a QR code?

The minimum size of a QR code should be 2 cm x 2 cm. For best results, make sure that the size of your QR code is equal to the distance between the QR code and the scanner divided by ten. The size of the code is usually determined by the modules' size and the version of the QR code.

What kind of information can be stored in a QR code?

QR codes are versatile so that you can store a variety of information depending on your needs. URLs, contact details, or documents can all be stored in the code, so you can access them merely by scanning the code. You can redirect users directly to an action page to improve your lead conversion.

Is it possible to count the number of QR code scans?

Some of the best free QR code generators with tracking allow you to monitor the information you’ve input as you scan them. Premium QR code generators give you more detailed statistics so you can track where and when your code was scanned. Scan rates and user demographics can also be shown to you in the form of reports.

How long are QR codes valid for? Do they expire?

For static QR codes, once your users are no longer redirected to your landing page or file, you can’t use it anymore. Dynamic QR codes also expire. However, you can reconfigure it to point to another destination so you can still reuse it. These dynamic codes are editable and retrievable at any time.

Is it possible to create the same QR codes for the same content?

Yes. QR codes have 40 different versions with four correction levels and eight different masking possibilities. You can create 1280 other possible QR codes for any given input. However, your QR code generator will recommend the best version based on the amount of data stored to produce a better image in terms of your code's readability.

Can a QR code be rotated?

Yes. QR codes are omnidirectional. This lets you scan the code from any angle. Your QR code generator makes sure that your QR code has three position detection patterns and one small square that is the alignment pattern. This is so that the QR code reader can immediately recognize the correct orientation of the code.

Can a QR code be scanned without an app?

Yes. For most Android or iOS devices, a QR code scanner is already built into the system’s native camera app. You can simply open the camera on your device and place it over the code until a notification pops up. You don’t have to press any buttons, and you will be redirected straight to the landing page.

Can a damaged QR code still work?

Sometimes, even damaged QR codes can still work. However, there is only a certain level that a QR code reader can read the code correctly. Because of the error correction levels, you can still be redirected to the intended landing page even if your code is already 90% damaged.

What are the elements in a QR code?

There are four main elements in a QR code. The positioning marking indicates the direction in which the code is printed. This element makes sure that even if you scan the code at a tiled angle, it can still be read. The alignment marking helps a QR code with its alignment so that it can be scanned without any errors.

The timing pattern of a QR code will gauge the size of the data matrix stored within. Lastly, the quiet zone helps differentiate the QR code scanner from its surroundings. This last element is one of the most vital parts of the QR code.

Are QR code generators safe to use?

You may be concerned because a QR code will usually pass through a third party for tracking purposes. As long as you use safe and trusted QR code generators, you won’t encounter any malware. You can also always check the generator’s site policies to see the security measures that they are using. 

What mistakes should be avoided when generating a QR code?

First, the colors you use must be contrasting and not inverted. The most commonly used is black and white, but you can use other color combinations as long as the QR code can still be scanned. Make sure that the size of the code is just right so that it won't be deemed unscannable.

For the information stored in the code, make sure that you don’t use broken links. It’s best to test the URL before generating your code. Don’t include too many details in the code to avoid overcrowding. Just use a short URL to make it look neat and precise.

What formats are best for QR code download?

Export your QR code in any format that you require. QR code vectors are best used for high-quality print format, tech uses, or large print materials such as billboards. These vectors can come in PDF, SVG, or EPS formats and are scalable so that it doesn’t lose its resolution no matter the size. 

What is QR code standardization?

QR codes are standardized by Denso Wave to make sure that every QR code is interoperable. This can make it easier for consumers to make payments or facilitate transactions through these codes. You can simply scan the QR codes, regardless of the app you are using, so that it can be used in digital finance.

Are QR codes identical for the same data?

Even if you store the exact same data in two different QR codes, the pattern generated may not necessarily be the same. This depends on the type of QR code generator that you used. The internal expression of the QR code may vary, even with the same information, resulting in different data patterns.

Can I scan a QR code even on a desktop?

Yes. Some desktops from Microsoft or Mac OS have a built-in QR code scanner. There are also different QR code readers that are designed exclusively for desktops. You can simply open your webcam and point it at the QR code to be redirected to the landing page or file stored in the code.

How are QR codes different from NFC tags?

Both store data and are used for marketing. However, the use-case and opening ability differ between the two. A QR code is scanned from a smartphone or third-party application to open the data. On the other hand, NFC is a smartphone-enabled feature that needs to be tapped on another NFC-enabled product to open its contents.

How much do QR code generators cost?

The prices of the available QR code generators can range from free to less than $100 per month. There are also one-time payments available if you only need the QR codes for a special event. The prices vary depending on the features available and the duration that your QR code will remain active and scannable.

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