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Best Paraphrasing Tools

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Do you struggle with finding the right words to use in your writing? A paraphrasing tool helps writers create high-quality synonyms and paraphrases in seconds. If you’re looking for better word choices, the tool got you covered! Try out a paraphrasing tool today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Paraphrasing Tools

What is the difference between paraphrasing and plagiarism?

Paraphrasing can be repeating an idea in your own words. You change the structure of the sentences and phrases and deliver ideas differently. On the other hand, plagiarism involves taking credit for an existing piece of writing as your own. Plagiarism is stealing another writer’s work by copying their work and claiming it as your own.

When does paraphrasing become plagiarism?

Plagiarism can be detected using a plagiarism detector. If you’ve paraphrased a text poorly, then it can be considered plagiarism. Sometimes, even copying five consecutive words can be seen as plagiarism. You should use different words and vary your sentence structure.

What if I plagiarize without meaning to do so?

Sometimes you may have read an article so many times that you’ve written down its contents without realizing it. It is still considered plagiarism. Plagiarism detectors can always find and identify if there are similarities between your writing and your source. This is why paraphrasing tools can be of great help when it comes to creating unique content.  

If I paraphrase, do I still need to cite the source? 

Even if you’ve used some of the best free paraphrasing tools to paraphrase a few sentences, you still need to cite your sources. Since paraphrasing involves restating another person’s ideas in your own words and sentence structure, you still need to mention your references. 

How long does paraphrasing take? 

Some of the best free paraphrasing tools can paraphrase your content in a matter of seconds. However, for larger files with more complicated text, it can take longer. You can usually paraphrase bigger files with paid plans. Since it involves more analysis and complex words, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

How do paraphrasing tools use artificial intelligence?

As time goes by, artificial intelligence and machine learning have been providing more innovative solutions. In paraphrasing, machine learning can find patterns and trends in existing articles. Paraphrasing tools are now able to find alternative words and rewrite content naturally.

Once you upload your content, artificial intelligence can quickly scan and analyze your text. After this, your text becomes a unique version. As you edit, artificial intelligence will detect mistakes and make suggestions.

Can plagiarism software detect paraphrasing?

Plagiarism software detects similar grammar and sentence structure. Even if you’ve used the best free paraphrasing tools, there’s still a chance that your text is detectable as plagiarism. However, if your text manages not to be flagged by plagiarism software, it means that your paraphrasing tool is good and changes sentences well.

Are paraphrasing tools legitimate or legal?

Yes, most paraphrasing tools online are legal to use. If you have limited time to complete your work, paraphrasing tools can be helpful. It’s also very useful to those who aren’t familiar with the content’s language. You can run your paraphrased text in plagiarism software if you want to be sure it won’t be flagged as plagiarism. 

What is the difference between quoting and paraphrasing?

With quotations, the text you use is entirely identical to the original article. You use the exact same sentence structure word for word and attribute it to the original author. In paraphrasing, you use different words and may even vary the sentence structure to convey the same idea. You must still cite your sources in paraphrasing.

How much does using a paraphrasing tool cost?

You can usually paraphrase a limited length of text with free paraphrasing tools. For paid paraphrasing tool features, it can be a one-time payment or a subscription-based payment. The prices can range from $3 to $700, depending on the length of your subscription and the number of articles you can paraphrase.

Can paraphrasing tools paraphrase in different formats?

Yes. When paraphrasing, you still need to cite your sources properly. If your work requires you to cite your sources in APA, MLA, or CMS style, paraphrasing tools can also help you with that. You can change the settings so your paraphrasing tool can follow the format that you need.

Are there disadvantages to using online paraphrasing tools?

Despite being helpful in many ways, there are also downsides to using online paraphrasing tools. It may be considered as a threat to the academic integrity of students. Some may also view it as a tool that encourages laziness. If paraphrasing tools do not give an accurate revision of the text, it may lower your article’s quality.

What are some useful tips when using paraphrasing tools?

When using paraphrasing tools, always review the generated text. Even if you have limited time, make sure to edit and revise your content to fit the context of your topic more accurately. Compare your new content with your source reference to see if they both express the same ideas. Also, don’t forget to cite your sources to avoid plagiarism. 

Why is paraphrasing difficult?

Paraphrasing is a hard task that requires patience and resilience. When you paraphrase manually, you need to read and understand the whole text. You will have to think of new ways to express the same idea without copying. This is why paraphrasing tools can help you find new ways to restructure sentences and use synonyms to express those ideas. 

Is using a paraphrasing tool considered cheating?

Many written works also use a lot of previous articles as references. When well cited and referenced, paraphrasing is not considered cheating or plagiarism. Paraphrasing tools are also called article or essay spinners. These tools are software that can be utilized to rewrite articles and essays without directly copying sources. 

What is the best paraphrasing tool?

The best paraphrasing tool depends on your needs and how you use it. It can vary depending on the users’ preference. A good paraphrasing tool should be fast and process articles naturally. These tools must be accurate and use a vast vocabulary to create new sentences. Customer support and device availability is also a good bonus. 

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