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2022 Rankings

Best Online Doctors

Last updated on January, 20

Do you have a medical condition that needs to be diagnosed, but you can't find a doctor near your location? An online doctor is the most convenient way of getting a doctor's advice without having to worry about time and location. Book for an online consultation now!

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Mayo Clinic logo

Mayo Clinic


2,344 reviews


Doctor Credibility


Browser Access


Video Consultation

24/7 Availability

Self-Set Appointments



Your Doctors Online logo

Your Doctors Online


1,562 reviews


Doctor Credibility


Android Mobile App,

iOS Mobile App


Live Video Consultation

24/7 Availability

Self-Set Appointments



DoctorSpring logo



43 reviews


Doctor Credibility


Browser Access


Live Chat Consultation

24/7 Availability

Self-Set Appointments



JustAnswer logo



848 reviews


Doctor Credibility

Board-Certified Physicians


Browser Access


Online Consultation

24/7 Availability

Self-Set Appointments



AXA logo



50 reviews


Doctor Credibility

Board-Certified Physicians


Browser Access


24/7 Availability

Self-Set Appointments



Presbyterian logo




Doctor Credibility


Browser Access


24/7 Availability

Self-Set Appointments



Indigo Online Care logo

Indigo Online Care



Doctor Credibility

State-Licensed Doctors


Browser Access


Call & Video Consultation

24/7 Availability

Self-Set Appointments



iCliniq logo



180 reviews


Doctor Credibility

State-Licensed Doctors


Browser Access,

iOS Mobile App,

Android Mobile App


Chat Consultation, Video Consultation

24/7 Availability

Self-Set Appointments

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Frequently Asked Questions on Best Online Doctors

What are online doctors?

Are you not feeling well and too tired to visit a doctor? With the help of the best online doctors, you can get 24/7 online health care advice wherever you are using your mobile phone, tablet, or personal computer. You can do this by visiting a telemedicine website or download an online doctor’s app without worrying about any cost. With this, you get to have the consultation you need with ease.

Why do you need online doctors?

There’s not much to be said about needing online doctors. That much is common sense. However, getting a medical checkup can be an untracked territory for many. To convince you of such a need, here are the reasons why you need online doctors.

Convenient and easy

Because of virtual doctor visits, getting a piece of medical advice and prescriptions is now more accessible. It is very convenient for people living alone because whenever they are sick, they won’t have to leave their homes to have themselves checked. Instead, they can opt for online medical consultations.

No more location boundaries

Aside from the convenience of using it wherever you are, you also get the benefits of gaining access to the best doctors around the world online. Therefore, you won’t be limited to doctors in your area since they let you choose which physician would best handle your condition. You can search for the online doctors found in their directory to help you decide which physician suits you most.

Saves time

Since you will have access to doctors anywhere at any time, you won’t need to wait anymore in waiting areas to have your appointment. Ordering services from online doctors gives you the freedom to consult a doctor 24/7 with just a few taps.

Reliable medical advice

Using the internet to figure out why you are sick can be a little stressful due to the overload of the medical information found on the results. Well, you don’t need to self-diagnose anymore because you can already consult with online doctors who can give you the best medical advice. They provide reliable information and proper diagnosis, which can prevent misdiagnosis and complications.

Saves money

The average cost of actual doctor visits ranges from $125 to $150 without insurance. While with online doctor consultations, it would cost about $25 to $80 without insurance, which is best for patients who want to save on medical bills.

What are the core features of online doctors?

What should you look for in online doctor services? Here are features that matter when setting an appointment with the best online doctors.

User-friendly interface

A user-friendly interface is something familiar in every platform offering online doctor services – so that anyone can easily access and use their services with ease. It also helps technology newbies navigate around the platforms conveniently because of its simple and easy-to-use interface.

Communication options

Unlike the traditional way of doctor visits - online doctor visits are done through video calls or by sending a doctor a message on his or her profile. This lets you have expert medical advice within the comfort of their own homes with just a few clicks.

Message option

This tool is the quickest way to communicate with an online doctor as you only have to send the doctor your symptoms and address your concerns through the message option. Someone will get back to you after a few minutes and give you the best doctor’s advice you need. In most platforms, this tool is free for users who signed up in their program.

Video calls

To make your consultation experience better, video calls are done and it is one of the most effective ways to have a good talk with your doctor. This is the reason you have to seek a telemedicine website that uses an effective tool for video calling.

Online prescriptions

Since the consultation is virtual, your prescription will also be online. It is either sent to your email or in your account profile. Aside from that, you will also receive an electronic copy of your doctor’s diagnosis and treatment instructions.

Health records

With this tool, you will be able to access all your medical records online, from your past health records to the latest ones. The “assisting doctors” from the platform will analyze your current health situation from your previous health records. They can use it to see what underlying condition causes your present illness.

Mobile app version

Most online doctor websites have their mobile app version to reach more people and give their users a handy and readily available option. Since almost everybody has a smartphone, the app version makes online consultations more convenient and easy.

24/7 live chat support

Many online programs offering doctor services make sure to provide their users with 24/7 live chat support that can assist them whenever they have concerns or queries. In addition to that, clients can also ask for a follow-up about their transactions through chat support.

Notifications and updates

Service providers make sure to send their users notifications and updates regarding their transactions and appointments to ensure the trust of their clients. They also give you an option to have your updates sent to your contact number via text message or to your email. Some doctors online also remind you of your required follow-up check-ups through this.

Articles and blogs

This feature is present in some online doctor websites to help patients know more about different medical conditions. The common symptoms and remedies of common illnesses such as colds and fever are usually present in these articles to give patients an idea about what they can do during these moments.

What are the types of online doctors?

The healthcare industry is evolving. They have also conquered the internet and have started to offer the same services they do in physical clinics. To know more about that, here are the different types of online doctors you can encounter and look for whenever you wish to seek medical advice in a convenient manner.

Real-time online doctor visits

Are you sick and don’t have spare time to visit a doctor for a check-up? With real-time online doctor visits, you can find a wide variety of doctors that can assist you with your concerns—without waiting for hours or days. It makes it easier for you to visit a physician because you have the option to either video call your doctor or have it done via phone call.

Distant patient monitoring

Distant patient monitoring is also known as remote patient monitoring (RPM). This type of online doctor service lets physicians and healthcare professionals monitor their patients’ status despite the distance. It can be advantageous for patients who want to recover at their homes than in hospitals.

“Store-and-Forward” consultations

This type of online doctor visit requires you to send electronic copies of your medical history report, including your previous physical examination results, images, and other documents. This information is necessary because your online physician would base your present health status on those charts.

Online doctors in mobile applications

Communicating with a healthcare expert is made more comfortable with the mobile application versions of online doctor websites. If you are someone who prefers to use your mobile phone to get an appointment and, at the same time, contact the physician on the go, this type of service provider would be the one for you.

Online doctors for prescriptions

Do you need a doctor's order for your maintenance while your primary physician isn’t available? The best online medical doctors also offer prescriptions for patients who need to buy their meds as soon as possible. You can simply send the online doctor your former prescription from your primary physician, then he/she will send you a new one that you can use in a few minutes.

Who needs online doctors?

Telemedicine is a greater need than you think. In fact, here are different groups of individuals who highly to have medical consultations online:

People living in remote locations

Online doctors are beneficial for people living in remote areas since this gives them the option to get medical experts' advice without the need to travel to medical clinics. They can also have updated prescriptions for their maintenance medications—and they can even have it delivered if they want to.


With the assistance of online doctors, elderlies can have their monthly check-ups without having to leave their homes or shelters. It can be advantageous for elderlies' family members since all they need to do is book a medical consultation through an online doctor’s app or website and have the check-up via video call.

People living independently

College students, employees, and adults who live alone can benefit from online doctors whenever they are unwell. They can ask for medical advice and prescriptions through these online doctors if they are busy or if they cannot have anyone to accompany them to a clinic. They also get to order their medications online and have their meds sent to them on the same day.


Is your child sick and you don’t know what to do? Online doctors can assist you with that problem by contacting them through a telemedicine website or app. While waiting for the doctor’s response, you can also check the articles and blogs found on these sites that can help you know more about your child’s condition.

Health enthusiasts

Many health enthusiasts are also using platforms with online doctors because they can monitor their health and physical conditions through their mobile phones and personal computers. With this, they’d still be in shape without the need to physically see their doctors.

What are the steps in choosing the best online doctors?

Step 1: Choose service provider

Before searching through doctor names and their specializations, the first thing you’ll need to do is choose your service provider. Do you want to sign up on a telemedicine website? If so, use medical doctors’ online website; if not, try to download a mobile app version of it.

Step 2: Identify your need

After choosing a service provider, the next thing you need to do is ask yourself, “why do you need a medical consultation with a doctor?” If you need it for a quick prescription, you can access websites offering e-prescriptions. If you need advice for symptoms you don’t understand, you can ask for experts through the sites.

Step 3: Sign-up

Now that you have already chosen a service provider and know already why you would use it, signing up is the next step. While signing up, make sure to add your previous health records (when you can) to help out online doctors in assessing your current health status based on your charts.

Step 4: Online doctor selection

After signing up, you can now pick your online doctor. Most websites let you find your doctor by clicking on a specific medical condition—and the profiles of online doctors will appear after clicking it. You can also seek help from the live chat feature of most sites where you only have to type your symptoms. Once done, it will automatically give you a link to several doctors who can give you the service you need.

What is an online doctor’s visit?

An online doctor visit is a way to see a doctor through mobile technology without leaving your home, school, vacation, or whichever place you are. It is an alternative to the traditional way of visiting a doctor for medical consultations and is more convenient and easy for patients.

What are the basic tools I can use in online doctor platforms?

The following are the basic tools you can use in online doctor platforms that you should be most familiar of:

Add to cart

This tool lets you order your treatment online and receive it tomorrow. With this tool, you can buy your medications without having to go to an actual pharmacy. All you need to do is wait for it to be delivered to you the following day.

Clinic locator

If you prefer to have your consultation done in an actual clinic, this tool can help you find which specialists are nearest to your area. That can be excellent for people who have medical conditions that need regular check-ups and monitoring.

What is telemedicine, and is it the same with an online doctor?

Telemedicine is also known as telehealth, and it is a remote way of providing health care services to people at a cheaper cost. It includes services offered by online doctors wherein they give patients health assessments using a telecommunication system.

What online doctors are usually available on the internet?

Here are the usual doctors found on the internet and services they offer virtually:

Online doctors for keto

The ketogenic diet has been one of the most popular diets known since introduced by doctors in 2017. It is a low-carb diet that requires people to include more protein-rich foods and fats into their diet. However, there are several health concerns regarding this diet, such as elevated blood pressure and liver issues.

That’s why, to assist you with this diet, a lot of online doctors for keto are readily available on the internet to help you lose weight while preventing health risks associated with the diet plan.

Legitimate medical marijuana online doctors

Since there are places around the world wherein medical marijuana has been legalized due to the positive effects of the said plant - the rise of online doctors for medical marijuana also occurred.

Because marijuana is known to be effective in decreasing nausea and vomiting for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, many cancer patients turn to doctors for them to be able to buy medical marijuana. So, if you are one of these people, you can easily ask for advice and prescriptions from online doctors.

Online doctors for diabetes

Diabetes is a widespread disease since it can affect anyone regardless of age or sex all over the world. This health condition causes your blood sugar levels to fluctuate due to the limited insulin found in your body. And to help manage this condition, online doctors for diabetes are available to assist patients and give them advice on what diets they should follow, and what they should do to normalize their blood sugar levels.

Online doctors for urinary tract infection (UTI)

Experiencing a urinary tract infection or UTI can be uncomfortable; that’s why it is better to treat it as fast as possible. With the assistance of online doctors for urinary tract infections (UTI), you can have a consultation and prescription for it in just 15 minutes.

Online dermatologists

Do you have an annoying skin problem waiting for a dermatologist to fix it? No need to wait longer, since online dermatologists are here to help you with your issues. Whether it is a problem with the skin, mouth, nails, and hair, dermatologists can solve them for you. These doctors also give you an option to have them visit you anytime, anywhere, via the internet. Just make an appointment with them, and rest assured they'll provide a solution for all your skin issues.


If you are experiencing skin irritations that are red and swollen, you could have a long-term skin condition called rosacea. And, the best online doctors to diagnose rosacea are online dermatologists. Virtual visits can help you treat the problem quickly and conveniently.

What is the best platform to get advice from doctors online?

There are two ways you can get advice from doctors online: first, through online doctor websites; and second, through online doctor apps. It depends on which platform is more convenient for you. If you prefer to use your mobile phone to contact an online doctor, then the mobile app version would suit you best. If not, then you can check out their websites. So, the best place to get advice from them still would depend on your preference.

What’s the system requirement to access online doctor apps?

According to the best online doctor reviews, any mobile phone running on operating systems from 2012 and newer, and personal computers running on the latest operating systems from 2009 and newer can access online doctor apps.

What health issues can I ask doctors via online?

You can ask about any health issues you are dealing with - it could be common colds, and flu symptoms; allergies; urinary tract infections (UTI), skin irritations; sinus problems, bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases. This can help you prevent further complications if you act on it as soon as symptoms persist.

Is it possible for me to find my physician on online doctor websites or apps?

Yes, you can find your physician on an online doctor’s website or app. Simply enter the name of your doctor, and his or her name will appear on the results. If you couldn’t find your doctor, you can request from the platform to have your physician added to their network.

How can I pay my virtual consultation fees?

You can pay your online medical consultation fees via debit card or credit card. Some companies also accept payments through prepaid cards or other online money transfer platforms.

When do I have to pay?

This depends on your service provider. There are programs that let you book an appointment for free and pay for it on the day of the appointment, and there are some that would need you to pay right after booking.

How much do I have to pay for an online doctor visit?

Based on research, virtual consultations cost about $25 to $80 without insurance. If the service provider gives you an option to pay with insurance through copay, you’ll save more than $5 depending on your insurance coverage.

Why are virtual consultations cheaper than walk-in transactions?

They are more cost-efficient than walk-in transactions because telemedicine saves money from buying medical equipment and personal protective gear like masks, gowns, and other vital supplies. At the same time, they also don’t need to pay for office space and the utilities that come with it.

Do these online doctors accept insurance payments?

Some online doctors accept insurance payments, while some don’t. So, it’s best to ask your service provider before any transactions about this matter.

How long will I have to wait to be able to talk to an online doctor?

Waiting time usually depends on the number of available doctors online on the program. If more doctors are available to help you out, then the waiting time can range from an hour or less. If there are more patients than doctors available, then it would take you more hours a day to talk to a doctor.

Can I refill my prescriptions on online doctor sites?

Yes, you can, as long as you have provided the program with your complete medical history and medication prescribed by your physician. However, note that narcotics and controlled substances aren’t allowed to be refilled on these sites as they can only give a short-term refill for most non-narcotic medications.

How can I know more about a doctor listed on online doctor websites?

You can view the reviews of former patients, ratings, and a doctor's portfolio through their profile. Simply click on their provider photo, and their profile will appear right after.

Will my personal information be kept confidential?

Definitely! All of your details provided during your sign-up process and medical records are encrypted by the program’s security system to ensure the safety and security of your information.

Note: Online doctor companies only release your records when authorized by you.

Do I need to be good with computers to have an online doctor visit?

No, you don’t need to be good with computers to have an online doctor visit. The service provider can set up a consultation over a video chat platform that you are familiar with. If you are not that comfortable with video chats, you can also opt to have a regular phone call consultation instead.

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