Best Online Whiteboards in June 2022

Are you looking for a new way to brainstorm and share ideas? Online whiteboard is the perfect tool for any team that needs to collaborate. With its simple interface, you can quickly draw out your thoughts and ideas in real-time with others online. Get one now!

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1,612 reviews


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Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge


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Explain Everything

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787 reviews


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Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge


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1,429 reviews


per month, $119.88 billed annually


Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge

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78 reviews


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Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge



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65 reviews


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Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge

14 days



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870 reviews


per month, $48.00 billed annually


Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge



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10 reviews


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Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge



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Good Annotations

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Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge

14 days



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4 reviews


per month, $124.68 billed annually


Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is online whiteboard?

Are you tired of using a traditional whiteboard? Look for the best online whiteboard. Online whiteboards are software solutions that can be used as a real whiteboard, but with more features. It can help you visualize thoughts, illustrate ideas, or explain concepts. Online whiteboards usually come as apps or browser-based tools that you can use with ease.

Why do you need online whiteboard?

Digital tools are becoming more popular these days. For instance, the best online whiteboards for math tutoring include team collaboration features that let you have the same experience as a real whiteboard. But, instead, you are connected to the internet, and you use digitized content. With this software solution, you can create ideas and visualize concepts more quickly.

Write Down Ideas

Brainstorm all your great ideas and store them in one place. Create mind maps to visualize your thoughts and organize them more efficiently. With an online whiteboard, you can jot down project proposals, goals, and ideas at any time. By writing things down on a digital platform, you can easily recall important information and never lose them.

Sketch Designs

Create the project blueprints or designs you’ve envisioned with ease. You can use some of the best free online whiteboards to create custom shapes, icons, logos, and many more. Unlike in a real whiteboard, you are not just limited to the marker styles and colors you have. Premium online whiteboards give you access to more colors, font styles, and even pen designs.

Improve Collaborative Process

Implement a more efficient collaborative process in your team meetings or group works. The best online whiteboard for collaboration allows for more interactive content sharing. You can give users access so they can view, edit, and contribute to your whiteboard. You can plan projects and make decisions, even while working remotely.

Teach More Efficiently

You can use the best online whiteboards for teaching purposes as well. You don’t have to use messy chalkboards or worry about running out of marker ink. You can also incorporate any online material directly onto the online whiteboard. Teachers and students can collaborate so that lessons and concepts can be understood more easily.

Present Reports and Sales Pitches

Anyone can make a slideshow for a presentation. However, with an online whiteboard, you can elaborate on the data you’ve shown and write over graphs and files as you are presenting. You have more freedom to visualize and explain what you want to show. An online whiteboard lets you clarify any concept to your audience quickly and efficiently.

Foster Creativity

Whether you are an artist or not, an online whiteboard gives you access to more tools and features. With just a few clicks, you can change color themes, insert shapes, and add more flair to your designs and ideas. If you make mistakes, you can easily undo or redo the actions you’ve made without any hassle.

Keep Everything in One Place

You don’t have to worry about accidentally erasing what you’ve written. You can save all your boards and access them anytime. If you want to search for your project’s details or content, you can easily do so while saving time. Your team can also access all this information and add edits, updates, or more details.

Boost Online Meeting Efficiency

Modern technology allows many organizations to work remotely. However, the quality of your work doesn’t have to be affected just because you’re not meeting in person. You can still present your best ideas to your team. By accompanying your explanations with online whiteboard illustrations, online meetings can seem as if you were presenting in a boardroom.

What are the core features of online whiteboard?

Online whiteboards are tools that give you more flexibility and freedom for your ideas. Whether you are working alone or with a team, this digital tool is useful for creating projects, visualizing designs, and just writing stuff down. If you wonder what the best online whiteboard is, make sure to look out for these features.

Infinite Canvas

Unlike in a real whiteboard, an online whiteboard will never run out of space for you to write down your ideas. You can drag or zoom into parts of your board so you can keep everything in one place. If you need more boards, you can easily add more as well. Online whiteboards give you all the space you need to organize projects or create designs without limits.

Board Templates

Streamline your project creation process with ready-made templates. You can choose among professionally-designed business model canvases, user story maps, mind maps, and more. Customize the pre-made designs to match your workflow. With the available free and premium templates, you and your team can work more efficiently.

Collaboration Tools

Invite your team to brainstorm, take notes, and contribute to projects. Some of the best online whiteboard sharing software even have screen sharing or video conferencing features. With boards that are updated in real-time, online whiteboards make it easy for you and your team to work all at once, even if you’re not in the same place.

Access Rights Management

Limit the user accessibility for each of your boards. Allow specific users to create or edit particular projects, and limit other users to view your boards. View version histories and user logs so you know who added what to your boards. With this feature, the collaboration will be much more convenient while still maintaining a high data security level.

Document Upload

You don’t have to draw maps, charts, or illustrations by hand anymore. The best online whiteboard apps let you insert files, images, logos, and other elements right into your whiteboard. You can embed spreadsheets or PDFs with just a few clicks and share them with other users immediately.

Drag and Drop Functionality

Some of the best free online whiteboards let you move screen elements. You can select parts you’ve written and place them anywhere on the board. There are also premium shapes, icons, and elements in upgraded packages that you can drag directly onto your project for clearer illustrations. You don’t need design skills to customize and style your whiteboard presentations.

Digital Pen Support

When writing on your online whiteboard, you don’t necessarily have to use a mouse. You can use a phone or tablet to write on your whiteboard as if you were writing on actual paper. Digital pens now have advanced functions that can easily be connected with your online whiteboard. Electronic styluses can be used for cleaner and more accurate whiteboard illustrations.

Third-party App Integrations

Integrate your online whiteboard with video conferencing applications, messaging software, and many more. With these third-party integrations, you can expand the functionality of your online whiteboard. Your collaboration and data storage tools accounts are easy to connect for you to create better and more engaging boards.

Multiple Format Export Availability

Save your board as a PDF, JPG, and other document formats. This makes it easier to save these files on different devices or directly attach the files to emails. You can also export your files as a PNG or SVG format, so it’s ready for photo editing software. Once you save your files in the format you need, printing in any size is also more convenient.

Smart Drawing

Are you worried about drawing imperfect lines or shapes? The smart drawing feature can automatically recognize your intentions when you draw. It can automatically convert perfect circles, rectangles, and straight lines. Your work can look more professional and put together with shapes, lines, and icons that look great from the start.

Device Syncing

Access your boards using any tablet, phone, or computer. Every time you make a change, the updates will automatically be saved and synced with your other devices. This provides more accessibility and is useful for quicker and more efficient collaboration. Other members can see any changes you’ve made to your board within seconds.

Board Recording

If you are making a lecture for your class or creating a tutorial, the recording feature can be a handy tool. Record your whiteboard as you draw or write, then edit and refine your final video. Instead of recording a real whiteboard and having to worry about lighting problems or text clarity, online whiteboards let you create professional-looking presentations or lessons.

Reasonable Pricing Plans

Whether you want to use an online whiteboard for your digital classroom or your enterprise, many pricing plans are available. Most boards are free to use with limited features. However, there are affordable premium packages, so you have more freedom to write, draw, design, and collaborate with your team.

Dependable Customer Support

If you have problems with device compatibility or with the online whiteboard itself, you can quickly call customer support. Expert technicians can help pinpoint your problem and give you solutions. They can also help if you have issues with payment processes or data security. Ticket, live chat, phone, or email support is usually available for online whiteboard providers.

What are the types of online whiteboard?

If you want to use a whiteboard digitally, there are a lot of tools that you can use. Many of the best online whiteboards are free to use without any sign up required. There are also some premium online whiteboard packages with advanced features that you can use. Choose among these different types to find the right online whiteboard for you.

Browser-based Online Whiteboards

Browser-based online whiteboards can be launched and run directly from any browser on your laptop or PC. Usually, these online whiteboards have some of the best features, like image libraries, document upload, and different font and color settings. You can also collaborate with teams in real-time and work on the same boards together.

Online Whiteboard Mobile Applications

Mobile-application based online whiteboards can be quickly downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet. You can use the touch screen feature to write, draw, or drag and drop shapes, lines, and other elements. Digital writing tools are usually also supported so you can feel as though you were writing on a real whiteboard.

Interactive Online Whiteboards

Interactive online whiteboards, also known as smart boards, are interactive displays similar to a real whiteboard but with advanced features. With this, you can engage directly with the board using a finger or a tool. This specialized hardware is connected to the internet, so classroom lectures and office presentations can now have more multimedia content.

Who needs online whiteboard?
Teachers and Tutors

Teachers can upgrade their teaching styles and make classroom lessons and activities more interactive. You can improve distance learning and remote teaching and provide more understandable lectures. With the best online whiteboard for tutoring, you can present additional content and engagingly highlight important information.


Students can also utilize online whiteboards for group works, thesis projects, and many more. These online tools let you use the best online whiteboards for math equations, history timelines, and other lesson illustrations. Collaborate effortlessly and utilize the technology to accompany your learning experience.


Visualize your ideas anywhere with an accessible online whiteboard. If you are still developing your sketches, you can utilize the best online whiteboards for practice. You can save your blueprints and drawings and store them online so you can access and edit them later. Multiple export options also allow you to share your work with clients or other designers.


Create the next big application software by mapping out your ideas. You can use the best online whiteboard for coding and jot down essential data. Conduct virtual code reviews with other programmers and improve on your ideas together. With an online whiteboard, you can quickly make updates and enhance your next big programming project.


Present a product or service more interactively with an online whiteboard. With the best online whiteboard for meetings, your presentations can be more engaging. Marketing strategies and product designs will be easier to discuss. Other members of your team can also contribute ideas directly to your board for a more collaborative process.


Inspiration can strike you at any time. Make sure that you can jot down and document your ideas anywhere. An online whiteboard is accessible using any device so you can immediately create sketches, drafts, and plans for your next artwork. You can use a variety of marker styles and colors so you can visualize your next project.

What are the steps on how to use the best online whiteboard?
Step 1: Look for an excellent online whiteboard

Choose an online whiteboard suited to the device you will be using it on. You must also consider your purpose for the whiteboard when checking out the features. If you are looking for the best whiteboard for online tutoring, look for screen sharing or screen recording functions for convenience. Read customer reviews for more insight.

Step 2: Purchase a suitable online whiteboard plan

You should also consider the pricing packages that suit your needs. You can try out the online whiteboard features for free, then upgrade to a better plan for more features. Look for discount codes and promos so you can get better deals. Once you’ve chosen your desired plan, go ahead and make your purchase.

Step 3: Set up an online meeting

Some online whiteboard solutions already have a video or text chat available right on their platform. Others have third-party application integrations that allow you to connect directly to video conferencing or meeting software. This is useful if you are demonstrating some ideas using an online whiteboard.

Step 4: Share your screen

Once you’re in communication with your team or class, you can share your screen to show them what you’re working on. Write your ideas, illustrate your projects, solve equations, and create diagrams, all while your audience is watching. Other online whiteboards also allow you to record your screen while you are presenting.

Step 5: Invite others to collaborate on your whiteboard

For a more interactive meeting or classroom session, you can permit other users to contribute to your online whiteboard. Choose the users you want to collaborate with and let them add their ideas and write their thoughts.

Do I have to register when using an online whiteboard?

Most online whiteboard software is free to use, even without registration. You can use the best free online whiteboard for sharing with your team. However, if you want to upgrade your plan for more advanced features, you will have to register your information and give your payment details.

Do I need a digital pen when using an online whiteboard?

For online whiteboard mobile applications, you can usually start writing even with just your fingers. A digital pen and other digital writing tools are merely for convenience. If you have the extra budget to spare for these tools, then you can go ahead and get one. However, it is not a requirement for most online whiteboards.

Can I work on my whiteboards even while offline?

There is some whiteboard software that lets you work on your boards even while offline. However, there are limitations to working without a connection. Most online whiteboards are cloud-based, so any changes you make may not be synced to the servers immediately. It is still recommended for you to go online regularly to sync your data.

How secure is my data on online whiteboards?

Whether you want to use the best online tutoring whiteboard for your classes or just to doodle on, your data is secure. Online whiteboard providers have security policies that you can view on their site. Most online whiteboard databases usually use SSL certificates and encryption technology. Others also ensure regular monitoring by experts.

Can I type on my online whiteboard?

Yes. An advantage of a digital whiteboard is that you don’t have to write everything by hand. Most online whiteboard software has a variety of fonts and text styles to choose from. You can make notations or add math equations directly onto your board for a clearer and more understandable presentation.

How much do online whiteboards cost?

Some online whiteboards have a one-time lifetime access payment, while others have subscription-based payment plans. These prices vary from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars, depending on the features and number of users. Business and enterprise plans may also have custom pricing options if you need more features.

Can I set hotkeys?

Yes. Some default keyboard shortcuts can be used on specific online whiteboards. However, sometimes you have the option to modify and set your hotkeys. With this feature, you can create your illustrations and write your ideas faster. You’ll be able to draw on your online whiteboard without the hassle.

Can I keep my boards private?

Yes. You can limit access to your boards and keep your ideas, drawings, and illustrations private. Usually, this type of feature is available for premium plans. You also have the choice to share your private boards via link-sharing or email sharing. Only those who you’ve given access to will be able to view or edit your boards.

What do I do if my browser does not support the online whiteboard software?

The most common cause of online whiteboard incompatibility is a problem with the programming language support. You can usually go around this by going to your settings. Look for an Override Software Rendering List setting and make sure it is enabled. If you are still having problems, you can contact customer support.

What is the difference between an online interactive whiteboard and a multi-touch screen?

The main difference between the two is that a multi-touch screen cannot be written on a regular whiteboard marker. An interactive online whiteboard can be directly written even with a standard marker, but usually needs more maintenance. Multi-touch screens do not incorporate filters or other hardware that need to be cleaned.

What type of files can I upload to my online whiteboard?

You can upload common document files directly onto your boards like images, slideshow files, spreadsheets, or text documents. Some online whiteboard software also lets you upload your logos, icons, and shapes. If you have custom fonts or themes, then you have the option to incorporate those into your whiteboards as well.

Are there online whiteboards with a built-in communication or chat feature?

Yes. Some online whiteboards have a text or voice chat option for easy collaboration. This will make it more convenient for you and your team to give comments or assign tasks to each other. Because of the faster communication, you can also address any inquiries and directly grant permissions as needed.

What other types of activities can I do with my online whiteboard?

There are a variety of activities you can accomplish with an online whiteboard. You can run workshops, conduct classes, run effective meetings, have brainstorming sessions, or plan projects. There are different board templates available for any type of activity you may need.

Is there a presentation mode for when I want others to view my work?

Yes. There are online whiteboards that let you set a view-only mode so all other participants can see your work. Unless you grant them access, they won’t be able to edit your board. This is useful for online meetings or remote learning for teachers and students. You can also use it to present projects or introduce product designs.

How do I delete things on my online whiteboard?

There are a few ways to get rid of writings or illustrations you don’t need anymore. Online whiteboards have an eraser tool for you to delete unwanted content directly. You also have the option to select certain portions and erase them by clicking on the delete button. You may also use the undo button to get rid of any recent changes.

What format can I export my online whiteboard in?

You can save your online whiteboard in many different formats. The boards can be saved as images or as a document in a PDF file. You also have the option to save them as vectors so you can use illustrations or text you’ve written in photo editing or logo creation.

Do I still need a video conferencing tool when using an online whiteboard for meetings?

Not necessarily. Some online whiteboard sites already have built-in video, voice, or text chat features useful for online meetings. However, if you regularly have online meetings on a different platform, some online whiteboard providers have integrations with third-party applications. This way, it’s more convenient for you to have video conferences.

Can I set names for my whiteboards?

Yes. For easy organization and file arrangement, you can assign names to your boards. Some online whiteboard providers even let you color-code your boards, so you know which are open for collaboration and which are not. You may also change the board name and other details after it is created.

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