Best PDF Editors in June 2022

PDFs are a great way to share content with others, but they can be difficult to edit. If you’ve ever tried editing a PDF and found it frustrating, we have the solution for you! Download one of our free trial versions today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the best PDF editor?

The best PDF editor is the one that can change PDF text or graphics right in your file. Just click or tap to add a new paragraph, fix a typo or rearrange PDF pages. Best .pdf editors have a spelling checker that automatically fixes your edits, while the find and replace function lets you correct every instance of a word or date.

Why do you need the best PDF editor?

Stay productive no matter where you are with the top best PDF editors on your tablet or mobile device. The PDF format lets you work on any device. Best PDF editors online are needed because it has full-page editing, paragraphs, and formatting automatically adjusted when you add text boxes, lines, and bulleted lists with the best online PDF editor.

What are the core features of the best PDF editor?
Built-in PDF Conversion

Explore the document with the best PDF editors that have built-in PDF conversion, and see how easily you can convert your document into PDF. Working with PDF editors can be significantly more accessible and more convenient, be mindful of the changes when it comes to the content and structure of your document.

Drag and Drop Workflow

Discover how to use drag-and-drop tools to add fields to your document, allowing you to rotate, delete, or reorder using drag-and-drop in PDF editor. Drag and drop options make PDF editing more user-friendly. Supported file types can be dragged and dropped onto PDF Studio to convert to PDF immediately.

PDF Preset Template

With the PDF preset template in PDF editor, it affects the process of creating the PDF. The settings are designed to balance file size with quality, depending on how the PDF is used. All PDF presets are stored in a shared location. Depending on the versions of each application, your PDF presets might not be compatible between them.

Password-Protected Files

When it comes to password-protected PDF files, the two restrictions include open passwords and permission passwords. In open passwords, others are restricted from opening the document. Permission password restricts other users from making changes to the PDF document.


Encrypting a PDF document enables the protection of its content from unauthorized users. One can encrypt and protect confidential PDF documents via a password. Select people who know the password can open and view those documents. This security feature helps safeguard users' essential PDF documents and minimizes identity theft and other malicious incidences.

What are the types of best PDF editors?
PDF Editors Without Watermark

PDF editors that let users edit the pre-existing text without adding watermarks allow users to add and edit the text themselves. Usually, these editors support text editing and then throw watermarks all over the place. Without a watermark tool, the best PDF editor can run entirely in your web browser, so it's easy to get going without downloading any programs.

Premium PDF Editors

The platform premium PDF editors allow you to connect with writers, editors, and designers who create engaging and high-quality content for a low cost that also helps you save time. One of the best premium PDF editors lets users collaborate with writers in real-time, making for a smoother, more accurate writing flow and product.

Open Source PDF Editors

Open source PDF is a category of software that is free and open to distribute, study, modify, make improvements, and change. The user can use it in any way they choose without restrictions from the developer or other users. Best open source PDF editors can be used as an alternative that is both affordable and convenient.

Free PDF Editors

Some of the best free PDF editors are collections of software that allow you to create, edit, or view PDF documents. The best free PDF editors enable users to edit their PDF documents online easily. The best PDF editors freely allow their customers to edit with no limitations, ranging from texts to image manipulations to tables and beyond, completely free of charge.

Who needs the best PDF editor?

Businesses need to use a trusted PDF editor to ensure that the content they share is adequately protected against any changes. It is the most widely accepted digital document format globally. It provides several features ideal for many business applications, such as high-security documents, books, forms, brochures, and more.


The best PDF editor is needed for students because they can add text on top of a selected region or directly over the text or image. Students need to create PDFs from other applications. They need to be able to add text in PDFs, annotations, highlighter, and much more. They also need to edit the existing PDFs by adding text on top of it.


People who work in marketing need the best PDF editors because digital documents are one of the most popular ways to distribute information to a large audience. Marketing professionals also need plenty of documents in PDF form. Creating a marketing PDF from several web pages and other documents can be a tedious task. Best PDF editors can make it easy.

What are the steps in choosing the best PDF editor?
Step 1:

Figure out what you want the PDF editor to edit.

Step 2:

Determine your needs (price, portability).

Step 3:

Read reviews of PDF editors online.

Step 4:

Look at each option and compare their features (price, compatibility with other programs such as word processor) to find what suits best to your requirements before making a decision.

Where can I find the best PDF editors’ online reviews?

Plenty of good PDF editor reviews online push for users to download PDF editors. When looking for the best PDF editor, be sure that it suits your needs and serves its purpose. It's always a smart decision to select the PDF editor that is most versatile and user-friendly. That way, editing becomes more convenient for you.

How to find the best PDF editor?

The best PDF editors tool varies from user to user, but all offer significant benefits. They are flexible and easy to use, with features ranging from extracting pages to graphics insertion and improving the PDF file appearance. One can also polish the PDF file to perfection before printing.

What are the ten best free PDF editors?

One needn't spend a lot of money on a PDF editor. Users looking for an accessible alternative can check out the best, totally free PDF editors suitable for converting word files to PDF documents. The ten best free PDF editors provide users with the broadest set of tools and features, and the best PDF app-editors out there help create and edit PDFs in all ways.

What is considered the best PDF editors for home?

Plenty of excellent PDF editors keep original fonts, either free or paid, exist for users' convenience. When looking for a program to edit a PDF, one must consider the program's ability to edit each section of the PDF file separately. The best PDF editor for the home should create and rearrange new pages and split large files into two.

What are the best PDF editors?

The best PDF editors are easy to use. A good PDF editor is compatible with multiple operating systems and can handle large and complex PDF files. It uses minimal computing resources and is light on system memory. The best PDF editor has a wide array of editing options ranging from the simple to the complicated, all catering to the users' various needs.

Which is the best desktop PDF editor?

The best desktop PDF editor is the one that works fine on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and is free for non-commercial use. Apart from being a good PDF editor, it includes a simple yet valuable PDF converter that can convert almost any file to PDF. Reading reviews before downloading or purchasing PDF editors for your desktop is essential to see a great fit.

Do the best PDF editors offer duplication?

Yes, the best PDF editor software offers the feature to duplicate or clone a file. Plenty of people seek to duplicate PDF files. There are situations when you want to protect the original file while sharing a few copies with others. You might also be in the situation when you have to make copies of a file to share with others.

What are the limitations of the best PDF editors?

There are some limitations of PDF editors that are often mentioned. PDF is a static format: it won't correct its own mistakes, link to other files, or let you edit its content. If the PDF file is broken, there is no software to fix it. Should you encounter this problem, you need to create the PDF file once more.

Is the best PDF editor safe?

Yes, it's a safe tool with a simple interface. You can create PDF documents, fill it online forms and edit and modify the existing content. You can get a free version for desktop, while for mobile users, there's a version for all platforms. PDF editors enable password protection, ensuring the safety of your documents.

Does the best PDF reader recognize text scans?

Yes, the best PDF readers can recognize text in its scan. Recognition of scanned text is necessary to create searchable PDFs so that anyone can access and edit them. If you wish to make a searchable PDF, you should scan your documents into PDF format. Avoid using text boxes for documents since PDF readers cannot extract text from textboxes.

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