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Best Online Video Editors

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Create amazing video content that will captivate your viewers using an online video editor! With an online video editor, you can explore and add transitions, filters, effects or even try ready-to-use templates without any hassle! Learn more about video editors today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Online Video Editors

How long does it take to edit a video?

If you have prior experience in editing videos, then it will not take you a lot of time to edit videos. However, if you are a complete beginner, you may have to practice so you can learn how to work faster. A 3-minute professionally made video may take up to 6 hours to edit. Once you’ve mastered the basics of video editing, you will be more comfortable learning new techniques in video editing software. Developing your editing techniques is highly recommended so that you will be familiar with how you can handle specific problems.

What do I need to start editing videos?

All you need is a camera or any device that can capture your videos, an internet connection, and any device that supports online video editing. After recording, you can quickly go on to the online video editor and import your videos from your device. If you don’t know anything about editing videos, then you don’t have to worry because the software will guide you through the whole process of editing the video.

I am new to video editing. Is video editing difficult?

Video editing is not that hard if you have the experience, and the best way to gain experience is to practice and explore your video editor. Once you are familiar with the interface and controls, then editing future videos will be easier. You can search the internet if you encounter any problems. Websites like blogs, forums, and online courses can help you be a better editor.

Editing has been my passion. Can I earn money by editing videos?

Yes, you can. If you have enough experience in video editing, you can earn money if somebody hires you to be their video editor. You can also earn money by uploading your videos online. For example, you can earn ad revenue on social media platforms if you upload daily. Another way of making money while editing videos is by becoming a freelance video editor. Video editors are on-demand, and you can start working for people in your local area or apply for a job online. With online video editors, they can edit videos quickly and easily.

What devices should I use in recording videos?

It depends on what you are recording. If you are recording gameplay on your computer, then, by all means, use screen recorders; however, if you are recording real-life events, then what you have is enough. If you only have a phone camera, then that works fine, but if you have a DSLR camera, then that is even better. Anything that you can record videos with works well in video editing software.

What is cloud storage? Can I free up cloud storage spaces?

Cloud storage is where digital data is stored. It is very convenient if you are working with a team because you don’t have to share media with your workmates physically. Instead of using external hard drives, you can use this storage as a place to keep your files. Just like regular storage, you can also free up your cloud storage space when you have to. 

What is rendering, and why does it take time to render videos?

Usually, before your edited video can be played back, the computer has to "render" or "make" the finished movie as a single separate video file.The rendering process takes up a lot of computer power and time. The more titles, effects, and filters you add, the more processing power, speed, and time will be needed to export the finished video. Rendering can take 10 to 20 times as long as the total time of the finished movie because it has to compile everything you have edited into a single file.

What videos can you make with video editing software?

You can use a video editor to create educational video, music videos, movie and product trailers, and many more. Aside from these, you can also use an online video editor to create the following videos:Gaming Videos - These types of videos include people that record their screens while they are playing games. It is focused on getting a pleasant review of the game and why their viewers should also play it.Vlogs -This video type is about what happens in a person’s day. There are daily vloggers on the internet, and they show their audiences what happens in their homes daily.|Tutorial Videos - This video helps people on how they can do things that they cannot do before. Tutorial videos are also one of the most searched videos on the internet because this is the easiest way you can find the solution to your problems.Product Review Videos - Product review videos are videos that guide customers on whether they should buy a specific product or not. They give an honest opinion about the product’s features and functionality that helps customers decide on whether they should buy it or not.Fashion Videos - These types of videos include makeup videos, choosing clothes, and fashion tips. Videos like these use color grading to change the hue, saturation, and contrast. People that create these types of videos advise their viewers on how to have a good sense of fashion. They often give fashion tips on certain occasions.

Why are videos important?

Videos are impactfulVideos can let the viewers feel emotional, sad, or angry. There is no better way of sending someone a message, whether it is to advocate causes or to convince people to buy your products. Videos with great editing can convince almost anyone to do anything. Videos also give us information that we want to know, and watching a video is the best way for us to understand.Videos can be accessed by viewers anywhereIn today’s society, you can access videos anywhere, whether it is on your television, laptop and computer, phone, and tablet. If you are promoting or sending a message across the world, then promoting it through videos will give them a better understanding.Videos attract viewers It may seem obvious, but people would watch videos rather than reading a long article. They scan web pages for things they want to look for. People choose to watch videos rather than reading because they are given a graphic visualization of the message it is trying to say. If a video is edited the right way, it has the potential to persuade people or send a message to them the way you want them to understand.Videos are the futureSince videos are educational and understandable, they can be used to teach future generations. It is also used by advertising agencies to promote products and services. Videos can convince, inform, and advertise if it is edited the right way with the right video and the right audio. In the future, videos will be used more and more, and it has been proven that videos help viewers have a better understanding of a specific topic.

What are the tools that are available for me if I use online video editors?

Many people want to create videos that are high quality, informative, and professional-looking, which can be made possible with the use of editing tools. There are two types of editing tools, basic editing tools, and advanced editing tools.Basic Tools:These tools are easy to understand and use. These provide the essential functions you need for video editing. Selection ToolThe selection tool allows you to perform the necessary selection and edits. With the selection tool, you can move a clip in the top layer or the bottom layer. Drag & Drop FilesIf you can easily import files and media by dragging and dropping files into the video editing software, then it’ll save you a lot of time. You don’t have to look up the media file in your folders manually. Having a built-in library of your imported media can be a useful feature in video editing software.Splitting and Trimming MediaYou can use this tool to split your video for you to remove and cut unnecessary parts of the video. This can include bloopers, behind-the-scenes footage, or extra parts of the video that you don’t want the viewers to see.Add TextA useful tool in video editing software is the ability to add text and titles. You can add words in your videos to make the video more informative and relay messages to the viewer so that they can have the intended meaning of the message. If the viewer cannot understand the language of the video or if the audio of the video is inaudible, then using subtitles will help clarify information that they don’t understand.Crop VideoThe desired area of a video can be cropped when using video editing software. This means you can adjust the ratio of the frame in the video. If there is a particular portion of a video that you don’t want to include, you can use this tool.Rotate VideoThe orientation of videos can also be edited with video editing software. Some editing software has a feature to flip a video vertically or horizontally.Advanced Tools:The advanced tools are more complex. People who use advanced tools are experienced editors and content creators. Understanding the advanced tools and how they function can take a lot of time.StabilizationVideo stabilization is a tool that reduces the "shakiness" of videos automatically. In technical terms, it stabilizes the whole video smoothing out unnecessary movements with the motion of a camera during exposure. Motion TrackingIf you have advanced knowledge about video editing and keyframing, motion tracking works for you. It is the tool that can help you locate a moving object with a camera. You can also add moving titles, images, and even videos with this tool.Pan and ZoomThis tool can make a video panning and zooming effect in a video. This requires keyframing, the beginning, or the end of changes made in a video on a specific time frame. Color GradingYou can change the tone and the emotion of a video when you change its hue, saturation, and contrast. When you add color grading, you are letting them feel what the mood of a scene is all about. Green Screen RemovalWith green screen technology, you can simply shoot in front of a green screen and edit it out. This is commonly used by weather reporters, film production companies, and content creators to change the background to a specific image or video. Mix Multiple AudioMixing multiple audios is used by advanced video editors to determine the mood of the video. If you master the use of blending audios, it will create a 3D vibe while watching a video. Special EffectsImagine a film without special effects. Film production companies make use of special effects to make things that cannot be replicated in real-life, possible. They are illusions that may seem real. Special effects are used to make scenes safely and convincingly. They create computer-generated imagery (CGI) characters, events, or virtual worlds that do not exist in real life.

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