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PicMonkey is the best photo editor app that provides everything you'll need to create stunning photos. With filters and editing tools, you can take your photographs, artwork, and social media postings to the next level. Use the free mobile app or sign up for a free trial on your computer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes PicMonkey different?

PicMonkey is the best photo editor app that is different from other photo editing tools because it has more than just one feature. It allows users to do cropping, exposure, filters, and effects for their photos. PicMonkey also has features like effects on text and frames on images that help users create professional-looking images in less time.

What is PicMonkey?

PicMonkey is the best photo editing app that helps you create wow-worthy images. It has a huge selection of filters for all your design needs, from color to black and white themes. It also has a large library of no-tech editing tools, from moving parts on an image to adding cutouts and textures that add a new dimension to your photos.

Can I use the pictures I make with PicMonkey commercially?

Yes, however the in-product assets, such as stock images or graphics, cannot be resold as is and passed off as your own. PicMonkey graphics can be used for commercial purposes as long as they are a derivative work. A derivative work adapts and changes a previous work in order to produce something new.

What file formats can I export my work in PicMonkey into?

PicMonkey's Basic plan subscribers can save their works as the following file types: JPG, PNG, MP4, and GIF. For users with Pro or business plans using the best photo editor software, the option to download their works are the same with the Basic plan but with the addition to export files as PDF file format.

How does PicMonkey handle my personal data?

PicMonkey has always taken its users' personal information seriously and will continue to do so in the future. As a result, PicMonkey is collaborating across departments to ensure that its privacy rules are not only compliant, but also provide world-class customer service as the best photo editor.

What types of images can I import into PicMonkey?

PNG, JPG, SVG, GIF, MP4, MOV, HEIC are all file types that may be imported into a PicMonkey account by all PicMonkey subscribers (Mac only). It's worth noting that while you can't import PDFs, you can export them if you're a Pro or Business customer. 6400 x 6400 pixels is the maximum file size that will be allowed.

What is the minimum system requirement to run PicMonkey?

For web browsers: Chrome 72 or newer, Firefox 65 or newer, Safary 11.0.3 or newer, Microsoft Edge 80 or newer, Opera 58 or newer. For operating systems, Microsoft Windows 7 and later with DirectX11 support, Apple OS X 10.9 and later, and Google Chrome OS. PicMonkey offers limited compatibility for Google's Chrome OS. Errors, crashes, and poor editing performance are all possible.

Can I start with a blank canvas when editing in PicMonkey?

When making a picture with PicMonkey, you may start with a blank canvas and fill it with photographs, graphics, and text to make a design. You may select from a variety of pre-sized blanks or fill in the dimensions to obtain a bespoke size. You may choose from their blank templates with specified dimensions or enter a custom pixel length by width dimension.

What Is the best way to make a high-resolution photo for printing?

You must tell your printer how many pixels per inch you want it to print in order to achieve the optimum resolution. If you provide the printer too few pixels, it will just make up pixels to cover the page. If you transmit too many, the image will be reduced in size. This scaling degrades picture quality, especially if the image you're sending to the printer is a JPG, because JPGs don't keep your image's pixel integrity as well as a PNG file type.

Can I make and modify animated GIFs with PicMonkey?

PicMonkey allows you to import and export animated GIFs. Add an existing GIF to your canvas in the same way you would an image. Create a new GIF from the site, or go to Add an image on the top toolbar and pick the location of your GIF from within the Editor. The GIF file must be less than 50 MB to upload to PicMonkey.

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