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PiZap is a browser-based photo editor with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. With PiZap, you can create unique images by adding text, filters, and effects. The tool is interactive and has a user-friendly interface with plenty of options for adjusting different layout and design elements. PiZap is compatible with nearly any browser and is also available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes piZap different?

PiZap was designed to be the best photo editor app since learning professional picture editing products may take a long time, and many users prefer something more approachable. It simplified the most popular picture editing tools as much as possible where users would be able to begin altering photographs right away without having to crack up a help file or read a tutorial.

What is piZap?

piZap is the best photo editing app that allows users to create unique images by adding text, filters, and other effects. piZap is compatible with nearly any browser and has a user-friendly interface that allows users to explore design options without the need for complex photo editing software or knowledge in editing.

What languages does piZap support?

As of the moment, piZap is currently only available in English. Support for additional languages are being worked on and may be made available in the near future for the best photo editor app.

Is it possible to re-edit an image after it has been saved and the app has been closed?

Yes! Projects made in piZap are immediately synchronized to the cloud if you use the new version of the best photo editor, so you can go back and change them later. Do note that this feature is not present and supported for the old PiZap Classic.

How to utilize the New piZap with WebGL enabled?

The option to use the latest iteration of piZap with WebGL enabled varies between browsers. For Google Chrome and Opera, go to settings and tick the “Use hardware acceleration when available” checkbox hidden in the Systems section of the advanced settings. For Firefox, enable WebGL by going into the about:config page and disabling the webgl.disabled option.

Can I ask search engines to not index my photos?

Turn off the option labeled: Allow search engines to find my profile on your My Account page if you want to hide your profile from the public search and make it invisible to Google and other search engines. It can also deactivate your account, removing it from search engines' indexes the next time they update theirs. It's important to keep in mind that search engines update on their own schedule, so this might take days or weeks.

What features are added when subscribed to piZap PRO?

There are no ads! PiZap projects have access to 2TB of cloud storage. Thousands of extra stickers, typefaces, borders, filters, and stock pictures are available. All collage and design templates are unlocked. Saves in higher resolution, up to 4K for compatible photos. Sticker Search - within piZap, search the web for an endless number of stickers. Tool for cutting out shapes. All Touch Up Tools are unlocked.

Can I use piZap on mobile devices?

Yes. piZap is compatible with mobile devices through its mobile app. You may download and install the best photo editor software by going into the Google PlayStore for Android devices or Apple AppStore for iOS devices. The available functionalities of piZap are the same with the desktop web app but the app gives you the option to edit photos on-the-go.

Does piZap support adding filters and effects?

Yes. Classic photo editing filters, such as black and white, sepia, and Instagram-style filters, are available. ColorZ and Light FX are two wild and brash filters that will bring interesting lighting effects to your photographs. You can also use the Texture effects to transform your image into a canvas or a brick wall.

What file formats can I export my images to?

The piZap photo editor provides an expansive collection of features for saving and sharing images. It currently supports the industry standards, such as saving a JPG to your computer, as well as transparent PNG images. Free user accounts are also provided with free photo storage on piZap.

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