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Photopea is the best solution for the needs of graphic designers, photographers, website developers, publishers, and power users. From cropping to resizing to converting formats to editing individual pixels, Photopea offers power and control over the image. It is an all-in-one professional app with many features that can be used in various ways.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Photopea different?

Photopea features a simple and intuitive user interface with streamlined tools, that makes it the best photo editor app. It also has a wide range of available effects that can be applied to your images, including text, shapes, stickers, blurs, and more. You may also modify images with its comprehensive selection and masking tools.

What is Photopea?

Photopea is the best free easy to use photo editor that can handle both raster, vector, and a wide range of image formats. It may be used for both basic and complicated activities, such as developing webpages, producing drawings, and processing pictures, among other things.

What is the minimum system requirement to run Photopea?

The Photopea editor is accessed using a web browser. The best photo editing app may operate on any device, however it is recommended to have a large screen, a precise pointing device, and a keyboard for the greatest experience. Photopea is entirely contained on your device. may be loaded, then disconnected from the internet and used fully offline.

Can I adjust the resolution of the photo I’m working on in Photopea?

Yes. With the best photo editor app, there are numerous options for changing the document resolution. Even those with vector-only graphics, all (PSD) documents have a defined document size (the resolution in pixels). Higher resolution provides more precision, but it also increases the size of image files.

What are layers and does Photopea support them?

Each PSD file is made up of layers. The layer is a representation of a portion of the image. It's generally a pixel-filled region that's either transparent, partly transparent, or opaque. To generate the final image, layers are rendered one on top of the other. Photopea supports the use of layers through its layers panel.

Can I insert text using Photopea?

Yes. Adding text to pictures is a necessary part of image editing. When it comes to working with text, Photopea has a lot of options. Text is saved in PSD projects as type layers, which are represented by a thumbnail with a capital letter T.

Can I use Photopea to automate photo editing?

Yes. Automating picture editing may be quite beneficial in some situations. Photopea is the best photo editor for PC capable of running Javascript scripts. Although knowing programming and the grammar of Javascript is advantageous, even beginners may create basic scripts that will suffice.

Does Photopea have a guide feature?

Yes. The precise positioning of picture components might be crucial. Rulers are the most fundamental tool for aligning picture components. View - Rulers can be used to enable rulers. However, there are numerous additional methods for accurately aligning components.

Can I edit animated photos with Photopea?

Photopea may create an animation from the document's layers. The layer name should begin with _a_ to designate a new frame. A normal layer, a folder of layers, or any other layer can be used. Photopea recognizes all layers beginning with _a_ when you export such a document as a GIF, PNG, or WEBP. In the first frame, the first of these layers is visible.

Can Photopea work with smart objects?

Yes. By choosing a layer (or many layers) and right-clicking - Convert to Smart Object, you may turn it into a Smart Object. Selected layers will be deleted and put into a new PSD file, which will be used to create a new smart object for the document.

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