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Best Online Doctors

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Do you have a medical condition that needs to be diagnosed? An online doctor is the best platform for people who need to find a doctor near them. Find one that fits your needs today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Online Doctors

 What is an online doctor’s visit? 

An online doctor visit is a way to see a doctor through mobile technology without leaving your home, school, vacation, or whichever place you are. It is an alternative to the traditional way of visiting a doctor for medical consultations and more convenient and easy for patients. 

What are the basic tools I can use in online doctor platforms? 

The following are the basic tools you can use in online doctor platforms that you should be most familiar of:

Add to Cart

This tool lets you order your treatment online and receive it tomorrow. With this tool, you can buy your medications without having to go to an actual pharmacy. All you need to do is wait for it to be delivered to you the following day.

Clinic Locator

If you prefer to have your consultation done at an actual clinic, this tool can help you find which specialists are nearest to your area. That can be excellent for people who have medical conditions that need regular check-ups and monitoring.

What is telemedicine, and is it the same with an online doctor?

Telemedicine is also known as telehealth, and it is a remote way of providing health care services to people at a cheaper cost. It includes services offered by online doctors wherein they give patients health assessments using a telecommunication system.

What online doctors are usually available on the internet?

Here are the usual doctors found on the internet and services they offer virtually:

Online Doctors for Keto

The ketogenic diet has been one of the most popular diets known since introduced by doctors in 2017. It is a low-carb diet that requires people to include more protein-rich foods and fats into their diet. However, there are several health concerns regarding this diet, such as elevated blood pressure and liver issues.

That’s why, to assist you with this diet, a lot of online doctors for keto are readily available on the internet to help you lose weight while preventing health risks associated with the diet plan.

Legitimate Medical Marijuana Online Doctors

Since there are places around the world wherein medical marijuana has been legalized due to the positive effects of the said plant - the rise of online doctors for medical marijuana also occurred.

Because marijuana is known to be effective in decreasing nausea and vomiting for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, many cancer patients turn to doctors for them to be able to buy medical marijuana. So, if you are one of these people, you can easily ask for advice and prescription from online doctors.

Online Doctors for Diabetes

Diabetes is a widespread disease since it can affect anyone regardless of age or sex all over the world. This health condition causes your blood sugar levels to fluctuate due to the limited insulin found in your body. And to help manage this condition, online doctors for diabetes are available to assist patients and give them advice on what diets they should follow, and what they should do to normalize their blood sugar levels.

Online Doctors for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Experiencing a urinary tract infection or UTI can be uncomfortable; that’s why it is better to treat it as fast as possible. With the assistance of online doctors for urinary tract infections (UTI), you can have a consultation and prescription for it in just 15 minutes.

Online Dermatologists

Do you have an annoying skin problem waiting for a dermatologist to fix it? No need to wait longer, since online dermatologists are here to help you with your issues. Whether it is a problem with the skin, mouth, nails, and hair, dermatologists can solve them for you. These doctors also give you an option to have them visit you anytime, anywhere, via the internet. Just make an appointment with them, and rest assured they'll provide a solution for all your skin issues.


If you are experiencing skin irritations that are red and swollen, you could have a long-term skin condition called rosacea. And, the best online doctors to diagnose rosacea are online dermatologists. Virtual visits can help you treat the problem quickly and conveniently.

What is the best platform to get advice from doctors online?

There are two ways you can get advice from doctors online: first, through online doctor websites; and second, through online doctor apps. It depends on which platform is more convenient for you. If you prefer to use your mobile phone to contact an online doctor, then the mobile app version would suit you best. If not, then you can check out their websites. So, the best place to get advice from them still would depend on your preference.

 What’s the system requirement to access online doctor apps?

According to the best online doctor reviews, any mobile phone running on operating systems from 2012 and newer, and personal computers running on the latest operating systems from 2009 and newer can access online doctor apps.

What health issues can I ask doctors online? 

You can ask about any health issues you are dealing with - it could be common colds, and flu symptoms; allergies; urinary tract infections (UTI), skin irritations; sinus problems, bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases. This can help you prevent further complications if you act on it as soon as symptoms persist. 

Is it possible for me to find my physician on online doctor websites or apps?

Yes, you can find your physician on an online doctor’s website or app. Simply enter the name of your doctor, and his or her name will appear on the results. If you couldn’t find your doctor, you can request from the platform to have your physician added to their network. 

How can I pay my virtual consultation fees?

You can pay your online medical consultation fees via debit card or credit card. Some companies also accept payments through prepaid cards or other online money transfer platforms. 

When do I have to pay?

This depends on your service provider. There are programs that let you book an appointment for free and pay for it on the day of the appointment, and there are some that would need you to pay right after booking.

How much do I have to pay for an online doctor visit?

Based on research, virtual consultations cost about $25 to $80 without insurance. If the service provider gives you an option to pay with insurance through copay, you’ll save more than $5 depending on your insurance coverage.  

Why are virtual consultations cheaper than walk-in transactions?

They are more cost-efficient than walk-in transactions because telemedicine saves money from buying medical equipment and personal protective gear like masks, gowns, and other vital supplies. At the same time, they also don’t need to pay for office space and the utilities that come with it.

Do these online doctors accept insurance payment?

Some online doctors accept insurance payments, while some don’t. So, it’s best to ask your service provider before any transactions about this matter. 

How long will I have to wait to be able to talk to an online doctor?

Waiting time usually depends on the number of available doctors online on the program. If more doctors are available to help you out, then the waiting time can range from an hour or less. If there are more patients than doctors available, then it would take you more hours to a day to talk to a doctor. 

Can I refill my prescriptions on online doctor sites? 

Yes, you can, as long as you have provided the program with your complete medical history and medication prescribed by your physician. However, note that narcotics and controlled substances aren’t allowed to be refilled on these sites as they can only give a short-term refill for most non-narcotic medications. 

How can I know more about a doctor listed on online doctor websites?

You can view the reviews of former patients, ratings, and a doctor's portfolio through their profile. Simply click on their provider photo, and their profile will appear right after.

Will my personal information be kept confidential?

Definitely! All of your details provided during your sign-up process and medical records are encrypted by the program’s security system to ensure the safety and security of your information.

Note: Online doctor companies only release your records when authorized by you. 

Do I need to be good with computers to have an online doctor visit?

No, you don’t need to be good with computers to have an online doctor visit. The service provider can set up a consultation over a video chat platform that you are familiar with. If you are not that comfortable with video chats, you can also opt to have a regular phone call consultation instead. 

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