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Best Online Whiteboards

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Frequently Asked Questions on Best Online Whiteboards

Do I have to register when using an online whiteboard?

Most online whiteboard software is free to use, even without registration. You can use the best free online whiteboard for sharing with your team. However, if you want to upgrade your plan for more advanced features, you will have to register your information and give your payment details.

Do I need a digital pen when using an online whiteboard?

For online whiteboard mobile applications, you can usually start writing even with just your fingers. A digital pen and other digital writing tools are merely for convenience. If you have the extra budget to spare for these tools, then you can go ahead and get one. However, it is not a requirement for most online whiteboards.

Can I work on my whiteboards even while offline?

There is some whiteboard software that lets you work on your boards even while offline. However, there are limitations to working without a connection. Most online whiteboards are cloud-based, so any changes you make may not be synced to the servers immediately. It is still recommended for you to go online regularly to sync your data.

How secure is my data on online whiteboards?

Whether you want to use the best online tutoring whiteboard for your classes or just to doodle on, your data is secure. Online whiteboard providers have security policies that you can view on their site. Most online whiteboard databases usually use SSL certificates and encryption technology. Others also ensure regular monitoring by experts.

Can I type on my online whiteboard?

Yes. An advantage of a digital whiteboard is that you don’t have to write everything by hand. Most online whiteboard software has a variety of fonts and text styles to choose from. You can make notations or add math equations directly onto your board for a clearer and more understandable presentation.

How much do online whiteboards cost?

Some online whiteboards have a one-time lifetime access payment, while others have subscription-based payment plans. These prices vary from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars, depending on the features and number of users. Business and enterprise plans may also have custom pricing options if you need more features.

Can I set hotkeys?

Yes. Some default keyboard shortcuts can be used on specific online whiteboards. However, sometimes you have the option to modify and set your hotkeys. With this feature, you can create your illustrations and write your ideas faster. You’ll be able to draw on your online whiteboard without the hassle.

Can I keep my boards private?

Yes. You can limit access to your boards and keep your ideas, drawings, and illustrations private. Usually, this type of feature is available for premium plans. You also have the choice to share your private boards via link-sharing or email sharing. Only those who you’ve given access to will be able to view or edit your boards.

What do I do if my browser does not support the online whiteboard software?

The most common cause of online whiteboard incompatibility is a problem with the programming language support. You can usually go around this by going to your settings. Look for an Override Software Rendering List setting and make sure it is enabled. If you are still having problems, you can contact customer support.

What is the difference between an online interactive whiteboard and a multi-touch screen?

The main difference between the two is that a multi-touch screen cannot be written on a regular whiteboard marker. An interactive online whiteboard can be directly written even with a standard marker, but usually needs more maintenance. Multi-touch screens do not incorporate filters or other hardware that need to be cleaned.

What type of files can I upload to my online whiteboard?

You can upload common document files directly onto your boards like images, slideshow files, spreadsheets, or text documents. Some online whiteboard software also lets you upload your logos, icons, and shapes. If you have custom fonts or themes, then you have the option to incorporate those into your whiteboards as well.

Are there online whiteboards with a built-in communication or chat feature?

Yes. Some online whiteboards have a text or voice chat option for easy collaboration. This will make it more convenient for you and your team to give comments or assign tasks to each other. Because of the faster communication, you can also address any inquiries and directly grant permissions as needed.

What other types of activities can I do with my online whiteboard?

There are a variety of activities you can accomplish with an online whiteboard. You can run workshops, conduct classes, run effective meetings, have brainstorming sessions, or plan projects. There are different board templates available for any type of activity you may need. 

Is there a presentation mode for when I want others to view my work?

Yes. There are online whiteboards that let you set a view-only mode so all other participants can see your work. Unless you grant them access, they won’t be able to edit your board. This is useful for online meetings or remote learning for teachers and students. You can also use it to present projects or introduce product designs.

How do I delete things on my online whiteboard?

There are a few ways to get rid of writings or illustrations you don’t need anymore. Online whiteboards have an eraser tool for you to delete unwanted content directly. You also have the option to select certain portions and erase them by clicking on the delete button. You may also use the undo button to get rid of any recent changes.

What format can I export my online whiteboard in?

You can save your online whiteboard in many different formats. The boards can be saved as images or as a document in a PDF file. You also have the option to save them as vectors so you can use illustrations or text you’ve written in photo editing or logo creation.

Do I still need a video conferencing tool when using an online whiteboard for meetings?

Not necessarily. Some online whiteboard sites already have built-in video, voice, or text chat features useful for online meetings. However, if you regularly have online meetings on a different platform, some online whiteboard providers have integrations with third-party applications. This way, it’s more convenient for you to have video conferences.

Can I set names for my whiteboards?

Yes. For easy organization and file arrangement, you can assign names to your boards. Some online whiteboard providers even let you color-code your boards, so you know which are open for collaboration and which are not. You may also change the board name and other details after it is created.

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